Ferrero Rocher Festive Treats

Thursday, 10 December 2015

On Monday, I was oh-so kindly gifted a rather opulent, and extremely tasty festive hamper from the darlings at Ferrero Rocher. Obviously, this brand needs no introduction; we've all tasted that dreamy chocolate hazelnut core with that amazing crisp shell and, I for one, just cant get enough.

Christmas just isn't the same without a box of Ferrero Rocher on the dessert table - I know we always have them at my house and my Granny gives me a box every year, too (which tends to last about 6 seconds), but I had no idea just how big the Ferrero Rocher range had gotten - and I am truly impressed!

The Grand Ferrero Rocher

The most exciting part of the hamper was the newest addition to the Ferrero collection. The Grand Ferrero Rocher is 240g of pure deliciousness (which is almost double the size of the original Grande Ferrero Rocher, FYI), it's a crisp chocolate shell infused with chopped hazelnuts and filled with 4 original Ferrero Rochers, which we all know and love. This is the ultimate Christmas treat for chocolate lovers and would be a fantastic stocking filler or dessert table centerpiece thanks to its elegant wrapping and large golden bow.

Ferrero Golden Gallery 

The Ferrero Golden Gallery truly has something for every taste. Presented in a beautifully sleek box, the only hard part is deciding which one to try first! Choose from;
Ferrero Manderly - 'A crunchy specialty with a velvety hazelnut filling, a sweet prelude to the unmistakable taste of almond'
Ferrero tenderly White - 'The smoothness of white chocolate and a whole hazelnut combine to create a perfect harmony'
Ferrero cappuccino - 'A creamy, luscious filling combining the intense flavor of  coffee and the delicate taste of milk.
Ferrero Tenderly Dark - 'A crunchy whole hazelnut encased in a rich dark chocolate shell'
Ferrero Rocher - 'A whole hazelnut surrounded by delicious layers of crispy wafer, a velvety filling, smooth milk chocolate and chopped hazelnut pieces.'
Ferrero Tenderly Torroncino - 'The citrusy notes of a creamy nougat filling meet the intense crunchiness of a whole hazelnut in a case of fine milk chocolate.'
Ferrero Rondnoir - 'A delicious combination of tastes and textures from fine wafer to velvety cocoa filling to a dark chocolate covered hazelnut at its heart.'
Every one of these chocolate is amazing but the Ferrero Cappuccino is my favourite - I absolutely love coffee chocolates and this one is so decadent.

Ferrero and Ferrero Raffaello hanging Stars

These Ferrero and Ferrero Raffaello hanging stars are simply adorable and make for perfect Christmas mini treats. Hang them on the tree for the younger ones to find on Christmas morning, hang them on the bed post for your loved one to wake up to - or hide it at the back of the cupboard to sneak later on.
Any way that you present them, they will be gratefully received. Choose either classic Ferrero Rocher, or a new delight in the Ferrero collection; Ferrero Raffaello - a crisp almond surrounded by coconut cream and encased in a coconut dusted wafer. Simply delicious.
The metallic star packaging is so eye catching and a very unique way to give the gift of chocolate. Finished with a gorgeous satin ribbon they are truly elegant!

Ferrero Collection

The Ferrero Collection is the perfect way to give something extra special to a loved one this Christmas. The luxurious golden packaging is filled with a selection of Ferrero favorites, including Ferrero Rocher, Ferrero Raffaello and Ferrerro Rondnoir.
I think that this would even make a brilliant addition to your coffee table during movie time at home over Christmas. Who can resist when there is a box of Ferrero Rocher in front of them? I know I can't!

Ferrero Gift Cube

Anything golden and decadent is bound to be a winner during the festive season and the Ferrero Gift Cube certainly ticks both of those boxes. 6 original Ferrero Rocher are encased in this adorable golden gift cube and are just waiting to be unwrapped.
This dainty little gift would make a perfect stocking filler and an excellent secret Santa gift, too. I adore the golden bow on the top; it really finishes the box perfectly and brings a touch of elegance.

I had the best time opening my hamper and, amazingly, there is still some of it left! I really enjoyed each piece and I know my family and friends will enjoy indulging in some of it too over Christmas. Ferrero Rocher really have thought up some brilliant festive gifts for their collection, and the best part - everything is presented beautifully, so there is no need for wrapping!
You can find more info on the Ferrero Rocher  Facebook page.

What do you enjoy indulging in over Christmas?

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  1. These are so good. I remember when they first came to Australia. Great day!