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Saturday, 7 May 2016

While I am away on holiday this week, I am excited to have some of my wonderful blogger friends guest posting for me here!
Todays post is coming from my gorgeous friend Be of Love From Be. Be's blog is my muse! Her photography is the stuff of dreams and her content is fun and fresh so I am so pleased to have a little slice of her creativity on my little blog!

Hello! I'm Be and I run the blog Love from Be. I la-la-la-love Emma's blog and I couldn't be any happier to be writing a guest post for her! I'm not very good at introducing myself, so if you want to get to know me better, I think my blog is the right place. And now let's get to the actual post!

Here's a few things I love: candles, cute things, and 5-minute DIY's. And this post has all three of them! If you like those too, I think you're going to love transforming all your regular and boring tealight candles into these super cute ones that totally remind me of birthday cakes...

To make these I used some basic tealight candles (I chose vanilla-scented ones to make them even more like cake!), sprinkles, and washi tape.

I used my hair dryer (yes, my hair dryer) to melt the wax. I used it on maximum heat, and minimum air. You don't want a lot of air unless you want your candles to start flying around...

Once the wax is starting to melt, sprinkle some... well... sprinkles... on top!

This step is obviously not difficult but it is slightly tricky. If you melt the wax too much, the sprinkles will sink. But if you don't melt it enough, they will either fly or fall off.

Already looking a lot cuter, aren't they?

But they can still be improved with another one of my favorite things: washi tape!

How cute do they look now?

 And it's that easy!

I hope you liked this idea and please, please, please show me if you make them!

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