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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Recently, I have put a lot of extra time into blogging. I have always tried to be as social as I can and even though I rarely attend blogger Twitter chats, I have come across a few bloggers (and blogs) which I love dearly. My beautiful friend Be - from Love From Be - has also introduced me to a Whataspp blog group and a Twitter blogger group which I love as it helps me to feel connected to the blogisverse and also gives me a place to go for blog advice with like minded people. There are a whole world of blogs out there but today I am showin' some love for my faves


I came across Be's blog quite some time ago when I was looking for someone to re-design mine and I am so pleased that I did. Her beautiful content is so inspiring - she doesn't only post reviews and hauls like a lot of us bloggers do, she publishes posts about things which we can use in everyday life. Her recent 'my favourite apps' post was particularly useful. And, I love the way that she really puts herself across in her posts, it's not just a blog, its a place to get to know her. This is something I love in a blog - good content is nice, but getting to know the blogger is better, its what makes you feel like a friend, not just a reader and its what keeps me going back!
Be has designed all of my blog templates to date and they are always so perfect - heck, I've already had a ton of comments on my current one and its only been live a couple of weeks! She is so wonderful and someone I can really trust. I feel like I could go to her with anything and she would talk me through it with sense (and pizza!).  So, if you're looking for a blog with inspiring photography, day-to-day hacks, recipes and a whole lot more then head Be's way!


I 'met' Meaghan a while back now. I'd been reading her blog for some time when I decided to approach her about a beauty swapbox (which turned out to be superfun, btw). We've been friends since and I love how she checks in on Elias and I regularly, it's always so good catching up with her.
Meaghan's content is so refreshing and relateable. I just love her 'Current Playlist' posts and her recent 'Twentysometings Guide' post series is a really interesting and enlightening read for me, too.
I love the way Meaghan is so honest in her posts and, like with Be, I really get a sense of who she is through her writing.
Meaghans blog is inviting and gorgeous and I know ya'll will love it as much as me, so look her up!


From her delicious sounding blog name, to her whimsical header and everything in between, I just love Jess' blog! A girl after my own heart, she is all about uh-mazing recipes and good movies plus lots of prettyful things. 
I always look forward to reading Jess' new posts and her positive attitude towards her on going battle is so inspiring, she is someone I really look up to.
Jess is also one of the kindest people I have met online, she always has something nice to say and her Twitter feed is just gorgeous!
Head on over to her blog now to see for yourself, I promise you'll love it!


You've probably read my recent post about my swapbox with Shae from Diary of a Beauty Padawan - I started reading her blog just a little while before and I was hooked right away.
I love her quirky writing style and her honesty is so refreshing, she seems to love everything which I love and she is seriously one of the coolest people I know. I love chatting with her, even though it can be tricky when you live on opposite ends of the world to eachother!
Her recent 'The great (and seriously late) boxing day haul of 2015' post was one of my faves - I love seeing products from around the globe and to be honest, it made me insanely jealous ;)


Hayleys blog was one of the first I read when I decided to start my own blog and my love for it has never died down. Hayley posts about fun, different things aswell as old blogger favourites and I absolutely love her candle posts! She has a youthful writing style and her blog photos are always so colourful and welcoming. She even posts about a monthly food subscription box and it always makes me super hungry! Hayley is so sweet and always so positive, I just love her Twitter feed and I know you'll love her too.


I came across Millys blog a few months back and I have been addicted since. I love her openness and her photography is the stuff dreams are made of. I am trying to get myself more into fashion and her style related pieces really inspire me - plus she shares my love of fresh cut flowers! Her Insta feed is updated constantly too and its just so bright and inviting!
Milly is friendly and helpful (I emailed her with some questions about one of her recent posts) and she really made me feel like a friend coming to her blog. I also love her writing style, its almost as though her readers see life through her eyes, as a story. Its so poetic and beautiful, and makes me feel peaceful. I think you'll love her too!

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