Primark Springwear Haul

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

The last of my birthday money was burning a hole in pocket, so I decided to take a trip to Primark in Southampton last week. Although I rarely buy clothes in actual stores anymore (online shopping is so much more convenient), I do have a soft spot for Primarks bargains and I couldn't help but take a mosey around their new spring lines with Elias.
During the spring I tend to favour a casual look; slouchy tees, ankle grazers, slip-ons and sunnies - accompanied by an java chip frappuccino of course ;)
Here's what I picked up;

I started in the shoe department as I have been looking for some simple slip-ons since these sunny days crept in. These white crochet ones caught my eye straight away and (thankfully) there was one pair left in my size! These will look great with a variety of outfits and the 'Vans' style gives them an extra edge. I seriously cant believe that these only cost £4!

I hadn't thought about getting any grey shoes but when I saw these, that changed immediately. I have worn them a couple of times and they are seriously comfy! The wrap around effect is so cute and the casual style means I can chuck them on with whatever I'm wearing. 

Aint nothin' worse than socks hangin' out of your slip ons! But, seriously, these little skin-coloured footie socks are a life saver. They are disguised perfectly in slip on shoes and the silicone edging keeps them in place all day. Don't you just hate it when your sock starts to slide down and you have to repeatedly ride them up again?! 

I love Primark's press on nails. They are constantly releasing new designs and they have recently added stiletto styles, too - and can you believe they are just £1 per pack including glue!
Now that I rarely have time to sit and let a nail polish dry these have become my best friend! They last around 7-10 days once applied and just look so pretty.
Ombre nails are so trendy right now and I thought this faded french mani was a good way for me to try the trend out. I also love these geometric style nails; white on gold is perfect for Spring!

A good pair of sunnies is something I just cant do without during the warmer months; not only do they protect those precious peepers but they are such a simple accessory that can make all the difference to your outfit. I picked up these darling purple sunglasses for only £2, including a case and with UV protection! They remind me of the Rayban Clubmaster sunglasses which I love - I own a tortoise shell pair which are great but I think these purple ones will be great for switching it up!

I also couldn't leave without dropping these uh-mazing matte black sunnies into my basket. They're simple and classy and will match perfectly with all of my Spring (and summer!) outfits. These were also just £2 and came with their own case. Bargain!

I absolutely love slouch tees! I wear them with one side tucked into my jeans for a casual look. They're so comfy and breezy and I thought this grey one was a nice change from my usual white ones. I bought this in a couple of sizes up for extra slouch - I cant believe it was only £2, but there didn't seem to be many left so get in there quick if you like them too!

I have always been a bit scared of boyfriend fit tees; I imagine them to 'swamp' and be unflattering but I thought I would give this one a try and I'm so glad I did. It's got fitted sleeves but a baggy body, so it's perfectly balanced on a womens frame. I find the thin stripes very flattering too. This is the comfiest tee and I cant wait to wear it again - plus it looks great under a jacket!

As mentioned I usually go for white tees but, to be honest, you can never have too many! I also bought this in a couple of sizes up for an extra relaxed look and it is perfect! I love the open shape of the neck and the way it drapes is exactly what I like in a slouch tee!

Although Pimark do have a website, you can't shop it. So, get yourself down to your nearest store as they really do have some lovely S/S pieces in stock. I could have doubled my basket content as I saw so many nice things but I thought I'd save it for another trip! All of these items came to just £25.50! I know some people have grudges for Primark but I feel like they've really upped their game (and quality) in recent years and you really cant beat their prices!

Have you shopped any Springwear yet?


  1. Great picks. I've picked up so many lovely bits from Primark recently to start my spring wardrobe off. Aw I love your Easter theme btw!xx

    Lauren |

  2. Thankyou darling! I think I'll be losing a lot of money to Primark this season hahah!
    And thankyou! LoveFromBe designed it for me!

  3. The press on nails looks lovely, I always see them when I go to primary but never buy them, I should try them out!
    Paula |

    1. Oh, definitely - they're a total steal! I saw some great designs in there but I'm holding out for some tie-dye style ones for summer, that would be cool!
      Thanks for stopping by <3

  4. You've found some absolute gems there - those are the exact style of sunglasses I want, and for £2 a pop, I might have to pop into my local Primarni next week and explore. I love the look of those nails, too - mine are in desperate need of some TLC at the moment!!

    On a separate note, your blog design and new header is gorgeous. I nearly wept at how cute your header is!! So Springy!

    N x | Lovelaughslipstick x

    1. Ohh you should definitely pop in - they had a load of colours to choose from, I may even have to go back haha! And the nails are great, I hope you like them :D

      And, thankyou so much! LoveFromBe designed it, I want to keep it forever!
      Thanks for reading <3

  5. Oh the sunglasses are really really nice!!! I remember visiting London and I went to Primark every single day hahaha!!! I love your blog btw :)


  6. Hehe yes I think I'm going to get a lot of wear out of them this summer - well I hope anyway ;)
    Thankyou so much and thanks for stopping by!

  7. Primark is my go-to for sunglasses! I love the first white pair of shoes, so girly and pretty xxx

    Jasmine ||

  8. I love clubmasters, those look awesome and really inexpensive.