Springtime Lip Wardrobe

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Even though you wouldnt believe it looking at the weather, spring is offcially here and so are colourful clothes, floral scents and fresh make up - including new lip shades!
In the Spring I favour a pink lip as I feel it compliments a lot of my outfits and adds a blush of colour to the face. Today, I'm rounding up some of my favourites;


This bargain lipstick has well and truly earned its place in my spring lip wardrobe. Essence have launched a new collection of their Longlasting Lipsticks for spring but 'Come Naturally 03' is my favourite original. I love the creamy feel as I apply it and the 'griege' nude colour really suits my skin tone. They don't last ages on the lips, expect to re-apply every 3-4 hours, but for the price point you couldn't ask for more from a lipstick!


I love E.L.F, their products are affordable, they're cruelty free and I find the 'Studio' packaging sleek and sexy! This mineral lipstick is perfect for the more dull spring days as its got just a hint of autumnal berry mixed in with a seasonal blush pink! This works best when your lips are prepped with a balm and lined or it can bleed a little but overall, it's a perfect spring shade and the sleek black bullet looks gorgeous on my vanity!


Of course, I had to include a matte finish lipstick in my springtime collection as they are still super hot and, well, I just love them! M.A.C 'Mehr' is a new shade to my collection - Dan surprised me with it after one of his meetings up in London - and it works so beautifully for this time of year! This lipstick applies so opaquely that you really only need one application and you don't need to build it up at all, and even though it is a matte finish it isn't drying on the lips whatsoever.


I have owned this for some time now but I do tend to reserve it for warmer, sunnier days as the colour is more of a rose pink than a nude as the name would suggest. I love how slick this is to apply and the narrow applicator means you can really keep 'to the lines' of your lips. This dries to a matte finish and, much like 'Mehr', it is non-drying. I find this lasts a good half-day on the lips before you need to re-apply and the glass bottle is oh-so pretty!


Oh Gerard Cosmetics, why you so beautiful?! My Gerard Cosmetics lipsticks take pride of place on my vanity as they are just so stunning! 'Buttercup' was the first one I owned and my obsession fully began with it! The Gerard Cosmetics lipsticks smell so sweet and yummy and the colour pay-off is always a dream. I do find this shade can create a little drag on the lips when applying so just make sure you've prepped with a good balm first.

What's in your Springtime Lip Wardrobe?

BeautyRoom Wishlist

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Recently, Dan and I have been talking a lot about moving to a larger house, preferably with another bedroom - and although it probably wont be until early next year, it has got me thinking about how I could decorate my dream beauty room. I have been wanting to focus more on videos for my Youtube channel for a while now and I think having a well lit, inviting beauty room would really help to motivate and inspire me. I've put together this little wishlist with some of my favourite bits!

I know its cliche but I think I'd go for a minimalist theme with nice, white walls for maximum light and openness. This ladder shelving unit is so kitsch and I think it would look gorgeous stacked with perfume bottles, candles and this cute cactus bowl. 
I absolutely love these IKEA cube storage units, I think I'd have 2 against 2 separate walls and stack them with my current fave products aswell as scattering some of these pretty faux flowers on them for a pop of colour. I have some pretty Minnie Mouse headbands that I'd love to display here too, so I think these Styrofoam heads would be just the thing. This Marquee letter E light is so cute - I actually already have one, but I think it would fit so well on top of the cubed storage units, taking pride of place.
To give off a warm glow, I'd like to drape the walls in these led light curtains. Ideally, I would like white ones but this is the only one I could find right now, and I'd be more than happy to compromise ;)
Of course, I'll need a desk to work from and I think this sleek white one with draws would be perfect. I can just imagine working from here, sitting in this comfy looking desk chair and being surrounded by tealights in these chic cracked tealight holders. I think some acrylic storage would be just right for my desk too, so I could show off my fave palettes and lipsticks!
I also really like the idea of this nail polish display too, I think it would be a perfect finishing touch on one of the walls, filled with lots of different colours, glitters and finishes (this could also work as a lipstick display!).
To up my filming game I'd really like to invest in a set of softbox lights, you can pick them up cheaply on eBay and I think they would really make all the difference. I already have a ring light for my photos but I dont know if it would stretch to illuminating a whole video on its own.

I am really looking forward to finally setting up my beauty room - I had started working on one in our current house just before I found out I was pregnant with Elias but of course it got put aside so we could create a nursery for him. I cant wait to start filming more videos and getting to know you guys better!

What would be included in your dream beauty room Wishlist?

Cruelty Free Beauty Guide

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Recently I've been thinking a lot about the ethics of my lifestyle. My consince has been feeling rather heavy and after a lot of (disturbing) research I have decided that I'd like to try and become vegan. Don't get me wrong, I know its extreme and a big life change but Im not taking it lightly. I plan on making the change gradually so that its easier on me and, hopefully, more sustainable and I've already started by becoming vegetarian. I aim to eventually remove all other animal products from my diet - milk, cheese, eggs, even honey - and have a plant based diet.
Unfortunately, though, the cruelty doesn't stop with the food industry, it spills over to the beauty and fashion world too. I'm going to admit that I do own some products from non cruelty-free brands, I just never thought to check before, but all of my recent purchases are 100% cruelty-free and all future ones will be too. I'm not going to get into a debate about it all but I thought it might be helpful to some of you to share a list of which beauty and cosmetics brands are cruelty free and which are not.

