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Thursday, 26 November 2015

As part of our booking for Disneyland we had half board plus dining - which meant when we arrived at Disney we were presented with vouchers for a choice of either lunch or dinner at over 20 of the Disney restaurants on each day of our stay. We paid £120 for this and although it was nice to not have to worry whether or not we had enough money to eat while we were there, I cant help but feel that we didn't really get our moneys worth.
One day we ate at Bistro Chez Remy - a darling Ratatoulie style restaurant where everything was oversized and you were 'shrunk down' to the size of a rat. The set menu we could choose from was 29.99 Euros each for a starter, main, dessert and drink. This equated to around £45 for the two of us.
The next day we dined at Cafe Mickey where a set menu (again, starter, main, dessert and drink) was 41.99 Euros each which equated to around £60 for us both.
So in total we would have only spent £105 on our food and we paid £120 for it.
A nice surprise, though, was that Disney also gave us 'teatime treat' vouchers for each day of our stay as well, which meant that between 3-6pm each day we could choose from a range of the Disney Cafes and stop by for an iceream or donut and a hot drink. This was a really good idea as we certainly needed a small break in the afternoon and it was nice to have the choice of treats.

Bistro Chez Remy

Oh, so cute! Where do I start? I was so excited about this place from the moment I walked in the door.
I had never actually seen Ratatouille but Dan assured me that the restaurant was set out exactly as seen in the movie. We turned up for our booking (booking something I would strongly recommend you do) and were led through to the restaurant by a very polite and friendly lady. We stopped at a corner where she explained to us that from this point on we would be 'shrunken down' to the size of a rat so that we could enjoy Remy's restaurant properly.
We turned the corner and, my oh my, it was adorable! The table parasols were designed like giant cocktail umbrellas, stools and seats were designed like huge bottle caps and champagne corks and the booth backings were ginormous plates! Even the lights were made to look like giant fairy light bulbs.
I didn't get many pictures here but that's simply because I was enjoying it too much, there was something to see everywhere you looked and the food was to die for.
We had a set menu and although I didn't order the starter as I knew I wouldn't like it, our waitress brought me over a basket of breads and butter. How very thoughtful.
For mains we both settled on the steak which was cooked to our liking. Served with a side of ratatouille and fries it was so, so delicious!
For dessert Dan opted for the 'Rum baba' (rum cake served with a side of cream and raspberry coulis) - it was brilliant, like nothing we've seen. It was literally like eating rum and the cake was so moist from the alcohol within. I chose the chocolate pudding with creme anglais and it was incredible. It was the richest chocolate cake I have ever tasted and was almost like a truffle! I couldn't finish the whole thing as it was so indulgent but Dan had a taste and agreed that it was delicious!
The portion sizes were very generous and the food was served in a timely manner and was piping hot. The staff were super friendly and the whole experience was a positive one. I would certainly visit Bistro Chez Remy again should we go to Disney again in the future - especially now I've seen the Ratatouille movie!

Cafe Mickey

Unfortunately, this was probably the biggest disappointment of our stay. I was so excited to dine at Cafe Mickey, as guests are able to meet and greet with various Disney characters while they eat - but we only saw a few characters around for the first 20 minutes of our meal and then they all seemed to disappear.
I thought that the food was very strange for a family style restaurant - I was expecting good old classics like burger and chips or pizza but there wasn't any such thing. Diners could choose from things like sea bass with balsamic sauce or veal confit, and desserts such as panne cotta and strawberry mousse - the children's menu even offered quails eggs?
I have to say that I didn't really enjoy my experience in this restaurant at all. We were seated quickly but that's really where the good service ended. Staff took our vouchers and slapped menus in front of us, they took our order quite some time later and although the food arrived quickly it wasn't served politely and wasn't particularly hot, either.
After finishing our dessert, we sat at the table a whole 20 minutes with the dirty plates and cutlery still in front of us, and as we were still not being attended to we decided to up and leave.
It was very disheartening - especially as this is last thing we did before we left and it would have been nice to leave on a high. On a positive note, the Cafe Mickey cupcake, which I had for dessert, was rather lovely.
I'm sure the food here would be to some peoples taste but I would definitely recommend checking out the menu before you book a table.

Planet Hollywood

As a wedding gift, we had a meal at the Disney Village Planet Hollywood restaurant paid for us - what a treat!
I had been to Planet Hollywood in London, and as good as it was, it just had nothing on this one. There was recognizable memorabilia as far as the eye could see - costumes, a jaws head, a Gremlin, The Mask and even Disney items too - there was music playing and happy staff buzzing around, too.
We were seated quickly and our food was amazing. The restaurant had a bustling, fun atmosphere and the staff were always on hand should you need anything.
I chose to eat a delicious, fresh pizza and Dan just had to try the biggest burger I've ever seen - we also decided to share a bottle of wine, and, dear oh dear, I didn't realise how strong it would be, resulting in me running round the place taking pictures of everything in sight (unfortunately most of them were out of focus!) and proclaiming 'they've got the actual freakin' Mask over there. Jim Carey's face has been in that', until our waiter came up behind me, shouted 'BOO' and helped me back to my seat! Well, at least someone got a good laugh out of it!
The food was hot, yummy and priced appropriately for the restaurant. It's a little more expensive than your local TGI's, but lets face it - it's better!
After we'd done with our food it was half price cocktail time and we decided to stay and take full advantage. We moved to the bar area, which was kept in the theme of the restaurant and each chose 3 cocktails to try. They were freshly made in front of you and very generously sized. My favourite was the 'Green Mile' - a mix of Midori, Malibu, banana liquor, pineapple juice, a sweet and sour mix and lemonade, making for a rather refreshing beverage ;) There were plenty to choose from and they were served tall and iced!
I am so pleased we visited Planet Hollywood in the Disney Village. To be honest, I didn't even realise there was one there, but it was a wonderful treat and it was nice to have an evening meal and drinks together, knowing that Elias was safe at home with his nanny.

There were an endless amount of restaurants to try in Disney and I'm sure we will check out some different ones next time we return, but this time around, Id have to say that 'Bistro Chez Remy' was a personal highlight and a must try!

Look out for my Adventures in Disneyland | Sights and sounds, coming to the blog soon - or check out what I thought of our accommodation in part 1 of my series.

Which Disney Restaurants did you love best? 

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  1. Ah it's a shame the meal plan didn't work out for you! Every time I've used it we have saved hundreds!! It's a life saver. Though perhaps it's better for longer stays...I dunno!
    We pay £27 per person, per day so thats like £270 altogether and the meals are usually around £30-50 per person per day so we saved quite a bit!

    Danielle xo