My 2016 Beauty Sticklist

Thursday, 7 January 2016

As much as I love to indulge in new beauty treats I have come to the conclusion that I have other things which I need to be saving for from now on - Elias' 5th birthday to Disneyland for example. So I have decided to put together a list of a few things I would love to own, which I am able to buy throughout the year without feeling guilty about.
I am going to try my hardest to stick to just the items on this list - although there may be additional treats occasionally; you all know how much I love a limited edition or seasonal collection!

The Jeffree Star liquid Lipsticks have been on my wishlist for some time and although 'Celebrity Skin' seems hard to get hold of I really want to get my hands on one and try it out. The formula is apparently budge-proof and the matte finish is so beautiful, I also like the fact that it is 100% vegan and cruelty free.

I have never tried anything by Flower Beauty before and although they are listed as only available at Walmart I have seen people selling them on Ebay and Amazon, so it shouldn't be too hard to pick one up. 'Set me Freesia' is a darling rose lip colour which I think will work wonderfully through the spring and summer months. These promise intense colour payoff and are very affordable so I am eager to see if they live up to expectations.

We've all heard of MAC before so this may not be a surprise addition to my list. I have wanted to try their lip pencils for some time and although I think they are quite over priced, MACs 'Subculture' looks like a shade that I could mix and match with a lot of lip colours or wear alone - so hopefully I would get the moneys worth out of it.

Ever since wedding prep where I invested in a few higher end foundations I have really seen what the fuss is about with them. I love the coverage and longevity of a higher end foundation and I would really like to try Urban Decays offering next. I have been impressed with every other Urban Decay product I have tried so far, so I cant see this being an exception!

I tried a sample of this English Laundry Perfume in my first Birch box. It has the most wonderful floral scent, like a rose garden in the summertime. The 50ml bottle is a little more pricey than I'd usually spend on a fragrance, but given that it is quite a strong scent a little would certainly go a long way, so I think it would last well.

I have used various Bourjois products in the past, from base and face to nails and have (nearly!) always loved them, so this Rouge edition lipstick is definitely worth a try. The glossy finish and the deep plum tone will work well during the late summer months and the autumn and I think its a nice alternative to all the berry and red lip products around at that time of year.

Even though I don't wear them as often as I used to, I do still love a good pair of false lashes. I tend to go for your-lashes-but-better styles so that I can wear them on days out or dress them up a little on (rare) nights out. These 'Lovely' lashes by Foxylocks look super natural and comfortable - and the price is good too.

Of the few Gerard Cosmetics lipsticks I own, I have enjoyed them all. I have tried a variety of finishes and shades and 'Dragon Berry' is set to be my next choice. I love the look of the colour, it is a beautiful purple with hits of pink, making it perfect for wear through the summer months. The satin finish, although not particularly long lasting, is super comfortable to wear and the gold chrome packaging is second to none.

Cowgirl Dirt is a new brand to me. I discovered it on my searches and, being a country girl at heart, I fell in love with everything. Really the only thing stopping me ordering is the shipping. With any international order there is the worry of duty taxes but I am hoping that if I order just the Yeehaw Lipstick in 'Trigger' then I should be okay! The Yeehaw Lipsticks are full of moisturising ingredients and have a light citrus flavour that I am just dying to try out.

Another Lipstick! I'm addicted, I know. I think that a good lipstick can take even the most simplest of makeups to the next level and now that I dont have a lot of time to sit applying a full face, Ill take any help I can get. The L'Oreal Color Riche Lipstick in 'Ginger & Chocolate' looks like the perfect 'pull together' shade. It doesn't look to dramatic, nor too bland that it'll blend in with the lips. I think this will be a great all rounder and I look forward to owning it.

If there's something I am needing to try more of, it is eye products. I tend to stick to the same matte nudes, but the MUA Luxe 'Smoke & Smoulder' eye primer looks like a good place for me to start stepping it up. This revolutionary little gem can be added to any eye shadow to give it a gorgeously elegant smoky finish.

Back to the lips again! I have been slowly growing my MAC lipstick collection, and although it is still modest, I have enjoyed what I've tried. Because these lipsticks are a little more expensive than the ones I usually buy, I am adding these two neutral shades to my wishlist to ensure I will get maximum use out of them. 'Honey Love' and 'Peach Blossom' are both shades that will work well through all seasons and with a variety of eye makeup looks.

Finally, a palette I have been lusting after since its release but seemed to always be out of stock. Now that the hype has died down, the Carli Bybel palette by BH Cosmetics is always in stock and, best of all, its super affordable. There are a mix of blushes, bronzers, highlights and eyeshadows in a variety of finishes and I have read nothing but good things about this. Once again, the only thing that has stopped me from ordering is the shipping costs, but I have ordered from BH Cosmetics before and I have to say that their shipping costs were fair.

I am happy with my 2016 Beauty sticklist and I am going to try my hardest not to stray from it - it's nice to own new products but I think it is going to be nicer to have days out with my family this year and make memories that will last forever. Although this blog is still predominantly beauty focused, I am going to integrate more personal posts this year so I can share my life with you, my lovely readers, and you can get to know me better!

What is on your 2016 Wishlist?


  1. I'm with you on the mac lipstick, I just want them all! Love the ones you choose

    1. Heheh great minds think alike! I love to swatch them, but its dangerous as then I end up wanting a ton more than I originally went for!

  2. The Naked concealer is amazing, I've had it like a week now and I know that's not very long, but first impressions count and it's 100% worth the money! I also love MAC lipsticks, I actually have honey love & actually wore it today, it's a gorgeous shade!


    1. Ooh thankyou for the recommendation - I'll have to have a look at that next time I'm in Debhanams! Urban Decay do make an awesome quality product don't they :D
      Thankyou for reading!