As we all do, I realise that there are still brands out there that do, unfortunately, test on animals - I just didnt realise that some of my faves do!
I was so crushed when I discovered that NIVEA, Maybelline, Johnsons and L'oreal still test their prodcuts on animals as they are some of my most used brands. 
I will no longer be buying Johnsons products for Elias. Instead, I've decided to switch to Body shop products for him. I had a nice long chat with a sales assistant in my local Body shop store and she showed me some wonderful products that will be suitable for his delicate skin including a bath milk powder, cocoa butter cream and even hemp cream!
I've always loved Maybelline ever since I started to wear cosmetics, I find the results and prices great and they are usually my go-to for foundations and lipsticks but I am going to avoid them from now on. I cant stand the thought of an innocent animal being tortured just to produce a new lipstick shade.
NIVEA have been my holy grail skincare brand for some years now - since I started to take care of my skin in my teens, in fact! Their intensive night cream is my ultimate moisturiser but I have now decided that I'll be leaving it behind. B. beautiful by Superdrug are a great alternative as they are still affordable but they are cruelty free. I have tried some of their pieces and really enjoyed them so I will now be adding to my collection!
Although I don't own any L'oreal cosmetics, I do love their haircare products - especially the new Spa Clay range, but I'll now be switching it up to a new cruelty-free brand - do you have any recommendations?
I was also disappointed to see Avon on this list - I had recently had a meeting with an Avon rep about becoming a representative myself, but I am now in 2 minds as to whether I could, in all good conscience, sell these products to other women.
I was also surprised to see other brands , such as Garnier, Dove, Rimmel, Benefit and Aveeno on this list. These are big companies with a big influence and I would hope that they would use their vast audience to promote good ethics - but I guess we don't live in an ideal world (yet)!

Although these brands are cruelty free they are not all 100% vegan so some of them may contain animal products (they havent been tested on animals though!), which is something to keep in mind.
I am so pleased to see such a large list - including some of my favourite brands - which I can still treat myself to guiltlessly.
I already knew that Bodyshop, Elf, Urban Decay and Essence are cruelty free brands but I was especially excited to see Barry M, Zoeva, BH cosmetics and Real Techniques are also safe brands to buy!
I will do more research into vegan brands as I go, to help me with progression into the lifestyle, and I'll post my findings, but for now this is a good start!

Having this vast amount of options when buying my beauty products will really help me with my new lifestyle and I hope this guide will have helped some of you too - even if you arent going vegan, but just wanting to buy better! 

Monday Motivation #5

Monday, 18 April 2016

'Life is the most spectacular show on earth!' - Sarah Gruen, 'Water for Elephants'

When you are feeling down it's easy to forget the beauty in everyday life; the sound of soft rain on a rooftop, a fresh glass of cold lemonade, the smile of your child, the love of your family. This quote reminds me that there is something to be admired everywhere in your life. Life is a funny thing; it's ever-growing, ever-changing. It surprises you, it frightens you. Life keeps you living. So, this week, take some time to appreciate the realest, most spectacular show you'll ever see!
I have selected a piece from the 'Water For Elephants movie score this week. This movie has a beautifully hauting score and 'Jacob sees Marlena' is my favourite of them all. It's deep and enchanting. It gives you all kinds of feelings and it perfectly refelcts this weeks quote. I hope you enjoy it, too.

Power Brows with Essence Cosmetics

Wednesday, 13 April 2016


Brows are a big part of women's beauty regimen nowadays and since mine are so skinny and barely existent, I'll take any help I can get. When shopping in my local Superdrug recently, I spotted the Essence counter and was so excited to see some new brow products on offer; the 'Eyebrow Topcoat' and the 'Eyebrow Gel'.


For a girl on a budget - like me - Essence will be your best friend. The prices of the products are just unbeatable; although it does make you put more into your basket!
The Eyebrow gel set me back just £3.00 while the Eyebrow Topcoat costs just £2.00.
I am absolutely in love with the packaging of the Brow Gel - the product comes in a thick glass pot which makes it look and feel so much more expensive than its mini price tag. The shade name is displayed on the bottom of the pot. The brown plastic lid is quite basic but I like the fact that the brand and product name are clearly displayed on it.
I really like the vibrant blues on the Brow Topcoat tube, not only does it help display the waterproof element of the product but it also gives off a fun vibe. The metallic blue text on the tube is gorgeous and eye-catching and I like that the products use is explained on the back of the tube too.
Something which really draws me to Essence products (other than the fantastic prices) is the fact that every one of them is cruelty free. I am trying to be more ethical with my cosmetics and beauty purchases and I am to only go for cruelty free products from here on out, so it's great to find a purse-friendly brand which supports my morals.


