Adventures in Disneyland | Sights + Sounds

Friday, 27 November 2015

I keep coming back to this post and today I've been sat here for just about 20 minutes, and I genuinely don't know where to start. Disney was such a special and magical trip that it is so hard for me to narrow the experience down to just a few posts.
You might have seen my posts about our accommodation and dining experiences whilst at Disney. But today I'm focusing on the park itself; wonderland, freedom and the stuff childhood dreams are made of.

I'd never been to Disney before our trip, and somewhere in my mind, I did wonder whether it was going to be as good as I'd built it up to be in my imagination. How could it possibly meet those expectations? I had dreamed of going there for years and only something truly magical would do.

When you wish upon a star ...

We hopped off of the hotel shuttle bus and the air smelt like a mix of anticipation and sweet treats. We walked through some security scanners and on to the sight I had seen so many times on screen - there it was, Disney in all its splendor, and my eyes began to fill up. I don't know if I was overwhelmed with excitement or that I couldn't believe I was finally there and part of it, but something in me sparked and my heart lept. I was here. Disneyland! As my eyes scanned around the amazing festive decorations, the adorable scenery and people buzzing around smiling, I suddenly felt as though it was worth every second of waiting.
Children were pulling balloons along, grown up children were eating pretzels and wearing various head accessories and families were taking  pictures which they would look back on for years.
I ran around from pillar to post, taking it all in (dragging Dan behind me) and watching the back end of the Halloween parade trail off round the corner, and then I saw it. Sleeping Beauty's castle. And it was perfect.
My dear dad worked here and was part of the team who painted the castle (amongst other things) before Euro Disney opened its doors on April 12, 1992 and that made me feel proud. He was part of something which has bought joy and happiness to an untold amount of children (and grown up children), and now I was standing here, with it right in front of me. I looked down and my heart skipped a beat - a plaque in the pavement, dedicated to Walt's father 'Elias Disney'. The reason we named our own son Elias. I was filled with emotion - not the usual reaction to being in Disneyland, I'm sure.


Before we went, I was adamant that I wouldn't go on any rides. I was simply going for the atmosphere and sights - and to have a picture taken with a few characters, of course. But as we walked around the park, I couldn't resist it. Roller coaster tracks tucking in and out, twisting and turning, teacups spinning wildly and carousel horses bobbing elegantly all drew me in and made me want a taste. 
There were queues were, of course, but the waiting time was short. The longest we spent queuing during our whole stay was 45 minutes, with the longest queues on the Friday. But really, you didn't even notice the wait, each ride was decorated with corresponding memorabilia, set-like surroundings and fun music was playing throughout.
My favourite rides over the 2 parks were 'Crush's Coaster', 'Ratatouille; the adventure','Big Thunder Mountain' and 'Tower of terror', but my absolute favourite was the 'Le Carrousel de Lancelot' - it was Walt Disney's favourite of all his rides and it was so special to see it through his eyes.
I hated 'Space mountain', let's never mention it again.
It was a slight disappointment that 'Its a small world', 'India Jones and the temple of peril' and 'Cars; stunt show' were all closed, but I understand that maintenance is essential, and perhaps its another incentive to come back again (as if I really needed one).
I wont say too much about the rides as I don't want to spoil the surprises but they really are worth the wait.


As mentioned, Disney was set for Halloween when we arrived! What more could I ask for? There were character shaped pumpkins, black and orange buntings and banners, ghosties, pumpkin people and golden bouquets as far as the eye could see. A special Halloween parade toured main street and a 7 piece band dressed as scarecrows played Disney favourites ('Topsy Turvey' was a personal highlight). Even the castle had adopted some rather intimidating thorn sculptures! Literally everything had been thought of, and it was glorious. There was something to see everywhere you looked and even some of the characters were dressed for the occasion.
A special 'Disney Villains' show took place daily next to the castle, in which villains would parade around on stage singing their evil song before running amock in the crowds and posing for pictures.It was fantastic.
There was points set up around the park where you could queue for a photo with your favourite character. Its a shame we didn't see more of the characters wondering about, but I understand that they could get pretty overwhelmed with little fans, so this is obviously a safer alternative.
There's something unexplainable (is that a word?) about the atmosphere at Disney. In that moment, anything feels possible; you can dream bigger than big, you can fly, you can become a princess. Your hearts wishes are realised and everyone has that in common. Its special, magical, memorable.

