A Fresh 2016

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

We are almost a week into the new year and, although winter is still in full force, I always feel so fresh, excited and motivated this time of year! I admit, it is hard to feel inspired, motivated and passionate when there's a ton of leftover naughty food lying around and the weather outside is still dull and dreary but there are a few simple ways that can help to turn that around.
I want to clarify that I'm not talking about loosing weight or getting fit, there's no 'New year, new me' here, simply 'New year, better me' and I am kick starting that with a few feel good ideas.

Light a Candle & Wear a Face Mask

This is the easiest way to relax and make yourself feel fresh. Lighting a candle with your favourite scent and lying back with a soothing face pack can immediately lift your mood and leave you feeling renewed and ready to go. As much as I love all of the baked good, sickly sweet scents of the festive season, I am reaching for fruitier and lighter scents at the moment. 
Scents that fill my head with dreams of far off lands and inspire me to get going. Yankee Candle always offer the most amazing fragrances and my favourites for this time of year are 'Sicilian Lemon','Pineapple Cilantro' and 'Peach Smoothie.
On top of this, all of the indulgence over Christmas has done nothing for my skin, so it needs some extra TLC now more than ever. This oh-so refreshing Creamy Coconut face mask by 7th Heaven is all I need and more, but any face mask will do really. Your skin can release all of those nasty toxins, leaving you clear, clean and fresh.

Moisturise & BodyBrush

Body brushing is something I only learned about last year but it is very soothing and actually very beneficial. As well as removing dull, dead skin cells, the brushing motion can aid in positive circulation leaving your skin glowing and smooth. I try to body brush each morning when I get up to get me energized and ready for the day!
I follow my body brush with moisturiser. My favourite right now the BodyShop Coconut Body Milk, it is so light and refreshing and the tropical scent is perfect! This product absorbs almost immediately too, so its great for those who are on the go.

Spritz yourself

I find having a light scent spritzed over me throughout the day so energizing and revitalizing. At the moment I am loving Soap&Glorys Sugar Crush Body Spray. The sweet citrusy scent is additive and makes me feel so awake and alive, plus the 100ml is the perfect size to carry in your handbag.


I am starting to pick up yoga again after taking about a year off during my pregnancy and while our baby was young and very reliant. He is a little older now and has settled nicely into a routine which means I have an hour or so to myself each day while he naps, in which I like to do my yoga. 
I do it all at home with minimal equipment - a mat and resistance band is all I need, plus my Louise Solomon DVD. I find Louise's routines simple to follow and her voice is so soothing and relaxing. She offers a range of DVD yogalates exercises to suit different capabilities and needs. My favourite is the 'Energizer' which I like to do in the mornings to stretch my body and wake it up gently, however there are other options which are perfect for evening wind downs before you go to bed.
I find that I sleep so much better when I practice yoga and my body feels so much more active and healthy.

Motivation cards

I picked up the pictured motivation cards in the Matalan sale. I cant seem to find them on the website now, but you can find similar ones here. I have placed these throughout my new Filofax planner for inspiration and a boost when I need it. I think they are so pretty and they are a great reminder that you are capable of doing all the things you dream of!
Alternatively, I think these would look wonderful framed in an office or throughout the house.

Get organised

Having a notebook and planner is essential for me through the year. I find noting things down and crossing them out as I complete them keeps me motivated and on a mission, especially in the early months where everything seems like a chore. I picked up this cute gold and white chevron notebook super cheap in HomeBargains but any one will do. I have also spent a lot of time setting up my new planner - which I will do a post on soon - it will help me stay on top of things and see that I complete things I aim to do this year. I have sections for my weekly life and plans, my blog schedule, money saving and I have just found a wonderful Bible study page to add to it!

However you decide to leap into this New year, I hope you feel fresh and ready to go. Dare to dream, get out and do things, achieve, inspire and be yourself!


  1. I just put this on my favourites haha. I love treating myself and just being relax!


    1. Thats great Paula! Glad you enjoyed it :D
      Much love