Beauty SwapBox with 'Diary of a Beauty Padawan'

Monday, 1 February 2016

If there is one thing the internet is good for, it's making friends, and I am so happy to say that since starting my blog I have made friends from all around the world! It's lovely to speak to people who you would never normally have the chance to cross paths with. I find that my online friends are some of the most honest and refreshing people I have met, plus the fact that they are also bloggers means that they can really relate to blog-related meltdowns!
You may remember the post I did a while back all about my beauty swap box with xoxomeaghan - it was superfun and gave me a drive to do more swapboxes with some of my other friends from around the globe! Its fun to try out products from other corners of the world and to pack up and send off some good old British favourites too.

This time, I completed a swapbox with my dear friend Sarah, from DiaryOfABeautyPadawan. Sarah is such a wonderful soul; hard-working, funny and kind and it has been so lucky for me to gain a friend like her. We decided to do our swapbox way back in November, but we wanted to wait until New Year so that we would each have something to look forward to after the excitement of Christmas had passed. We set a spend limit of £20 (not including postage) and each specified a couple of bits we would like to try out. I mentioned to Sarah that I would loooovvee to try something from Australian skincare brand Moogoo and perhaps a few other Australian brands too, budget allowing. I was so excited for my parcel to arrive and this is what Sarah sent to me ....

I was absolutely thrilled to find this treasure in my swapbox. I have heard so many good things about Chi Chi and its so exciting to get the chance to try it for myself.
Sarah said she thought the shades were very me, and boy was she right! I will be doing a more in-depth look at this palette in a post soon (with swatches), but I will say for now that it is just gorgeous. The powders are soft and highly pigmented and they blend so well on the lid meaning you can create softer or more dramatic looks. There are 12 shades included in the palette in a mix of matte, shimmer and metallic finishes, all with earthy tones, meaning you can create an endless amount of looks for day and night time!
Overall, the perfect palette for me!

I just love the fact that Sarah said she chose these for me due to the shade names! What a girl!
The Australis Velour Lips Matte Lip Creams are vegan and - like all of their products- are cruelty free, which is something I am really looking for in all my future beauty purchases, so its good to find another brand I can opt for.
The formula of these lip creams is just amazing - it's like buttercream gliding across your lips and it smells so sweet, too. Both the colours are highly pigmented and the non-drying formula lasts for hours on my lips without flaking or peeling, which is pretty impressive for a matte finish product.
I am surprisingly in love with 'Mel-Burn', I never thought I would wear a black lip product but this does look amazing with a strong contour and smoky eye!

Mascara is something I can never get enough of so I was happy to welcome this one into my collection.
Again, its not tested on animals, so I can wear this guilt free - and the results are impressive! The wide tooth comb brush helps to coat each individual lash making them super long and dark and leaving my eyes with a wide open look! I love the curl this mascara gives my lashes!
I like the contrast of the vibrant pink and sleek black on the packaging too.

I think this is going to be one of my most used lip products this spring, as the pretty pastel pink shade is just perfect for those sunny days.
The Face of Australia Lip Quench lipsticks are full to burst with enriching and moisturising ingredients like jojoba oil and shea butter. They have a delicious vanilla scent and feel so smooth on the lips.
I love the design of the packaging as it has a little window on the top allowing you to peek and and check what colour you are picking up! How handy!

Something that will never go out of fashion is your trusty black eye pencil, its good for an infinite amount of looks and I like the fact that you can smudge it for a grungier, smokier edge to your look.
I really like the Model Co pencil that Sarah chose for me as the colour is intense and long lasting and it even has a handy sharpener in the lid! 10/10!

This was the item I was most excited to try! Sarah told me that she had included a MooGoo product which me and Elias would be able to enjoy and I was eager to see what it was!
The MooGoo Full Cream Moisturiser is so rich and luxurious. It is made from all natural ingredients and is designed to help with irritated or broken skin; and let me tell you it does just that! Ever since I was pregnant I have had a strange eczema-like rash all over the back of my right hand and down the inside of my wrist - it itches and bleeds if I scratch too hard and nothing was helping - until I tried the MooGoo cream. It started to help from the first application and my rash has actually cleared up completely now! Fantastic! Thank you MooGoo!
The cream has a light scent of honey - this is one of the natural ingredients included - and it is just so nourishing. Elias loves to have this massaged on him after his bathtime every evening (I can see that we will need another bottle soon!).
As you probably know, something which I am a real sucker for is an adorable packaging, and MooGoo have certainly taken care of that. each tube of Full Cream moisturiser comes in the cutest milk carton shaped box with a beautiful blue and white colour scheme and a darling little cow illustration. I am in love!

I was absolutely thrilled with everything Sarah sent me in my box - she was so thoughtful and definitely included things she thought I would enjoy most! I am so lucky to have been able to try these wonderful products which I normally wouldn't be able to get my hands on and, let me say, Australia, I am truly jealous of your beauty offerings!
Thankyou so mucy Sarah, and I hope you enjoy your box as much as I did mine!


  1. This was so much fun to read! That eyeshadow palette looks so amazing! Xx

    1. So glad you liked it doll! The palette is beautiful, I've quickly become addicted! Hehe!
      Lotsa love

  2. YAY!! Finally, I have time to comment! (Sorry it's taken me so long >_<) I'm so glad that you liked everything -- I think if anyone would be able to make a black lipstick work, it'd be you, especially at Halloween (even if it's kinda early :P). I'm also so glad that you like the Moo Goo cream, and that Elias has had so many benefits from it! <3


    1. Its is NEVER too early for Halloween, girl :'D I loved reading your post too! Yes its lovely that he can use it too, I think he enjoys the smell <3
      Thankyou so much again!