I could sit here for hours (and pages) reminiscing about our time at Disney, and as exciting as it is to read, I feel like its something you have to experience for yourself to truly appreciate. That being said, I hope this series of posts has helped answer any questions you might have had about the place. You can read part 1 and 2 of the posts by clicking the links below. If there's anything else you'd like to know, please leave me a comment and Ill answer as honestly and helpfully as I can.

Adventures in Disneyland Paris | Dining

Thursday, 26 November 2015

As part of our booking for Disneyland we had half board plus dining - which meant when we arrived at Disney we were presented with vouchers for a choice of either lunch or dinner at over 20 of the Disney restaurants on each day of our stay. We paid £120 for this and although it was nice to not have to worry whether or not we had enough money to eat while we were there, I cant help but feel that we didn't really get our moneys worth.
One day we ate at Bistro Chez Remy - a darling Ratatoulie style restaurant where everything was oversized and you were 'shrunk down' to the size of a rat. The set menu we could choose from was 29.99 Euros each for a starter, main, dessert and drink. This equated to around £45 for the two of us.
The next day we dined at Cafe Mickey where a set menu (again, starter, main, dessert and drink) was 41.99 Euros each which equated to around £60 for us both.
So in total we would have only spent £105 on our food and we paid £120 for it.
A nice surprise, though, was that Disney also gave us 'teatime treat' vouchers for each day of our stay as well, which meant that between 3-6pm each day we could choose from a range of the Disney Cafes and stop by for an iceream or donut and a hot drink. This was a really good idea as we certainly needed a small break in the afternoon and it was nice to have the choice of treats.

Bistro Chez Remy

Oh, so cute! Where do I start? I was so excited about this place from the moment I walked in the door.
I had never actually seen Ratatouille but Dan assured me that the restaurant was set out exactly as seen in the movie. We turned up for our booking (booking something I would strongly recommend you do) and were led through to the restaurant by a very polite and friendly lady. We stopped at a corner where she explained to us that from this point on we would be 'shrunken down' to the size of a rat so that we could enjoy Remy's restaurant properly.
We turned the corner and, my oh my, it was adorable! The table parasols were designed like giant cocktail umbrellas, stools and seats were designed like huge bottle caps and champagne corks and the booth backings were ginormous plates! Even the lights were made to look like giant fairy light bulbs.
I didn't get many pictures here but that's simply because I was enjoying it too much, there was something to see everywhere you looked and the food was to die for.
We had a set menu and although I didn't order the starter as I knew I wouldn't like it, our waitress brought me over a basket of breads and butter. How very thoughtful.
For mains we both settled on the steak which was cooked to our liking. Served with a side of ratatouille and fries it was so, so delicious!
For dessert Dan opted for the 'Rum baba' (rum cake served with a side of cream and raspberry coulis) - it was brilliant, like nothing we've seen. It was literally like eating rum and the cake was so moist from the alcohol within. I chose the chocolate pudding with creme anglais and it was incredible. It was the richest chocolate cake I have ever tasted and was almost like a truffle! I couldn't finish the whole thing as it was so indulgent but Dan had a taste and agreed that it was delicious!
The portion sizes were very generous and the food was served in a timely manner and was piping hot. The staff were super friendly and the whole experience was a positive one. I would certainly visit Bistro Chez Remy again should we go to Disney again in the future - especially now I've seen the Ratatouille movie!

Cafe Mickey

Unfortunately, this was probably the biggest disappointment of our stay. I was so excited to dine at Cafe Mickey, as guests are able to meet and greet with various Disney characters while they eat - but we only saw a few characters around for the first 20 minutes of our meal and then they all seemed to disappear.
I thought that the food was very strange for a family style restaurant - I was expecting good old classics like burger and chips or pizza but there wasn't any such thing. Diners could choose from things like sea bass with balsamic sauce or veal confit, and desserts such as panne cotta and strawberry mousse - the children's menu even offered quails eggs?
I have to say that I didn't really enjoy my experience in this restaurant at all. We were seated quickly but that's really where the good service ended. Staff took our vouchers and slapped menus in front of us, they took our order quite some time later and although the food arrived quickly it wasn't served politely and wasn't particularly hot, either.
After finishing our dessert, we sat at the table a whole 20 minutes with the dirty plates and cutlery still in front of us, and as we were still not being attended to we decided to up and leave.
It was very disheartening - especially as this is last thing we did before we left and it would have been nice to leave on a high. On a positive note, the Cafe Mickey cupcake, which I had for dessert, was rather lovely.
I'm sure the food here would be to some peoples taste but I would definitely recommend checking out the menu before you book a table.

