Dear Husband

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Dear Husband,

We've swapped dress and shirt dinner dates for jeans and trainers family meals, but you still make me feel beautiful. Thank you.

We've swapped late night drinks and dancing for evenings on the sofa watching garbage TV, but you still make me feel special. Thank you.

We've swapped romantic getaways for caravan holiday parks, but you still know how to give us the best time. Thank you.

We've swapped evening cinema dates for family movie afternoons at home, but you still make a big deal of it. Thankyou.

I've swapped make up and good hair for a pulled up pony tail and a slick of mascara, but you still make me feel like the only girl for you. Thankyou.

We've swapped late night baths for bathing baby and falling asleep early, but you still make me feel safe and loved. Thankyou.

I've swapped a flat tummy for a mummy tummy, but you still know how to make me feel good about myself. Thankyou.

You've swapped the latest car for a family model to give us amazing days out. Thankyou

You believe in me when I am feeling down and make me feel powerful. Thankyou.

You are patient with me when we argue and you show me a loving hand to make me calm again. Thankyou.

You put a beautiful ring on my finger and made me feel whole. Thank you.

You've given me the life I always dreamed of. Thankyou

Since getting married and becoming a mother and father, a lot of things have changed in our lives and our relationship, but you make me a better person and I love you more every day. I wouldn't be this person without the love and respect you show me. You've helped me to grow. I owe you everything. I love you.

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