The application of the brow gel is much like a pomade (think ABH dipbrow), it's smooth and slick which means you can get a really clean and precise shape for your brow, however, I enjoy that this one has a powder like finish, meaning you don't end up with crispy looking over-done brows. I use my Real Techniques angled liner brush to apply this and I use long sweeping strokes from the arch of the brow to the tail, and I use short hair like strokes to fill in the front of the brow for a natural look.
I have never used a brow mascara or 'topcoat' before but this one has made me question why?! The wand is short and angled so you can perfectly set your brows (no matter what shape), without getting any product on the surrounding skin. I was worried that this was going to give my brows that dreaded dried out look but it really didn't - to be honest, you can't even notice that it's there at all - which is ideal. I also like that you can brush through your brows with it to make them feathery and fluffier - and it's super quick to apply and dry!


I was oh-so pleased with the results from the Essence brow gel. I think the colour is just right for my brows; it fills them perfectly in without making them look drawn on. Unfortunately, I only saw this one shade available so if you have fairer brows you may have to give this one a miss. The performance and longevity of the product was also impressive, lasting all day long. It doesn't flake, smear of 'fall-out' which is amazing for the price range. This little treasure has well and truly earned its place in my daily make up bag.
Considering the brow topcoat is designed to hold the brows in place all day long, this had some pretty high expectations to live up to - and it sure did. I have to admit that I haven't got my face soaked with this on so I haven't been able to fully test the 'waterproof' claim, but I have worn it in the shower and my brows didn't budge, so its a winner all round for me!


Essence is available in Wilkinsons (in-store and online) stores and some Superdrug stores. They do, of course, have their own website where you can browse their products, but I find that my local Wilkinsons is a little behind on their releases!

The more I purchase from Essence the more I fall in love with them, and they are quickly becoming my go-to cosmetics brand. Although they are relatively hard to get hold of, they are so worth it and I do find that the Wilkinsons website have a lot more of the range on offer than actually going in store to look. I'm so pleased I picked up these new brow products as my brows need all the help they can get and they are sure thanking me now!

Monday Motivation #4

Monday, 11 April 2016

'You must not let anyone define your limits because of where you come from. Your only limit is your soul.' - Gusteau, Ratatouille.

This beautifully deep quote comes is my muse this week. It reminds me that no one can tell me what you are capable of because they 'think they know you'. It tells me that there is no reason why you cant do everything you dream of - just excuses! It empowers me by letting me know that as long as I have willpower and determination, nothing (and no-one) can stand in my way! The only obstacle in life is yourself. You are your biggest critic, but once in a while you need to take a step back and appreciate what a great job you are doing!
I have chosen a track from the Ratatouille score to accompany this quote. The realxed tone of 'Anyone Can Cook' encourages me and helps to remind me that I am making progress, no matter how slow and steady. I hope it helps motivate you and pick you back up from any struggles, too!

Travel Wishlist

Friday, 1 April 2016

We're setting off on our first family vacay in May and although we are only driving there I think its still a perfectly valid excuse for a new travel outfit! It's a 3 hour drive and I like to be comfortable when I travel, but I still want to look presentable, so I've put together this little outfit which I think will fit into both of those categories!

Jeans are always a go-to for me. May is bound to be in that in-between stage weather wise, so I think these ankle grazers will be perfect. They're just £7.99 from H&M, but if you sign up for their newsletter you'll get 25% off of one item plus free delivery - so I scored these for just £5.99, I couldnt not buy them at that price! They haven't arrived yet, but Im confident that theyll look great as H&M offer in-between sizes so you can get something that really flatters your shape but doesn't 'dig-in'.

This embroided vest top will look perfect in the spring, it's a little fancier than your average vest but it still works with a variety of looks. The relaxed fit looks so comfortable and scallop edging is just gorgeous. I'ts only £8.00 in Primark so I think this could be tricky to find in store - but I'm willing to give it a try ;)

Shoes wise I wanted to keep it causal so I threw in the adorable Minnie Mouse slip-ons from the Disney Vans collab. These are currently on sale for £33 from £52 so grab yourself a bargain like I did! I love the pink accents on the design as it gives a pop of colour to your look - and also gives you something to match your accessories to.

Speaking of accessories, I fell in love with these Printed bands by Popband. They're actually meant to be hair bands but I love wearing this sort of thing on my wrist. They're a great casual accessory. The pastel shimmer colours are gorgeous and will match perfectly with my chosen footwear and I love the feature band with a geometric design!

For headwear, I'm loving this baby pink baseball cap. It's dirt cheap from good ol' eBay and I just love the way these look with a sleek, straight pony. I'm pairing it with these awesome wooden look 'clubmatser' style sunnies from NewLook. These are my favourite style of sunglasses and the wooden effect is so unique!

And, of course, I'm gonna need a kick-ass luggage to store all of my holiday things! This gorgeous trunk, from River Island, is just dreamy. It's a little more pricey than I'd usually pay for a luggage but it is just perfect and I love that it comes with zippered pockets and a luggage tag too.

I love the casual yet girly vibe of this outfit, I think it'll be great for our spring get away and I HAVE to get my hands on that luggage! Whats your travel style?