Planet Hollywood

As a wedding gift, we had a meal at the Disney Village Planet Hollywood restaurant paid for us - what a treat!
I had been to Planet Hollywood in London, and as good as it was, it just had nothing on this one. There was recognizable memorabilia as far as the eye could see - costumes, a jaws head, a Gremlin, The Mask and even Disney items too - there was music playing and happy staff buzzing around, too.
We were seated quickly and our food was amazing. The restaurant had a bustling, fun atmosphere and the staff were always on hand should you need anything.
I chose to eat a delicious, fresh pizza and Dan just had to try the biggest burger I've ever seen - we also decided to share a bottle of wine, and, dear oh dear, I didn't realise how strong it would be, resulting in me running round the place taking pictures of everything in sight (unfortunately most of them were out of focus!) and proclaiming 'they've got the actual freakin' Mask over there. Jim Carey's face has been in that', until our waiter came up behind me, shouted 'BOO' and helped me back to my seat! Well, at least someone got a good laugh out of it!
The food was hot, yummy and priced appropriately for the restaurant. It's a little more expensive than your local TGI's, but lets face it - it's better!
After we'd done with our food it was half price cocktail time and we decided to stay and take full advantage. We moved to the bar area, which was kept in the theme of the restaurant and each chose 3 cocktails to try. They were freshly made in front of you and very generously sized. My favourite was the 'Green Mile' - a mix of Midori, Malibu, banana liquor, pineapple juice, a sweet and sour mix and lemonade, making for a rather refreshing beverage ;) There were plenty to choose from and they were served tall and iced!
I am so pleased we visited Planet Hollywood in the Disney Village. To be honest, I didn't even realise there was one there, but it was a wonderful treat and it was nice to have an evening meal and drinks together, knowing that Elias was safe at home with his nanny.

There were an endless amount of restaurants to try in Disney and I'm sure we will check out some different ones next time we return, but this time around, Id have to say that 'Bistro Chez Remy' was a personal highlight and a must try!

Look out for my Adventures in Disneyland | Sights and sounds, coming to the blog soon - or check out what I thought of our accommodation in part 1 of my series.

Which Disney Restaurants did you love best? 

Freedom Makeup Brow Pomade

I'll admit it, my brows are shit. Just shit. As a result of a wax happy therapist some years ago, they have been left thin and shapeless and I am painfully aware that my brow game is far less than strong. So, anything that can improve that department of my face is worth a shot for me.
Over the years I have been through almost every brow product known to man; pencils, powders, felt pens, stencils and everything in between, and although some have been adequate, nothing has been quite like the Freedom Makeup brow Pomade.

Brow pomades are the new 'in' thing, with most bloggers and vloggers opting for the Anastasia Beverly hills offering. As much as I'd love to, I just don't have the best part of £20 to spend on a brow product, so when browsing the new Freedom Makeup display at my local Superdrug, I was more than pleased to come across their very own offering - and at £5 its just a fraction of the price.
The Freedom Makeup Pro Brow Pomeade comes in 11 shades and is presented in a very expensive looking glass jar pan and a sleek black, cardboard cube. I chose shade 'medium brown' which works well with my ashy hair and fair skin.

I was unsure of how to apply this but it was surprisingly easy and honestly my brows have never looked so nice. I used my Real Techniques angled liner brush to apply it, and the product dispersed through my brows evenly and smoothly. The formula is creamy but gel like and stays in place all day - definitely living up to its 'bullet-proof' reputation. You can build the colour up for harsher, more defined brows, or use a few clean sweeps for natural-but-better brows.

