About Me

Hello there, darlin'! I'm Emma. I'm 25 years old and I live in a little village, called Clanfield, in England. Welcome to my blog!

I'm so happy to say that our beautiful son, Elias, was born on April 5 2015, weighing a healthy 7lb4oz. He is perfect in every way and I am so in love with him!

I married my prince charming on October 3rd 2015 and it was perfect! We had such a sunny beautiful day and celebrated with our family & friends! It's so lovely to have you here and I hope you enjoy my blog!


  1. Congratulations on your engagement :-)

    Your make up work is incredible. The 'Zipper' one is amazing. You're very talented.

    Great blog too :-)

    x Roch & Tash x

  2. Hi Emma, you stopped by my blog Sweet Words Pretty Pictures at the start of June and it has taken me all this time to drop by! Lovely to see your beautiful blog. I shall pop your button on my blog. Congratulations on the birth of your son and have a wonderful wedding! How exciting!
    Amber x

    1. Thankyou sweet Amber, thats so kind - do you have the html for your button, too? I couldnt find it, but id love to display your button!
      Speak Soon!