LongLeat Festival of Light

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Just before Christmas Dan and I decided to take Elias to Longleat safari park to see their annual Festival of Light event. I was particularly excited for this years festival as not only did it celebrate Longleats 50th anniversary but it included many lights dedicated to Beatrix Potter for her 150th birthday, including her recently discovered tale of the 'The Kitty in Boots'. The whole event was just enchanting and there were lights as far as the eye could see, bringing back childhood memories of the stories I'd been read, I'd gotten lost in and I'd imagined being part of.

After a day of coming, quite literally, face to face with some fantastic animals and eating our home made picnic, we spent the evening wandering around the gorgeously detailed lights, watching the sun set, making the illuminations show off their amazing glow.
Each light is handmade from various materials, including some 20km of silk and a troupe of life-sized elephants constructed entirely from porcelain plates and bowls. Breathtaking.

'There is something delicious about writing the first words of a story. You never quite know where they'll take you.' Beatrix Potter.

As well as the giant 20m tall birthday cake light to mark Longleat's 50th anniversary there were intricately detailed animals, posing in party mode! Each of the lights was as beautiful as the last and it really was so hard to take your eyes off of them to move on to the next.

Longleat hold many events, including the Festival of Light, throughout the year, all perfectly planned for memorable family days out and you can get 10% off of ticket prices by booking direct through their website!

Disneyland Outfit Guide

Thursday, 19 January 2017

It's finally happened! We've booked our first family trip to Disneyland Paris and I couldn't be more excited. I'm also super excited as we will be at the parks for Halloween, my favourite time at Disney!
Of course, as soon as we had booked my mind wandered and I started to imagine some outfits I could put together for our trip, for all of us! We have booked for 4 nights/5 days so we will have plenty of opportunity to dress for the occasion and let our inner Disney freak out! 

In this post I've put together an outfit guide for the female Disney traveller of the family - it's full of bright colours and seasonal themes, inspired by various characters and, of course, is oh-so comfy so you can really make a full day of exploring the parks and rides!

Dungarees / Roll Sleeve Tee / Converse / MU Cap / Iron on patch / Purple Ice watch / Turquoise bangle

I thought monsters University was such a sweet movie - in fact, I preferred it to the original! I knew that I wanted to incorporate it into one of my Disney outfits and this is what I decided on. It's got the casual vibe of a uni student, the brights of the monsters and, of course, the MU emblem!
I love the fit of these dungarees, as its so casual, and they will look perfect when finished with the MU iron on patch!.
accessorise by pulling your hair up high and putting on your MU cap, and stepping into a pair of cosy converse! The colours of the wrist wear give this outfit the perfect standout touch, and did you know that this bangle is also a teether, so it's perfect for Disney mumma's!


Lace Bardot Top / Halloween Print Skirt / Spiderweb Necklace / Ears Headband / Lace Up Pumps

We will be in Disney over Halloween, so this outfit may not apply to all travellers - but don't forget, Disney go all out for Autumn in the parks right through October, so you could easily get away with this outfit any day that month!
I wanted something that was creepy, but cute - and comfortable for a day of exploring! I thought this skirt fit the bill perfectly - and I bet it would look even better with an orange petticoat underneath! Pull on a pair of black tights and these darling lace up pumps to keep you warm and comfy and don't forget to accessorise- the neck of the top allows for a more extravagant neck piece and, of course, you'll need some mouse ears to match!

Putting a more grown up spin on Snow White outfit with this look, I also took inspo from the Disney Dapper Days.
I think this outfit would be so flattering thanks to the shapes of the garments and you could switch the navy heels for a pump for a more wearable option. The accessories are what will really make this outfit,so don't skip out on them - and be sure to finish with a gorgeous red lip for Disney glamour!
Make sure to also add a pair of skin-coloured tights to protect you from the more bitter breezes.

I admit it. This one may not be particularly season accurate, but it is super cute - and who doesn't love some Minnie couture?!
The DisneyXVans are a good choice for comfort and style and they really finish the outfit perfectly. I just love these pink jeans and the lace top teams with them like a dream. Pull on this pink cardigan for the colder evening and don't forget your Disney staple - some mouse ears!

Elias' favourite Disney movie of all time is Toy Story, so I thought it would be fun to take inspiration for an outfit from that. The obvious choice was Jesse - she's brave, cute and has an awesome look!
I already own these cowboy boots and they are the comfiest thing, so I know they'd be amazing for a day trekking around the parks, and the rest of the outfit was so easy to put together.
Grab your fave indigo jeans, a large western belt and a white embroidered top for the basics of the look. For a more full-on ensemble be sure to add a yellow neckercheif and a yellow bow for the end of your braid! This cow print backpack is also totally adorable - and so handy!

I'm very much looking forward to putting these outfits together in real life and I'll be sure to update you all with my Disney lookbook photographs!