My Goals & Aspirations for 2016

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

I've never been one to make new year resolutions - probably because I know I wont stick to them for more than a week. And, I am a firm believer that it shouldn't take a new year (or a new week) for you to do things you have wanted to for a while. That being said, there are some things I would like to achieve this year and I think it'll be good to list them here so I can keep tabs on them and make sure that I am working my way through them this year;

Blog Goals

Reach 500 Bloglovin followers - My blog will celebrate its third Birthday in March this year and I think it would be great to celebrate that by reaching the 500 followers mark on Bloglovin'. I feel like I have learned so much since starting my blog and it grew significantly in 2015 from 54 followers in January to 336 in December - a wonderful achievement considering I only started it because I was jobless and didn't know where to vent!
Attend more Blogger social events - I went to my first blogger party in 2015 (read about it here) and it was such fun that I cant wait to go to some more! I have been invited to a few but it can be hard to arrange childcare, so I havent made it to them. But I am determined to attend a few more this year as they are so much fun, you meet some wonderful people and leave feeling very motivated.
Do more swapboxes - I have made so many amazing friends since starting my blog - from all over the world, in fact! We are so lucky to live in a time where we can connect and spark friendships with anyone across the globe and I intend to continue taking advantage of that. I have taken part in a couple of swapboxes with my new friends and I'd love to do some more. It's not just about getting products to try, its exciting to have a small taste of life from another part of the planet, and receiving hand written letters with the boxes is so brilliant too!

Marriage Goals

Reach our first anniversary - Okay, so I'm basically giving myself this one, assuming Dan and I haven't killed eachother by then. It's not so much that fact that I want to reach that date as much as it is that I want to celebrate that milestone together and look back on our amazing wedding day.
Spend time together as a couple - I absolutely love being a mum and I know Dan loves being a dad too, but being a parent does mean that its hard to spend time together as a couple. Of course we have the few hours in the evening once Elias is in bed, but its not the same as getting out and doing something together and I want to make sure we make time for that. We are visiting the Rhinefield House hotel in February as a couple and I know it will be so relaxing and wonderful.
Make Plans - Even if they aren't going to happen for a few years, its exciting to make plans for a future together. Buying a house, planning dream holidays, and whatever else comes our way. There's something comforting about making plans with someone you love and dreaming what your future might look like.
Frame photographs - If there's one thing I think our house is lacking in, it's family photos. We have the odd couple of Dan and I, but we got some gorgeous frames as wedding gifts so I'd love to have a few wedding and family pictures dotted around the house. I am so proud of our family and I want to show that in our home.

Mummy Goals

Give Elias a First Birthday to remember - I understand that Elias may not remember this birthday in years to come but I want him to feel extra special on his first birthday. It is an important milestone in a childs' life so it is only right to celebrate it accordingly. I want to be able to look back in years to come at photographs and see him smiling and surrounded by family and friends.
Take a Break - Elias is still too young to appreciate a luxurious holiday somewhere abroad but I would love to take him on a mini vacay this year. Kids love the fun of the seaside and the adventure of the woods so I think a Centreparcs or something similar would be perfect. I cant wait to let him explore and discover.
Visit the Zoo - I have been absolutley itching to take Elias to a zoo since he was born, but hes just been too small to understand. I think Longleat would be a fantastic zoo to take him to as it is so interactive and just built for kids. Dan and I loved spending days out there together before Elias was born so it would be so special to take him to one of our favourite places.
Keep writing letters - Since Elias was born I have been writing letters to him, for him to read when he is much, much older. I am keeping them in a book along with photographs and other memory pieces. I want to keep doing this as I know its something he can look back on and smile about, he'll be able to read about things he is too young to remember, and see himself through my eyes. I hope it will show him how much I love him and value our time together.

2015 was my best year yet and I intend to continue the positivity and happiness in 2016 and long after!

What are your goals and aspirations for Two-Thousand-And-Sixteen?


  1. You have amazing goals for the next year! I hope all of them come true and most of all, hope you're the happiest person you've ever been :)

    1. Thankyou so much Paula - what lovely words! I wish the same for you too!