This product has pleasantly surprised me and has definitely led me to thinking which Freedom makeup piece I might like to try next - the collection is as beautiful as it is vast, with everything aimed at professional, high standards. I think I would like to pick the brow pomade up in 'Taupe' and the baked blush palettes look dreamy!
You can see the Freedom Makeup website here - it is suspiciously like the Makeup Revolution site, but if they're selling good quality, budget makeup, who cares?

Have you tried anything from the Freedom Makeup Collection?

The Stable - Southamptons Best New Restaurant

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

I don't usually post restaurant reviews - in fact, I don't think I ever have. But when Dan & I went for some lunch last weekend in Southampton, I just knew I couldn't keep it to myself.
We braved the icy winds in an attempt to do some Christmas shopping, and somewhere along the way we ended up at The Stable restaurant. My sister had mentioned to me that it had just opened that week and she thought it looked good, so we took a chance and went on in.

The atmosphere was laid back and positive. Diners are showed to a table - actually, they were rustic picnic benches, filled with menus, candles, cutlery and some awesome condiments - and told to order food and drinks at the bar at their leisure. The restaurant was spacious and light with lots of windows and there was a real mix of modern and rustic decor, from iron chandeliers and bulbs hanging from the high ceilings to walls adorned with large chalkboard menus and the occasional television!

The menu predominately offers pizzas, but pies and salads are also available - plus desserts for those with a sweet tooth. One thing that really struck me was how fresh and locally sourced all the ingredients were - it was even boasted about on the menu. 'The Stable' tailor their menu to each restaurant location. I also liked the fact that the kitchen was an open space where you could see you meals being hand made and freshly prepared. 
There were a range of drinks on offer, from fizzes to hot drinks to over 60 kinds of cider - Dan and I were especially interested in the 'Cider Tasting Board' but as we were driving, we couldn't try it on this occasion.

After much deliberation we decided to each try a pie. I went for the 'Wild Rooster' - a delicious option filled with the hugest chunks of chicken, gammon and complimented with leek, white sauce and an addcitively flaky crust - and Dan chose the 'Lamb Bam Boogie' - a rather yummy looking pie filled with generous amounts of lamb, Rosemary, garlic potatoes and honey!
Each pie was served on a beautiful wooden board with delicious, thick-cut wedges, a fresh salad, a picked onion and the most amazing tomato chutney!  It was presented so perfectly, even down to a little poppyseed design on top of each pie. Each meal cost just £9.50, amazing value for money and we both went away feeling full and happy! 
The service was friendly and fast and I am very much looking forward to visiting again to try a pizza! I also liked the fact that I spotted a rather large amount of highchairs to one side, it made me feel as though families were welcome too, and that I could return another time with Elias and have the same fantastic dining experience.

You can check out The Stable website here - they even have a bargain Tuesday menu!

Winter Lip Wardrobe

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Statement lips are always a big thing for me during the colder months. I feel like fashion can take on a more drab feeling - what with being constantly covered with a coat - so it's nice to add some vibrancy to your look with your makeup.
As you can see I tend to favour berry lips this time of year; classic reds just dont seem to suit my skintone,but a pretty nude doesn't go a miss either! In todays post I'm rounding up my staple lip pieces that I couldn't do without this season.

I reach for this gorgeous lip piece when we're heading out for a special occasion. MUA have always impressed me with their bargain priced, top quality makeups and this is no exception. It's part of the A/W 2015 line and it has a pigmented, opaque finish with a gorgeous hint of golden glimmer. It has an impressivve lasting time and the packaging is so sleek. It's a steal at £4 and it looks absolutely stunning with a subtle smoky eye.

I got this as part of a Ted Baker gift set last Christmas and didnt get around to using it as much as I should have, but I've rekindled my love for it this year. I cant seem to find the exact set I got it in but its available throughout a few of their festive offerings. There is no shade name for this but the colour is a deep plum which compliments my skin perfectly. It glides on smoothly and rivals the Clinique chubby sticks oh-so well! There can be some bleeding with this so I do recommend using a lipliner alongside it, but all in all a good piece from a much loved brand.

The Rimmel Apocalips have been a staple in almost every beauty bloggers lip wardrobe since their release, and as much as I don't like lipgloss, I can easily make an exception for these. The pigment is super powerful just like a lipstick but it provides the beautiful shine of a lipgloss. The lasting power is decent and the price is pretty fair too. There is a large colour selection in this line but 'Eclipse' is my go-to - its that berry tone that this time of year demands but with just a hint of classic red to give it depth.

