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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

I'll let you in on a secret. I'm a major geek.
I love comics; the daring superheroes, the exciting adventures, the costumes, the love stories. Even the comic itself; I love the feel of the pages, the way the inked images take me from excited to scared and back again. I can't get enough.

So, you can imagine my utter excitement when I heard about the new Superhero themed diner in Aldgate London, and luckily enough I was heading in that direction a few weeks ago anyway, so I had to make a visit!

Admittedly, the diner was a little out of the way. An 11 minute walk in the rain from aldgate west tube stop to be exact. But it was worth it.

We stepped inside. My heart pounded. Life size casts of all your fave superheros surround the tables, and memorabilia - some signed - line the walls. It was glorious. Like Planet Hollywood but better.
The decor is fantastic, a feast for the eyes. But how about the actual feast - would the food measure up? We were shown to a table which sat right next to a rather impressive life-size Iron Man (much to Dans delight) and were asked to order at the bar at our leisure.
I looked through the menu; superhero themed burgers with a single patty burger being named after the civilian form and the 'super' double patty being named after the enhanced beings we love. There was a good selection on offer; burgers, chicken, ribs, sides, shakes, mocktails - all the usual American favourites at prices which were fair for a London eaterie.
We didn't brave the 'Hulk Buster' - a mammoth challenge burger piled high with meats of all kinds, perhaps next time!

Being a fussy eater makes restaurant trips difficult but the friendly woman at the til was happy to note down all my 'leave outs' (anything green, really), and she informed us that there was a downstairs to the restaurant too. A large smile spread across my face and my eyes lit up, which she must have seen, as she offered to turn on the lights and let us explore down there for ourselves.
I crept down a flight of stairs under an eery 'Aslyum' sign. Dining booths laid out between cell bars. A dark atmosphere with green uplighting. The joker stared menicingly at me through iron bars, while Batman watched over my shoulder protectively. I felt as though I has been dropped into a scene from the movie.

We returned to our table for our food and were not disapointed. Freshly made and well presented on branded slate. We could see the chef creating our meals through a glass panel at the back of the restaurant and he even came to tell me that he'd added some extra bacon and cheese to my burger to make it a little more exciting.
No chips were served with the burgers, which needed to be made a little more clear upon ordering. No matter though as the burger was more than filling - and delicious! I'd travel all the way back for another; the bun was toasted to perfection, the chicken was fresh and moist and the bacon was perfectly crispy.

After a brief chat with a friendly member of staff we took some final photos and made our way back out of the door. Taking in every last sight that we could as we stepped back onto the sidewalk outside. I left feeling adventurous, valued - and full.
Overall, a fantastic dining experience that I can't wait to enjoy again - and I've got my eye on the Peanut Butter and Vanilla Super Shake for when that day comes!

You can connect with them on Facebook here

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