Cruelty Free Beauty Guide

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Recently I've been thinking a lot about the ethics of my lifestyle. My consince has been feeling rather heavy and after a lot of (disturbing) research I have decided that I'd like to try and become vegan. Don't get me wrong, I know its extreme and a big life change but Im not taking it lightly. I plan on making the change gradually so that its easier on me and, hopefully, more sustainable and I've already started by becoming vegetarian. I aim to eventually remove all other animal products from my diet - milk, cheese, eggs, even honey - and have a plant based diet.
Unfortunately, though, the cruelty doesn't stop with the food industry, it spills over to the beauty and fashion world too. I'm going to admit that I do own some products from non cruelty-free brands, I just never thought to check before, but all of my recent purchases are 100% cruelty-free and all future ones will be too. I'm not going to get into a debate about it all but I thought it might be helpful to some of you to share a list of which beauty and cosmetics brands are cruelty free and which are not.

As we all do, I realise that there are still brands out there that do, unfortunately, test on animals - I just didnt realise that some of my faves do!
I was so crushed when I discovered that NIVEA, Maybelline, Johnsons and L'oreal still test their prodcuts on animals as they are some of my most used brands. 
I will no longer be buying Johnsons products for Elias. Instead, I've decided to switch to Body shop products for him. I had a nice long chat with a sales assistant in my local Body shop store and she showed me some wonderful products that will be suitable for his delicate skin including a bath milk powder, cocoa butter cream and even hemp cream!
I've always loved Maybelline ever since I started to wear cosmetics, I find the results and prices great and they are usually my go-to for foundations and lipsticks but I am going to avoid them from now on. I cant stand the thought of an innocent animal being tortured just to produce a new lipstick shade.
NIVEA have been my holy grail skincare brand for some years now - since I started to take care of my skin in my teens, in fact! Their intensive night cream is my ultimate moisturiser but I have now decided that I'll be leaving it behind. B. beautiful by Superdrug are a great alternative as they are still affordable but they are cruelty free. I have tried some of their pieces and really enjoyed them so I will now be adding to my collection!
Although I don't own any L'oreal cosmetics, I do love their haircare products - especially the new Spa Clay range, but I'll now be switching it up to a new cruelty-free brand - do you have any recommendations?
I was also disappointed to see Avon on this list - I had recently had a meeting with an Avon rep about becoming a representative myself, but I am now in 2 minds as to whether I could, in all good conscience, sell these products to other women.
I was also surprised to see other brands , such as Garnier, Dove, Rimmel, Benefit and Aveeno on this list. These are big companies with a big influence and I would hope that they would use their vast audience to promote good ethics - but I guess we don't live in an ideal world (yet)!

Although these brands are cruelty free they are not all 100% vegan so some of them may contain animal products (they havent been tested on animals though!), which is something to keep in mind.
I am so pleased to see such a large list - including some of my favourite brands - which I can still treat myself to guiltlessly.
I already knew that Bodyshop, Elf, Urban Decay and Essence are cruelty free brands but I was especially excited to see Barry M, Zoeva, BH cosmetics and Real Techniques are also safe brands to buy!
I will do more research into vegan brands as I go, to help me with progression into the lifestyle, and I'll post my findings, but for now this is a good start!

Having this vast amount of options when buying my beauty products will really help me with my new lifestyle and I hope this guide will have helped some of you too - even if you arent going vegan, but just wanting to buy better! 


  1. It's shocking to see how many still test on animals, especially considering how well the ones who don't are doing. It's certainly going to make me think twice about the products I buy in future! x

    Holly ∣ Closingwinter

    1. It is a bit surprising isnt it :'( Yes you're right there isnt a need to do it as a business can be sucessful without it!
      Thanks for reading darling

  2. Gutted to see Benefit on there! This is something that has been bothering me as well but I have not had the push to do something about it. This has definitely encouraged me to do it now! Trying to find a new foundation is not going to be easy :( Great post! xx

    1. Me too darling :'( I'm glad you found it usefu! I know what you mean about foundation too - my maybelline dream nude and Estee lauder double wear are my faves :'( I'll let you know if I find anything up to the mark!
      lots of love

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    3. I have swapped to No7 cleanser now and it is actually loads better! A bit more expensive but worth the extra knowing that no bunnies were harmed and better results. thanks again lovely, I have shared with others who also had no idea and are appalled that this still happens xx