November Non-Beauty Favourites

Friday, 4 December 2015

This month, instead of listing beauty and makeup favourites, I thought I'd share some other lifestyle things I have enjoyed.


Face Off;
This series is all about the art of movie magic makeup. Each week contestants battle it out to be crowned face off champion and create their best makeups to avoid being sent home. Its amazing to watch how talented the makeup artists are. You watch each stage from design, to sculpting, to creating, to painting and to displaying. Contestants are given a different genre or criteria to follow each week and its amazing to see their skill sets grow as their passion to win gets stronger.

The Walking Dead;
Although season 6 hasn't really been on par with previous seasons, I still cant stop watching the Walking dead. Set in an apocalyptic world, survivors are forced to find safety, defeat enemies and stay alive. Of course, there's more to it than that, and I don't want to give anything away, but there are a lot of hold-your-breath moments this season!

Fast 'N' Loud;
Vroom Vroom! Probably not the sort of show people would expect me to watch but i am in love with it. Set in the Gas monkey garage, Texas, car fanatics Richard, Aaron and their team, scout out and haggle for derelict vintage cars to restore to their full glory - and then some. I cant get enough of vintage american motors and this show has plenty of them.


Josh Turner 'Punching Bag';
Well, not just the 'Punching bag' album, actually. I love all of Josh Turners Music. His smooth country voice is addictive - paired with the fact that writes and makes his music, too. A true, undeniable talent, unlike so many today.
Magic 'Christmas TV';
Of course, I had to sneak something festive in! Recently I have been putting the magic TV channel on in the background while i clean the house and watch Elias. I love hearing all the classic (and new!) Christmas tunes, and Elias seems to enjoy them too!


Costa Christmas Range;
The Christmas offerings from Costa are amazing this year! From 'pigs in blankets paninis' to 'caramel fudge hot chocolate' there is something for every festive taste, with the hot chocolates being my personal favorites. I seem to keep accidentally heading into town and ending up in Costa!
Shortcrust Pie;
Ugh! Pie. So warming. So comforting. So yummy. This month I'm sure I have actually become a pie connoisseur but I think Ill leave it in this month as I don't want people shouting 'who ate all the pies' whenever I leave my house. The pie pictured was one I enjoyed at new Southampton restaurant 'The Stable' 


Fallout 4;
Geek alert! Yes, I admit it, I LOVE fallout. Its been 5 years in the making but Fallout 4 was so worth the wait. Dan and I usually play a couple of hours an evening once Elias is in bed. We've racked up about 12 hours so far, but we've hardly made a dent in the gameplay; there's so much to discover!
For some reason, I seem to have gotten re-antiquated with Instagram this month. I had forgotten what a social platform it is and I love discovering new brands and ideas through it - plus all the pretty pastel feeds!
I have re-ignited my love of baking this month. I used to do a lot of baking before having Elias and now that he is a little older and knows how to entertain himself I feel like i have the time to pick some light baking back up. You can find the recipe for my Krispie Christmas puds (pictured) here.

What were you loving in November '15?

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