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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Recently, Dan and I have been talking a lot about moving to a larger house, preferably with another bedroom - and although it probably wont be until early next year, it has got me thinking about how I could decorate my dream beauty room. I have been wanting to focus more on videos for my Youtube channel for a while now and I think having a well lit, inviting beauty room would really help to motivate and inspire me. I've put together this little wishlist with some of my favourite bits!

I know its cliche but I think I'd go for a minimalist theme with nice, white walls for maximum light and openness. This ladder shelving unit is so kitsch and I think it would look gorgeous stacked with perfume bottles, candles and this cute cactus bowl. 
I absolutely love these IKEA cube storage units, I think I'd have 2 against 2 separate walls and stack them with my current fave products aswell as scattering some of these pretty faux flowers on them for a pop of colour. I have some pretty Minnie Mouse headbands that I'd love to display here too, so I think these Styrofoam heads would be just the thing. This Marquee letter E light is so cute - I actually already have one, but I think it would fit so well on top of the cubed storage units, taking pride of place.
To give off a warm glow, I'd like to drape the walls in these led light curtains. Ideally, I would like white ones but this is the only one I could find right now, and I'd be more than happy to compromise ;)
Of course, I'll need a desk to work from and I think this sleek white one with draws would be perfect. I can just imagine working from here, sitting in this comfy looking desk chair and being surrounded by tealights in these chic cracked tealight holders. I think some acrylic storage would be just right for my desk too, so I could show off my fave palettes and lipsticks!
I also really like the idea of this nail polish display too, I think it would be a perfect finishing touch on one of the walls, filled with lots of different colours, glitters and finishes (this could also work as a lipstick display!).
To up my filming game I'd really like to invest in a set of softbox lights, you can pick them up cheaply on eBay and I think they would really make all the difference. I already have a ring light for my photos but I dont know if it would stretch to illuminating a whole video on its own.

I am really looking forward to finally setting up my beauty room - I had started working on one in our current house just before I found out I was pregnant with Elias but of course it got put aside so we could create a nursery for him. I cant wait to start filming more videos and getting to know you guys better!

What would be included in your dream beauty room Wishlist?

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