Power Brows with Essence Cosmetics

Wednesday, 13 April 2016


Brows are a big part of women's beauty regimen nowadays and since mine are so skinny and barely existent, I'll take any help I can get. When shopping in my local Superdrug recently, I spotted the Essence counter and was so excited to see some new brow products on offer; the 'Eyebrow Topcoat' and the 'Eyebrow Gel'.


For a girl on a budget - like me - Essence will be your best friend. The prices of the products are just unbeatable; although it does make you put more into your basket!
The Eyebrow gel set me back just £3.00 while the Eyebrow Topcoat costs just £2.00.
I am absolutely in love with the packaging of the Brow Gel - the product comes in a thick glass pot which makes it look and feel so much more expensive than its mini price tag. The shade name is displayed on the bottom of the pot. The brown plastic lid is quite basic but I like the fact that the brand and product name are clearly displayed on it.
I really like the vibrant blues on the Brow Topcoat tube, not only does it help display the waterproof element of the product but it also gives off a fun vibe. The metallic blue text on the tube is gorgeous and eye-catching and I like that the products use is explained on the back of the tube too.
Something which really draws me to Essence products (other than the fantastic prices) is the fact that every one of them is cruelty free. I am trying to be more ethical with my cosmetics and beauty purchases and I am to only go for cruelty free products from here on out, so it's great to find a purse-friendly brand which supports my morals.


The application of the brow gel is much like a pomade (think ABH dipbrow), it's smooth and slick which means you can get a really clean and precise shape for your brow, however, I enjoy that this one has a powder like finish, meaning you don't end up with crispy looking over-done brows. I use my Real Techniques angled liner brush to apply this and I use long sweeping strokes from the arch of the brow to the tail, and I use short hair like strokes to fill in the front of the brow for a natural look.
I have never used a brow mascara or 'topcoat' before but this one has made me question why?! The wand is short and angled so you can perfectly set your brows (no matter what shape), without getting any product on the surrounding skin. I was worried that this was going to give my brows that dreaded dried out look but it really didn't - to be honest, you can't even notice that it's there at all - which is ideal. I also like that you can brush through your brows with it to make them feathery and fluffier - and it's super quick to apply and dry!


I was oh-so pleased with the results from the Essence brow gel. I think the colour is just right for my brows; it fills them perfectly in without making them look drawn on. Unfortunately, I only saw this one shade available so if you have fairer brows you may have to give this one a miss. The performance and longevity of the product was also impressive, lasting all day long. It doesn't flake, smear of 'fall-out' which is amazing for the price range. This little treasure has well and truly earned its place in my daily make up bag.
Considering the brow topcoat is designed to hold the brows in place all day long, this had some pretty high expectations to live up to - and it sure did. I have to admit that I haven't got my face soaked with this on so I haven't been able to fully test the 'waterproof' claim, but I have worn it in the shower and my brows didn't budge, so its a winner all round for me!


Essence is available in Wilkinsons (in-store and online) stores and some Superdrug stores. They do, of course, have their own website where you can browse their products, but I find that my local Wilkinsons is a little behind on their releases!

The more I purchase from Essence the more I fall in love with them, and they are quickly becoming my go-to cosmetics brand. Although they are relatively hard to get hold of, they are so worth it and I do find that the Wilkinsons website have a lot more of the range on offer than actually going in store to look. I'm so pleased I picked up these new brow products as my brows need all the help they can get and they are sure thanking me now!


  1. These products look so nice! Love that the top coat is waterproof, its so useful!
    Paula | www.namelessgap.blogspot.com

    1. The topcoat is super useful - never thought Id use anything like it, but I took Elias swimming this morning and my brows literally didnt move thanks to it!
      Thanks for reading!

  2. I am always on a budget so Essence is my go to company, some products are good, some are not so good. I haven tried this one yet, I will search for it next time! :)


    1. I hope you like them Yiota! Thanks so much for reading!