The Christmas Tag

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Christmas tags always float around blogs and vlogs this time of year so I've decided to get in the spirit and take part. I found this tag on the MakeupPixi3 blog and thought it was so cute - as its a couple of years old I've added some of my own questions!

1. Do you Prefer a Real Tree or Synthetic?
Even though we usually have synthetic trees, I have always preferred real ones. I love the irregular shapes, the smell and the look of them - they are totally unique. We cant have one inside this year in case Elias pulls at the needles but we are going to put one in our front garden with some pretty fairy lights to decorate.

2. You're in a coffee shop, its December, what do you pick?
This year? Costa Caramel Fudge Hot Chocolate. Hands down - it's sweet and sticky and dusted with golden glimmer. I'm usually a Starbucks girl but I have to say I have been underwhelmed with their festive offerings this year. Costa have lots of delicious new flavours (including 'Christmas Tea') and some rather tempting festive cakes and sandwiches too!

3. What's you favourite colour scheme for decorating the house?
Oh, traditional all the way. Red and gold. It makes the house so warm and inviting and looks so festive. I don't really like tinsel on the tree but we have twinkly fairy lights, baubles and cute ornaments plus candles and garlands all around the house. One thing I especially love about our decorating is the banister runner, we have a branch garland twisted around the banister finished with faux berries and lights and it looks so pretty!

4. To mince pie or not to?
Not for me. I know a lot of people will recoil in horror about that, but I've never liked mince pies - but give me a sugar cookie and I'll be your best friend ;)

5. Whats on your plate when Christmas dinner is served?
EVERYTHING - Minus the spouts. I love it all! Turkey, Honey roast ham, roast potatoes, peas, sweetcorn, carrots, Parsnips, Stuffing, pigs in blankets, gravy, plus a glass of something sparkling! I also love to have a cracker next to my plate for pre-dinner fun! It wouldn't be a Christmas dinner without everyone wearing one of those paper crowns!

6. Whats your Christmas day style?
Comfortable but festive. This year I'm going for black ripped skinny jeans with a Christmas jumper and a shirt underneath. Accessorised with a collar chain and (hopefully!) a new watch and finished with my fave over-the-knee boots! I'll probably wear my hair down and straightened.

7. Which Christmas movie could you watch again and again?
That's so hard to say! I can't choose just 1 so it would have to be; Home Alone 2, The Grinch, Elf, Christmas with the Kranks, the Santa Clause and Miracle on 34th street! I know that completely negates the point of the question but it is literally impossible to choose haha!

8.Do you open presents before or after lunch?
BEFORE!!! Of course! I've waited all year to open some lovely, thoughtful gifts - ain't no way I'm waiting til after lunch!!

9. Name one tradition your family does each Christmas?
Dan and I are spending Christmas Day alone with Elias this year, and I want to start a tradition of going on a walk through the village. We live in a lovely little village with lots of pretty farms and things to see - there's even a little pond which gets decorated with lights - so I'd love to go on a little walk with my boys after dinner, before we return home to gorge on chocolates and fall asleep to Christmas movies!

10. Online Gift Shopping or Christmas Market shopping?
As convenient as online shopping is, you just cant beat the atmosphere of Christmas shopping around the town and markets; there are yummy smells of mulled wine and bratwurst wafting around, Christmas music playing, lights twinkling - and isn't it lovely to be all wrapped up and toasty in your winter coat and hat?! I may feel differently about that this year though, after battling through shoppers with a pushchair, but we will see!

I hope my tag got you feeling Christmassy! I now tag LaurennnHobbs, LemonNailFiend, SweetWordsPrettyPictures, XOXOMeaghan, LovefromBeDiaryofabeautyPadawan and TeaPartyBeauty to complete the questions and tag their favourite bloggersIf you are not a blogger and want to take part, simply put your answers in the comment box, I'd love to find out what you love most about Christmas!


  1. Thanks for the tag! Have a great Christmas!

  2. I am SO excited for this. :D I am loving your Christmas traditions, by the way, no wonder you love the holiday so much! I don't do anything that is anywhere near as exciting, but you're giving me things to look for.


    1. Hehe I hope you enjoy completing it! Maybe we should make that a tradition - you tag me next year haha!