When Im feeling more of a pinky-nude look, I always reach for my Bourjois Rouge edition Lipstick in Nude-ist. It's dreamy and the matte finish gives it a more casual edge. Even though its matte, it doesnt dry the lips and the creamy formula stays on the lips for hours and hours. I love to wear this with matte brown cut crease shadow and dusty pink cheeks for that barely there look.

The Makeup Revolution #LipHug lipsticks caused such a buzz on their release last year, so I picked up a couple of shades to see what the fuss was all about. Let's be honest, it wont last on your lips all day, but for £2.50 a piece, and witch such a wide variety of shades to choose from, it can be forgiven. 'Still Missing My Baby', is my favourite shade that I bought. Its a deep Cranberry which looks fantastic with brown shadow and has a good amount of pigment. The formula is super moisturising and the lipstick has a delicious, sweet smell which is addictive!

If you're a long time reader, you'll have heard me mention this about a million times, and I'm sorry to bring it up again but I LOVE IT!! From the shiny gold casing, to the gorgeous cherry-berry shade, it is a winner through and through. They are a little pricey but if you use code 'Foxy' you can get yourself a little discount (you're welcome!) and the shipping is free too. The colour is buildable which I like and it lasts on the lips pretty well too. Not that I would mind re-applying this every few hours, anyway ;)

I'll keep this short and sweet as we all know about 'Velvet Teddy' by now, but this is definitely my go to matte nude. It applies smoothly and leaves the lips soft and supple, as well as lasting for an age once applied. I don't own much MAC Makeup but this alone is enough to change that. 'Velvet Teddy' looks gorgeous with a range of looks from golden glitter eyes, to naked eyes, to brown smoky eyes and everything in between!

I am so so pleased to hear that NYX is now stocked in Boots stores across the UK - I've only been waiting about 2 years for the brand to make its way to our shores. I was very kindly gifted this gorgeous product by XOXOMeaghan during our beauty swap last year and it has to be one of my A/W matte berry faves by far. The formula is soft and creamy (as the name suggests!) and it has an impressive lasting time. I am also addicted to the sickly sweet scent - man, I could sniff it all day!

What's in your winter 2015 lip wardrobe?

Dirty Works Skincare

Friday, 20 November 2015

As much as I love skincare, it can sometimes become a bit of a chore. But, finding a fun brand definitely helps with that - cheery packaging really draws me in, so when I recently spotted 'Dirty Works' skincare offering in my local Sainsbury's, I just couldn't resist to pick up a couple of pieces.

Not something I would usually pick up, but I thought might make a nice treat. These cooling cucumber eye pads work wonders for puffy eyes. They are pre-moistened to make them even more relaxing and they add the perfect finishing touch to your favourite face mask!
Each pad is infused with cucumber extract and aloe vera to rejuvenate and revive the skin and they feel oh-so good when straight from the fridge - though I don't think I would do that this time of year! They are easy to store and use and at 40p a pair they are a bargain price. Well worth a try if you spot them!

Micellar water is a big deal right now in the skincare world. Its effective and suitable for even the most sensitive skin, I've tried a few various brands and never had a problem with them so I thought I would give Dirty Works offering a try.
I have to say I have never really trusted micellar water alone to remove my makeup, even though they all claim that they can, so I usually apply to my face after using cleanser, but this one does seem to be the most powerful one I have tried to date. It's packed full of good things like Hibiscus extract and Hyaluronic acid to protect, soothe and hydrate the skin and my skin feels (and looks!) so good after use.
You really only need to use a small amount each time so this bottle has lasted me a long time (around 2 months, of twice a day use), so value for money is impressive.

Overall, a brand I have been hooked by! I cant wait to try more of the range - pure beauty facial oil I'm looking at you - and I think that because of the vibrant packaging, they would make fantastic gifts too. Whether you're a rockabilly doll or not, this range is sure to have something to suit you.

Have you tried anything from the Dirty Works collection?

The Christmas Tag

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Christmas tags always float around blogs and vlogs this time of year so I've decided to get in the spirit and take part. I found this tag on the MakeupPixi3 blog and thought it was so cute - as its a couple of years old I've added some of my own questions!

