February Favourites

Monday, 29 February 2016

Can you believe its the end of the month again already?! This year is seriously flying by! Even though I've had a relatively quiet month it has been fun, and there are some products that I've been really enjoying too!

I got this as part of a secret Santa gift at Christmas and I finally got round to using it. I don't use body scrubs or polishes as often as I should but I really enjoyed this one! There are small coarse scrub pieces and also large 'strawberry seed' scrub pieces which are a very sweet touch. As with all BodyShop products, the smell is amazing and long-lasting and it is made with natural ingredients. I did find that this bottle didn't last all that long but it is only £5.00 a bottle so it is something I could repurchase for myself.

I used this a while ago and really enjoyed it and I finally got round to buying another bottle this month. I find this much more refreshing and powerful than the Garnier alternative and I think the packaging is nicer too. A little of this goes a long, long way and although its not the cheapest on the market I think it is well worth the money as it really gets deep into your skin to remove dirt and excess makeup.

I picked this up on a whim when my Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation ran out earlier this month. I saw that it was a new release to the MUA line and it was only £3 on offer! I didn't expect it to be excellent, I just wanted something as a stop gap until I got paid, but it has pleasantly surprised me. It gives my skin a gorgeous, flawless glow and it lasts ages on the skin (even more so when used with a primer). I do find it takes a fair bit of blending to get it looking even but that's no bother. MUA really know how to offer a great product at a bargain price!

Another product I am re-discovering! I came across my old half-empty bottle of this when I was having a sort out of my makeup stash earlier this month. I remembered how much I loved it and decided to try it again. I still loved it and have been using it since! I did have to buy a new bottle though as, understandably, my old one was past its best and went a little crumbly once applied on the skin - not a good look! This is just the ultimate primer for me, it effectively evens out the skin, blurs any lines or imperfections and I even feel confident enough to go out wearing just this without foundation!

I bought this to prep my lips when using my Gerard Cosmetics Underground lipstick, but I actually prefer just wearing it on its own! I'd say the shade is more 'griege' than light brown, but either way it applies smoothly with a non-drying, matte finish and lasts for an impressive amount of time (try 3-4 hours) for the price. The pencil is chunky so you will need a special sharpener for it but it means easier application and better results. I am so pleased I gave this a try and I am looking forward to picking up some other pieces from the range.

Dan bought this for me as my skin on my hands and wrists is just getting awful. I'm not sure if its eczema but I seem to get flare ups where it is insanely itchy and it ends up scabbing and bleeding (nice :/). Anyway, he bought this for me and the smell is just beautiful! It is so warming and relaxing, it makes me feel tranquil and I could just sit here all day smelling it! The formula is super rich and doesn't leave my hands feeling all greasy, so it is an all round winner for me! Plus, the size is perfect for keeping in my handbag for top-ups throughout the day.

If there was an award for binge watching a TV show as quickly as possible, I'm pretty sure Dan and I would win it for how fast we've watched this. We literally started watching it about 3 weeks ago and we've already come to the end of the current season!
This is the strangest, scariest, most interesting, haunting, exciting, suspense filled, twisted show I have ever had the pleasure to watch and I am literally going to sit here gathering dust waiting for season 6 to come out. The same cast of actors play different characters in a different storyline each season (which is great because if you don't like one season you can skip it and still be in the loop) and it is just incredible! I didn't realise how fast you could get attached to a character and develop an understanding for them and get deeply involved with a story line but AHS seem to achieve it over and over again.
If you haven't seen this show, you need to ... and excuse me while I go watch it from the beginning again too ....

What were you loving this February?


  1. That lipstick is beautiful! And I'm dying to try out the revlon primer :)


  2. You've definitely given me a few new products to put on my shopping list hehe!!! I have to try that MUA foundation and the Primark lipstick ! I am also a lover on Body Shop scrubs .. They are gorgeous and smell so yummy !!!! Thanks for this post babe !!