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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

I don't usually post restaurant reviews - in fact, I don't think I ever have. But when Dan & I went for some lunch last weekend in Southampton, I just knew I couldn't keep it to myself.
We braved the icy winds in an attempt to do some Christmas shopping, and somewhere along the way we ended up at The Stable restaurant. My sister had mentioned to me that it had just opened that week and she thought it looked good, so we took a chance and went on in.

The atmosphere was laid back and positive. Diners are showed to a table - actually, they were rustic picnic benches, filled with menus, candles, cutlery and some awesome condiments - and told to order food and drinks at the bar at their leisure. The restaurant was spacious and light with lots of windows and there was a real mix of modern and rustic decor, from iron chandeliers and bulbs hanging from the high ceilings to walls adorned with large chalkboard menus and the occasional television!

The menu predominately offers pizzas, but pies and salads are also available - plus desserts for those with a sweet tooth. One thing that really struck me was how fresh and locally sourced all the ingredients were - it was even boasted about on the menu. 'The Stable' tailor their menu to each restaurant location. I also liked the fact that the kitchen was an open space where you could see you meals being hand made and freshly prepared. 
There were a range of drinks on offer, from fizzes to hot drinks to over 60 kinds of cider - Dan and I were especially interested in the 'Cider Tasting Board' but as we were driving, we couldn't try it on this occasion.

After much deliberation we decided to each try a pie. I went for the 'Wild Rooster' - a delicious option filled with the hugest chunks of chicken, gammon and complimented with leek, white sauce and an addcitively flaky crust - and Dan chose the 'Lamb Bam Boogie' - a rather yummy looking pie filled with generous amounts of lamb, Rosemary, garlic potatoes and honey!
Each pie was served on a beautiful wooden board with delicious, thick-cut wedges, a fresh salad, a picked onion and the most amazing tomato chutney!  It was presented so perfectly, even down to a little poppyseed design on top of each pie. Each meal cost just £9.50, amazing value for money and we both went away feeling full and happy! 
The service was friendly and fast and I am very much looking forward to visiting again to try a pizza! I also liked the fact that I spotted a rather large amount of highchairs to one side, it made me feel as though families were welcome too, and that I could return another time with Elias and have the same fantastic dining experience.

You can check out The Stable website here - they even have a bargain Tuesday menu!

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