Freedom Makeup Brow Pomade

Thursday, 26 November 2015

I'll admit it, my brows are shit. Just shit. As a result of a wax happy therapist some years ago, they have been left thin and shapeless and I am painfully aware that my brow game is far less than strong. So, anything that can improve that department of my face is worth a shot for me.
Over the years I have been through almost every brow product known to man; pencils, powders, felt pens, stencils and everything in between, and although some have been adequate, nothing has been quite like the Freedom Makeup brow Pomade.

Brow pomades are the new 'in' thing, with most bloggers and vloggers opting for the Anastasia Beverly hills offering. As much as I'd love to, I just don't have the best part of £20 to spend on a brow product, so when browsing the new Freedom Makeup display at my local Superdrug, I was more than pleased to come across their very own offering - and at £5 its just a fraction of the price.
The Freedom Makeup Pro Brow Pomeade comes in 11 shades and is presented in a very expensive looking glass jar pan and a sleek black, cardboard cube. I chose shade 'medium brown' which works well with my ashy hair and fair skin.

I was unsure of how to apply this but it was surprisingly easy and honestly my brows have never looked so nice. I used my Real Techniques angled liner brush to apply it, and the product dispersed through my brows evenly and smoothly. The formula is creamy but gel like and stays in place all day - definitely living up to its 'bullet-proof' reputation. You can build the colour up for harsher, more defined brows, or use a few clean sweeps for natural-but-better brows.

This product has pleasantly surprised me and has definitely led me to thinking which Freedom makeup piece I might like to try next - the collection is as beautiful as it is vast, with everything aimed at professional, high standards. I think I would like to pick the brow pomade up in 'Taupe' and the baked blush palettes look dreamy!
You can see the Freedom Makeup website here - it is suspiciously like the Makeup Revolution site, but if they're selling good quality, budget makeup, who cares?

Have you tried anything from the Freedom Makeup Collection?


  1. I love mine! I have it in Taupe and it's identical quality to my old ABH Dipbrow!
    Mary-Ann xx
    Angel Flicks

    1. Oooh thats good to hear! I think I just might *have* to get it in that shade ;)
      Thanks for reading!

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