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Thursday, 17 December 2015

Christmas just isn't the same unless the house is filled with a warm welcoming scent, here are some of my absolute favourites for the festive period!

I picked this candle up in my local Home Bargains for £2.99 - an absolute steal. The scent is very strong and it has a fantastic burn time. I would compare it to the Yankee Candle large jars at just a fraction of the price. I have been leaving this burning in the kitchen as we have an open plan downstairs and it leaves the house smelling so cosy. I love the mix of fruity apple and spicy cinnamon - it just screams Christmas. I think this would even make a wonderful secret Santa gift! There are various scents from this company available in Home bargains throughout the year, so if you find one I definitely recommend picking one up.

Everyone I know loves Yankee Candle. They offer a million-and-one fragrances and the wax melt tartlets are a brilliant way to discover new scents you have never tried before.
'Vanilla Bourbon' and 'Tarte Tatin' are 2 of my favourites of 2015. They are both warming and comforting and release a good amount of fragrance around the house. The burn time isn't fantastic but at £1.49 each its not a great loss.
'Vanilla Bourbon' brings together everything I love about the colder months; it's warm, sweet and sticky smelling and its got just a hint of spicy bourbon behind it. Delicious.
Burning 'Tarte Tatin' is as if you've stepped into a patisserie in the heart of Paris; its deliciously sweet and spicy, mixed in with the smell of fresh baked pastry and vanilla. I love to use this when guests visit as it is a very familiar and comforting scent.

These are fairly new and they are the first I've tried in the range. They are designed for use with a flameless warmer but I've found that they work just as well with my Yankee tealight holder. The pack has a total burn time of 96 hours and the fragrance goes a long, long way, so they are brilliant value for money. The pack contains 6 wax cubes which are easy to use and not messy; as much as I love the Yankee tarts, I have to admit they can be a little crumbly and messy sometimes! Overall, a good find which I will be re-purchasing in the future. I usually burn this in the bathroom with the door shut to keep it smelling clean and welcoming.

Another new release which I cant seem to find for the UK online, but I purchased these in Home Bargains too - so they must be available somewhere! The rich smell of the Gingerbread wax melts is addictive and there's also sparkling sweetness to it. The pack contains 8 bars of wax which need to be broken apart to use; this can be a bit fiddly but it is worth it for the incredible smell.
The pack has a total burn time of 160 hours and the wax contains essential natural oils, too! If you can find these I really recommend buying them as they are perfect for the festive season!

My sister and brother in law bought us this as a wedding gift and I have been saving it until the colder months as the maple vanilla scent is so homely and welcoming. I love scents like this, with a perfect mix of sweet and spicy.The auburn wax is beautiful and the scent just fills the house making it feel so cosy. This candle looks beautiful on our bookcase burning away with its flame dancing.

Of course, we are burning advent candles, too. We got these candles and holders from the range for a steal price and they are one of the best I've had. The candles are wide meaning that they burn for longer each day and you don't accidentally burn down to a week ahead in the blink of an eye. They are unscented but the red wax and gold lettering makes them super festive and they look beautiful on the ends of our fire surround.

What are your favourite seasonal scents?


  1. Ooo good choices! I love a good Yankee candle :). I'm using Icicles at the mo, it has a slight liquorice/herbal scent.


  2. Goodness, do those sound scrumptiously wonderful. The Vanilla Bourbon in particular is right up my scent ally (the perfume that I wear most often, Dior's Hypnotic Poison, has similar notes).

    Joyful holiday season wishes, dear gal!
    ♥ Jessica