Sabai Soaps

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Thinking about it, I really cant remember the last time I used a good old, honest bar of soap. What with a constant stream of new bath time treats, like bath pearls, bath bombs - even bath caviar -  the good old bar of soap seems to have taken a side step and fallen off the radar. My radar anyway.
That was until I came across a unique little online store just brimming with all-natural, organic, vegan soap made in exotic Thailand. Say hello to Sabai Soaps.

Sabai Soaps was born in 2015 with the humble mission of bringing truly exotic Thai scents to the UK. I've also learned that the very word 'Sabai' means something happy - what better ethic to build a brand from?! Something else I truly love about this brand is that they donate a hefty 20% of profits to charities, including children's charity 'Childs Dream'. Acts like this make a brand stand out in such a vast market and it is good to know that you can help charities as well as treating yourself to something fantastic.

The Kaffir Lime Bar (£5.25, 100g) arrives encased in an intricately designed, Thai inspred, bio-degradable paper and has the most decadent citrus scent. Notes of coconut give this a truly exotic, luxurious finish and, much to my surprise, the soap was not drying on the skin at all - as often traditional soaps can be - rather, it was moisturising and soothing.

The scent filled my whole bathroom, whisking me away to some tropical far off land, and the soap lathered up wonderfully for a full body cleanse. I also feel confident enough to use this on my sons delicate, toddler skin, as I know that it is packed with the best ingredients, is paraben free and is completely vegan and cruelty free.
The Kaffir Lime bar is made from all natural ingredients including; Coconut oil, known for its moisturising properties and skin benefits, Vitamin E to smooth fine lines and keep skin firm, as well as Kaffir Lime Oil to keep the skin fresh.

You can view the full Sabai Soaps collection and learn more about the brand through their online store, and join them on Facebook for regular updates - I think I'll try the Lemongrass bar next!

* This post contains gifted PR samples


  1. This sounds so lovely! I'm always a fan of cruelty free products. Xo

  2. Nice article, thank you for the sharing