Online Shopping Tips + Tricks

Thursday, 8 December 2016

I am a girl who likes to shop. There's no two ways about it. But, I'm also a mum. I don't have endless amounts of money to spend on myself anymore so every penny counts when it comes to shopping for things I love. Like most people, I like a bargain, but I'm not into waiting around for steals to fall into my lap, so I've put together this post featuring my 5 top tips on getting what you want at a reasonable price.

I've found that one of the best ways to score a discount from your fave online stores is to fill your basket with the items you want to purchase, and then, shock horror, close the tab. Within a few hours, the store will panic that you haven't checked out and will offer you a discount on your basket. NewLook and Boohoo are serials at this. I've been offered up to 20% discount to complete my checkout - which saves some serious dollar. Its worth noting that you must be signed into your store account for the store to send you discount codes.

I've only recently discovered online outlets, but they are seriously the bomb! I mostly find them through eBay, really, but they have been a dream come true. The Boohoo eBay outlet is one of my faves as they list items which can also be found on their mother website for up to half of the price - and they offer free delivery on some items! I recently bought a bodysuit, a jumper and a coat through their outlet, which came in at £16, but would have cost me £32 on their mother site - stealllll! I also find the OhPolly eBay outlet a godsend as they offer discounted prices on many of the items found on their mother site, and their designs are gorgeous!

We all know that delivery charges are a major pain in the arse. But, fear not, there are ways to avoid them! I have found that visiting online stores at key times throughout the day and week really affects the delivery cost on your order. PrettyLittleThing usually offer free next day delivery before 12pm or £1 next day delivery later in the day. Boohoo are great for delivery offers, offering £1.99 next day delivery up until midday and free or £1 NDD from midday-3pm, they have also just launched a premier delivery service in which you pay £9.99 upfront and you will be entitled to free, unlimited NDD for a year.
NewLook aren't all that great for delivery offers but they do have a collect in store option which saves you from having to pay any delivery fee - you will have to wait a few days to collect your order but it'll save you £4 - in fact, many sites offer this so keep an eye out!
It's all about getting the timing right so check out whats around - it's worth noting, too, that you can usually get special offers on Fridays and bank holidays with many sites, and you can check Facebook pages or snap feeds for exclusive discounts - Gerard Cosmetics are hot on this!

Online thrifting is still relatively new to me, but I have found it to be a worthwhile endeavor. I often see something online that I would absolutely love to splurge on but just cant justify doing so. So, I take to listing sites like eBay where you can search for a specific item and often find it brand new with tags and labels for a fraction of the price. I recently did this with a gorgeous wrap choker top I spotted on PrettyLittleThing at £20, I simply typed the item name into the eBay search engine and there it appeared, brand new with tags for half the price! Score.
Even though its not strictly thrifting, I have grown an unhealthy obsession for ASOS, they offer pieces from hundreds of different online stores (as well as their own pieces) at discounted prices. If you're thrifting furniture or other larger items then its worth checking out the Gumtree or Shpock apps to find them at a bargain price. They may be previously loved, but you can assess the quality in person before buying or even think about up-cycling.

Sales are not strictly seasonal online like they are in stores, you will always find a 'Sale' or 'Clearance' section on your fave site where you can find bargain pieces that you can pick up throughout the year. Of course you'll find the bigger sales and discounts at key dates throughout the year; Black Friday, Boxing Day and the like, but its worth checking out the sale section throughout the year if there's something you just cant hold out for.

Happy Shopping!


  1. brilliant post! Loving the autumn vibe to your blog!
    Elle x

  2. The closing the tab trick is such a good one! I've been known to use that one a time or two. I sort of feel like it's cheating, but it makes sense.

    Alisha |