1. Do you Prefer a Real Tree or Synthetic?
Even though we usually have synthetic trees, I have always preferred real ones. I love the irregular shapes, the smell and the look of them - they are totally unique. We cant have one inside this year in case Elias pulls at the needles but we are going to put one in our front garden with some pretty fairy lights to decorate.

2. You're in a coffee shop, its December, what do you pick?
This year? Costa Caramel Fudge Hot Chocolate. Hands down - it's sweet and sticky and dusted with golden glimmer. I'm usually a Starbucks girl but I have to say I have been underwhelmed with their festive offerings this year. Costa have lots of delicious new flavours (including 'Christmas Tea') and some rather tempting festive cakes and sandwiches too!

3. What's you favourite colour scheme for decorating the house?
Oh, traditional all the way. Red and gold. It makes the house so warm and inviting and looks so festive. I don't really like tinsel on the tree but we have twinkly fairy lights, baubles and cute ornaments plus candles and garlands all around the house. One thing I especially love about our decorating is the banister runner, we have a branch garland twisted around the banister finished with faux berries and lights and it looks so pretty!

4. To mince pie or not to?
Not for me. I know a lot of people will recoil in horror about that, but I've never liked mince pies - but give me a sugar cookie and I'll be your best friend ;)

5. Whats on your plate when Christmas dinner is served?
EVERYTHING - Minus the spouts. I love it all! Turkey, Honey roast ham, roast potatoes, peas, sweetcorn, carrots, Parsnips, Stuffing, pigs in blankets, gravy, plus a glass of something sparkling! I also love to have a cracker next to my plate for pre-dinner fun! It wouldn't be a Christmas dinner without everyone wearing one of those paper crowns!

6. Whats your Christmas day style?
Comfortable but festive. This year I'm going for black ripped skinny jeans with a Christmas jumper and a shirt underneath. Accessorised with a collar chain and (hopefully!) a new watch and finished with my fave over-the-knee boots! I'll probably wear my hair down and straightened.

7. Which Christmas movie could you watch again and again?
That's so hard to say! I can't choose just 1 so it would have to be; Home Alone 2, The Grinch, Elf, Christmas with the Kranks, the Santa Clause and Miracle on 34th street! I know that completely negates the point of the question but it is literally impossible to choose haha!

8.Do you open presents before or after lunch?
BEFORE!!! Of course! I've waited all year to open some lovely, thoughtful gifts - ain't no way I'm waiting til after lunch!!

9. Name one tradition your family does each Christmas?
Dan and I are spending Christmas Day alone with Elias this year, and I want to start a tradition of going on a walk through the village. We live in a lovely little village with lots of pretty farms and things to see - there's even a little pond which gets decorated with lights - so I'd love to go on a little walk with my boys after dinner, before we return home to gorge on chocolates and fall asleep to Christmas movies!

10. Online Gift Shopping or Christmas Market shopping?
As convenient as online shopping is, you just cant beat the atmosphere of Christmas shopping around the town and markets; there are yummy smells of mulled wine and bratwurst wafting around, Christmas music playing, lights twinkling - and isn't it lovely to be all wrapped up and toasty in your winter coat and hat?! I may feel differently about that this year though, after battling through shoppers with a pushchair, but we will see!

I hope my tag got you feeling Christmassy! I now tag LaurennnHobbs, LemonNailFiend, SweetWordsPrettyPictures, XOXOMeaghan, LovefromBeDiaryofabeautyPadawan and TeaPartyBeauty to complete the questions and tag their favourite bloggersIf you are not a blogger and want to take part, simply put your answers in the comment box, I'd love to find out what you love most about Christmas! Nailbox*

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

I don't claim to be an expert at nail art by any means, but I do enjoy trying it. There are so many things you can do with your nails nowadays so it is always fun to experiment.
When I was contacted by the wonderfully kind Nick from the brand new website recently and was offered the chance to get creative with some new nail polishes I obviously couldn't say no! is a brand new site offering all your nail needs from big brands, at affordable prices. They only sell 100% genuine items sourced directly from brands, so you don't have to worry about being duped with knock offs! There is free express tracked delivery with every order over £15 and fast dispatch if you order before 2pm Monday-Friday!
I was very impressed with the range of products available on the website. They offer everything from polishes by O.P.I, China Glaze, Sally Hansen and even Tanya Burr, to treatments and tools by 'Elegant Touch' and 'The Edge'. They even have a 'Deals' section where you can pick up some amazing bargains!
I was asked to select my 3 favourite polishes to try out but when my parcel arrived I was amazed at what else I found inside ...

