Style Watch Wednesday | Miss Victory Violet

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

For my second 'Style watch Wednesday' post, I am focusing on a lady who I am developing a serious case of #wcw for! Vintage style is so glamorous and I admire a woman who can skillfully and elegantly pull it off. Miss Victory Violet does exactly that and today, I am sharing my love for her one of a kind style!

As soon as I saw Miss Victory Violet post this outfit pic on her Instagram, I fell in love. Although I'm no good at creating a vintage vibe myself, this is really something I can imagine wearing. It looks classy and comfortable and the colour is just my favourite! I love the length of the sleeves and I think the way Miss Victory Violet has added a brooch to the cutout neckline is just darling!
I love the cute shoes and how the accessories match with them to pull the outfit together and make it more of an ensemble! 
And, what would any vintage get-up be without those staple red lips and nails? She can seriously do no wrong!

This, for me, is the epitome of pin-up. I love the mix of patterns and fabrics. The length of the skirt is ultra flattering and the waist belt gives that gorgeous hourglass figure. I think this would look just stunning on a spring walk and lunch with friends!
I love the way Miss Victory Violet has finished the outfit with this darling headscarf and the staple red lips are, once again, on point!
I also found this amazing set from Claire's Accessories to help you get those ultimate victory rolls!
Although these particular pieces are out of my price range, I still dream of wearing something like this. I am furiously searching every corner of the internet for something just as beautiful but in more of a budget price range!

I would love to wear this style of clothing everyday, but for now I am just going to rock it on special occasions until I learn how to properly master it! Miss Victory Violet is the ultimate Pin-Up and I look forward to getting vintage inspo from her daily through her Instagram feed, and by reading her 'my week in outfits' posts on her blog!

What do you think of the Vintage fashion trend?

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