Essence 'The Trends' Pastel Polishes ♡

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Spring is finally here and I, for one, am so excited to be rocking those gorgeous pastel shades that this season brings!
I was doing a little shop in my local Wilkinsons earlier this month and, of course, I had to make a stop at the Essence counter - it's just good manners ;)
I was excited to see a range of new (to my local store) items including 'Silky Touch Blushes' and 'Quattro Eyeshadows', but the thing that caught my eye was the darling 'The Pastels' polishes.
These are part of the Essence 'I Love Trends' collection and there are 8 polishes in this set. I only managed to get my hands on 2 of them but I was pleasantly surprised with the results!


As with all Essence products, the packaging is simplistic but modern and sleek. I love the heavy feel of these polishes; not only does it make them feel much more expensive than their outrageously cheap £1.80 price tag, but the thick glass bottom is especially useful as it prevents the bottle falling over when you're draining your brush during application!
The contrast of the tall, black lid with the pastel sticker is also a lovely touch. I really like the way that each set in the 'I Love Trends' collection has a corresponding sticker colour as it makes them easily distinguishable and vibrant.
I picked up shades '07 Bubble Bath' - a darling pastel blue - and '04 Sweet at First Sight,' - a dainty pastel rose - both have their shade names displayed on the back of the bottle. As a blogger, shade names and numbers are something I really rely on so I am pleased that Essence do this with their products.
Essence are known for being a budget beauty brand with great quality products and, as mentioned, these polishes are super cheap at only £1.80 each - you could own the whole 'Pastels' set for just £14.40!


One of the first things I look for in a nail polish is a decent brush - it can really make or break your application. I am pleased to say that the brushes in these polishes are just wonderful - the bristles are long and flexible meaning you can coat the nail in a few clean sweeps and the tall lid gives you a firm grip and means you have great control over application. I would love to see the brushes with tapered corners so that you can apply polish cleanly and neatly to the base of the nail, but for the price who's complaining?
I found applying this polish a dream as it has the perfect consistency. I do find that some cheaper polishes are watery and spill everywhere over the nail - including the cuticle. Disaster! But that definitely wasn't the case here, it was fluid enough to paint the nail smoothly, but not so watery that you have to use 10,000 coats to get a decent coverage!
Drying time was good with these too. I applied 2 coats in the pictures above and the polish was dry within 10 minutes - you could always try the Essence nail art express dry drops to speed this up (see my post about it here),!


I have to admit, I usually like my pastel polishes to have a completely opaque or matte finish and when I noticed that these had a pearlescent finish I did wonder if it was going to be to OTT on the 'cutesy' but, boy, was I wrong!
The subtle shimmer makes these much more wearable, and they look absolutely stunning in the sunlight! I think '04 Sweet at First Sight' is my favourite of the 2 as I wear pink polishes quite regularly and its not like one I've owned before. It looks wonderful with my spring outfits and I love teaming it with my rose gold midi rings and watch!
I do find that you need a couple of coats to really get a good coverage of the colour, but think of these as your favourite pastel polish with all the benefits of your favourite highlighter!


As expected, the wear time for these polishes is average - giving you about 2-3 days before chipping, but you could add an extra day or two by topping with a good quality top coat, like the Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat
Anyway, that's no bother for someone like me who likes to switch up their manicure a couple of times a week!


Essence is available in Wilkinsons (in-store and online) stores and some Superdrug stores. They do, of course, have their own website where you can browse their products, but I find that my local Wilkinsons is a little behind on their releases!

I really cant get enough of Essence; they are a cruelty-free, budget beauty brand with fantastic quality products and new additions constantly being released! These polishes are a perfect addition to my spring-time collection and I am looking forward to picking up some more, too!

What's your favourite Essence product?


  1. Love these two, great for spring 😊

    1. Arent they? I think Im gonna have to pick up a few more!
      Thanks for reading, darling!

  2. That blue is gorgeous! I am so ready for pastels. Xx

    1. Me tooooo! Bring on the Spring a Summer!
      Lots of Love!

  3. I love pastel colors! And the blue one is perfect! I can't believe I wasted a lot of money trying to find the perfect pastel blue nail polish and essence had it!

    Be | lovefrombe

    1. Ahh no :'( But it is so tricky to find 'the one'! Hope you like this one <3
      Lots of love

  4. I love Essence, great and affordable products!!! I am so ready for soft pink, mint, lilac and coral nails :)

  5. I love Essence, great and affordable products!!! I am so ready for soft pink, mint, lilac and coral nails :)

    1. Ah me too! I'd love to pick up a lilac one in this range!
      Thanks for stopping by!