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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

I've never really been a big fan of Valentines Day. It's nice to show people you love them, but really you should do that all throughout the year!
I know lots of people love it but, personally, I cant think of anything worse than being cramped in an overbooked restaurant with mass produced food on Valentines day. It's so impersonal and rushed. I much prefer sentimental and thoughtful things - something homemade or something you can keep and treasure; and I'm not talking spending big money either!
Valentine's Day is bound to be different now that Dan&I have Elias - but, in fact, I think it will be better, we can create traditions and celebrate our love as a family.
Today I'm going to explore some simple and thoughtful Valentines gifts that everyone can make and enjoy!

Family Hands Canvas

We have a cast handprint of Elias' at home and I bought Dan a couple of memory bits for his first Fathers day, but I wanted something he could take to put on his desk at work and I thought this family handprint canvas was just perfect! I bought the canvas for 99p from Home Bargains and you can pick up colouring pencils anywhere really.
I don't claim to be an artist and I know my creations won't be hanging in the Louvre any time soon, but this was a lovely thing to make. I will admit, I tried to do a baby handprint in paint but it got very messy, and smeary, and ended up in a deep scrub down in the bath, so we tried the family handprints and it was much easier.
I drew around Elias' hand first (giving him a toy to hold in his other hand to occupy him from prying the pencil out of my hand) and then placed my hand over it and drew around it.
You could fill this in with paint too, but I only had pencils available and they worked just fine. I decided to outline the handprints with hugs and kisses as a finishing touch.
This cost next to nothing to make but it is precious and priceless to have these sorts of memories with you.

Date Nights / Good Vibes Jar

These are so simple and inexpensive to make but they are very thoughtful and personal, as you can write things which are unique to your loved one. 
You could fill the jar with 12 pieces of paper - each with a date night or activity written on, so that your partner can pick out one each month. This is a sweet idea as it means you know will have a nice activity planned each month. These could be simple things like dinner or the cinema, or more extravagant things like mini breaks; depending on your budget.
You could also fill the jar with 'good vibes' - notes telling your partner what you love about them and how they make you happy, so that when they are feeling down, they will have something to pick them up again.

At-Home Picnic

Picture from Pinterest

As a variation on a Valentines dinner, how about sharing a picnic? The weather isn't all that good this time of year, so you could throw some duvets and cushions on the living room floor, string up some fairy lights and put on your favourite album or movie and celebrate inside.
Gather together on the cosy blankets and share some finger foods; sweet potatoe fries, breads and cheeses, cupcakes, and enjoy a sparkling drink or two. You could make it more fun by serving the food from a traditional picnic basket. 
Choose to include the whole family in this or wait until the children are in bed and dine as a couple.

What are your Valentines plans?


  1. Super cute ideas! I especially love the family canvas. Personalized little things like that are the best gifts <3


    1. I agree! So pleased you enjoyed the ideas!
      Have a wonderful valentines, darling!

  2. The picnic and the jar were my favourite! the both of them sounds super fun!

    1. I'm kinda hoping my husband reads it and sets out a picnic for us as it does look lovely doesn't it! hehe!
      Have a lovely Valentines sweetpea!

  3. Ohhh all of these look so cute!!! Oh! And I love your handwriting!

    Be | lovefrombe