Youth is a Gift of Nature, But Age is a Work of Art

Monday, 10 October 2016

You may have read my post a couple of weeks back about some incredible handmade cupcakes I had the pleasure of tasting by CakeToppers - find it here. Well, they have made my weekend again by sending over the most gorgeous handmade personalised cake for my Dad's 56th birthday.

We held a small family gathering at our new home. Balloons, smiles, music, chit-chat - the ususal buzz of a get together. Of course there was a buffet too with all the favourites, warm sausage rolls, biscuits and crisps, as well as chicken nuggets that little fingers just couldn't resist. But the cake took centre stage - it's rightful place. It was admired by everyone, with many a 'will that be cut soon?' and 'I cant wait to taste that cake' heard.

Once 'Happy Birthday' had been sung and the candles had been blown out, it was time to cut into the cake. Generous slices were handed out and everybody was quiet as they tucked in and ate every last crumb. The cake was moist, spongy - delicious. It had a decadent, hidden chocolate frosting layer as well as the gorgeous, creamy icing on top. Guests handed back plates and grinned 'can I take a slice home, too?' Something I enjoy in particular about these cakes, is knowing that they are handmade, and hand iced, as well as the fact that they only include free range eggs.

My dad was thrilled with his cake. Everything from the personalised photo of another treasured memory, right down to the gorgeous hand tied ribbon and piped, dotted icing. There's just something so much more special about a personalised cake, it shows thought, it's inviting - and it's fun to cut it up and see which body part or who's face you'll end up eating!

The cake arrived at my home 3 days before the party (exactly when stated) and was packaged so professionally; double boxed and bubble wrapped to stop any bumps or knocks and wrapped in cellophane for ultimate freshness. There was an ingredients list provided too, to check for any allergens which could affect guests. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the photo printing on the cake, it wasn't pixelated, dull or blurred, it was crisp, colourful and exciting. A message can also be added if you wish.

I am looking forward to using CakeToppers for our next special occasion, their selection of celebration cakes is incredible, and endless as you can choose any image you like! You can also connect with them via Facebook, Twitter or Insta for inspiration - just a warning, though, don't look if you're feeling hungry!

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