24+1 | Birthday Treats

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

This post is no way intended to brag, or show off. I always love to read these kinds of posts, as you often discover new brands and items you didn't know existed, so I wanted to share with you what I was treated to this year for my birthday!
I always feel so spoilt on my birthday; my family and friends are so generous and I am so grateful to have been given another wonderful year with them all!

My landlord and landlady are the best you could ask for! They are lovely and Dan and I often go for dinner at the village pub with them. For my Birthday they were so sweet and treated me to some gorgeous white roses and this adorable box of chocolates. Unfortunately, I have to wait until Easter to enjoy them, as I have given up chocolate for lent - but I am sooooo looking forward to it!

My sister and her Fiance know me so well and their gifts were so cool! They gave me this uh-mazing Woody mug - it features various sketches and concept art ideas which were created before the Woody we all know and love came to life. I have never seen anything like this! I love it so much and Dan is insanely jealous! They also gifted me this wonderful adult colouring book and a tub of about 10,000 felt pens (actually, its a tub of 100 felt pens!)! These are so popular right now and I really enjoy them, I find that they really help to relax you and take your mind off of things. I have particularly liked this one as it also includes puzzles and half filled designs so you can really get creative!

My Mum treated me to this indulgent set of Champneys nail polishes. There is a colour for every occasion and a top coat included. The bottles are quite large, too, so I imagine these are going to last quite some time. My Nanny bought me this awesome vintage style Kellogs bodycare set by MadBeauty. I absolutely love things like this! The packaging is so kitsch and the cherry scent is addictive!

I am so excited to go and see Navi at The Brook (our local music venue) in April! My dad bought me 2 tickets and I just cant wait! For those who don't know, Navi is the world's Number 1 Michael Jackson impersonator, he even looks so much like Michael that he was actually used as a decoy for the real Michael, and he even performed for him a couple of times, too! I have seen him just a few times before but he takes the role so seriously and his technique is flawless, so this is going to be an unforgettable show. The Brook is a very intimate venue so I'm sure we will get an amazing view!

My beautiful blogger friend Be from Love from Be  so kindly treated me to a new blog design, which you can see next month! Be puts so much effort into her work and she always makes my blog look just how I dream, no matter how demanding I am! I cant wait for you all to see the new one!

My dear friend Katherine spoiled me with a bag full of amazing treats. She chose this Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick for me in the shade 'Dreamy' - she said she thought of me when she saw it as I always use that word! Hehe! She also bought me this gorgeous Contour kit by City Color. I am so excited to use this, and I have never come across this brand either, so it was nice to make a new discovery! These Amazing Shine lashes in '747-M' are just beautiful. They are made from 100% real human hair so they are super soft and natural looking and I think that they will give a good amount of wears due to the high quality. I cant wait to wear them! Katherine also packed me this darling bag of holiday essentials including things like moistened eye cucumbers, Malibu aftersun lotion, Malibu SPF 30 and much more. I love this idea! Each item is so handy and the bag was literally jam packed!

I was also spoiled with money and flowers and Dan bought me something extra special which I will introduce in a post coming soon! I have been so blessed this last year and I am so excited to spend another exciting year with my family and friends!

What makes your Birthday special?


  1. Oh! You got so many amazing things! Specially the coloring book. It's a shame you can't eat that chocolate yet. I'm the worst at self-control...

    What makes my birthday special is that it's aaaall about me.

    Be | lovefrombe

    1. I swear photographing the chocolates and not eating one was harder than giving birth :'D The colouring book is gorgeous! I have started to fill in a couple of the designs, ill have to show you once they're ready!

  2. All the gifts are so amazing!!! I love the adult coloring book, I think it's so cool for when you need to relax haha


  3. Awesome birthday treats! I love these nail polishes and the contouring set. Have a great day!

    Christina ♥ https://caliope-couture.com

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