Dirty Works Skincare

Friday, 20 November 2015

As much as I love skincare, it can sometimes become a bit of a chore. But, finding a fun brand definitely helps with that - cheery packaging really draws me in, so when I recently spotted 'Dirty Works' skincare offering in my local Sainsbury's, I just couldn't resist to pick up a couple of pieces.

Not something I would usually pick up, but I thought might make a nice treat. These cooling cucumber eye pads work wonders for puffy eyes. They are pre-moistened to make them even more relaxing and they add the perfect finishing touch to your favourite face mask!
Each pad is infused with cucumber extract and aloe vera to rejuvenate and revive the skin and they feel oh-so good when straight from the fridge - though I don't think I would do that this time of year! They are easy to store and use and at 40p a pair they are a bargain price. Well worth a try if you spot them!

Micellar water is a big deal right now in the skincare world. Its effective and suitable for even the most sensitive skin, I've tried a few various brands and never had a problem with them so I thought I would give Dirty Works offering a try.
I have to say I have never really trusted micellar water alone to remove my makeup, even though they all claim that they can, so I usually apply to my face after using cleanser, but this one does seem to be the most powerful one I have tried to date. It's packed full of good things like Hibiscus extract and Hyaluronic acid to protect, soothe and hydrate the skin and my skin feels (and looks!) so good after use.
You really only need to use a small amount each time so this bottle has lasted me a long time (around 2 months, of twice a day use), so value for money is impressive.

Overall, a brand I have been hooked by! I cant wait to try more of the range - pure beauty facial oil I'm looking at you - and I think that because of the vibrant packaging, they would make fantastic gifts too. Whether you're a rockabilly doll or not, this range is sure to have something to suit you.

Have you tried anything from the Dirty Works collection?

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