O.P.I Nail polish

I selected shades; 'I Snow You Love Me', 'Over the Taupe' and 'My Favourite Ornament'. It was a tough decision but I finally settled on these as I thought they were very relevant to the upcoming party season, so I can definitely get a lot of use out of them.
'I Snow you love Me' is a dazzling sequin polish - weve all tried glitter polishes before, but this is on a whole other level! The large circle sequins create a really gorgeous finish to the nails and can even be used to create an endless amount of patterns! I decided to place a line of them up the centre of the thumb nail for some sparkly detail!
'Over the Taupe' is one of those timeless classic shades that will never go out of fashion. Its a little darker than I had thought it would be but nonetheless it is a gorgeous neutral shade which will look darling with bold and elegant outfits alike.
'My Favourite Ornament' is an absolutely stunning polish which I just know is not going to leave my fingertips during the festive season. Its part of the Mariah Carey Holiday collection and is absolutely packed with champagne glitter - no faffing with 8,000 coats with this one! This is going to look amazing with my LBD and some pearl eyeshadow!
I have never really used O.P.I polishes before but I was impressed with the coverage and the brush - the polish painted on smoothly and dried quickly.

The Edge Cuticle Pusher

I was kindly sent The Edge Cuticle Pusher to try and I have not been dissapointed by it. We used a lot of The Edge tools in college when I studied to become a beauty therapist and they were always good quality. The cuticle pusher is robust and easy to clean. It makes keeping your cuticles tidy a breeze and doesn't hurt or pinch at all. As much as i love disposable orange sticks for cuticle work, you just cant beat a good quality metal pusher - and this is certainly a must have for any nail kit.

Elegant touch Cuticle Nipper

Cuticle Nippers have always been an essential in my nail kit as my cuticles seem to grow at a ridicuolous rate and often need taming. So, needless to say that I was more than excited when I spotted the Elegant Touch Cuticle Nippers in my parcel. This tool is very sharp (which is a good thing), so it's worth being careful with the first uses. Its made from a resiliant metal so its easy to clean and grip and there are even instructions with it so you can get the best - and safest - use from it.

Elegant Touch Apoethecary Toughflex Base Coat

The Elegant Touch apothecary Toughflex Base Coat is something I had never heard of before, but I certainly wish I had. It is designed for use as a primer before nail polish to maximise lasting time without chips, but it is also enriched with Keratin to restore brittle and damaged nails. I have found that this really does give my polish and extra day or two wear time and it adds almost a week weartime to my glitter polishes! Another bonus about this is that it dries in next to no time - and did I mention that gorgeous packaging?! Adorable.

MoYou London Nail art Plate, Stamp and Scraper

Nail art is something I have only really played about with - usually with internet cheapies from eBay, which are good for beginners but only really do half the job. Enter the Moyou London Nail art plate Tropical plate 12 and MoYou London New Rectangle Stamp and Scraper Set. My nail art game seriously just stepped it up a notch! This professional set is perfect for anyone from novice to expert and the design range is incredible!
I used the leaf design from my tropical plate (did you check out that gorgeous packaging?) on my set of nails to add to the autumnal feel, but I can't wait until summer rolls around so I can get creative with the rest of the plate. It's so simple and you are even equipped with a clear and cute instruction booklet.
You simply need to paint over your chosen design with your polish, scrape off any excess with the scraper and use the stamp to collect the design and transfer it to your nail. Granted, it does take a few tries to get through the steps quick enough - but it's much easier than I first thought. The best part is that every piece is made from wipeable material to keep your new treasures clean and hygienic.
These aren't available directly from the website, but I sure hope to see them there sometime soon !

I was also sent some yummy LoveHearts - what more could a girl need?!
I have seriously fallen in love with the website (especially the 'deals' section) and have already made a Christmas wishlist for Dan with items I'd like to try next!
You can explore the  facebook page, Twitter account and even an Instagram feed, so hit them up and let me know what you pick out!