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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

As many of you know Dan and I recently got married and we went on a little mini-moon to Disneyland Paris!I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Disney and if you are a follower of my Instagram feed, you've probably already seen that it was everything I dreamed and that I never wanted to leave!
I've decided to break up my travel posts a little as there is a lot to say about our stay at Disney, and I don't want to keep you too long! Today I'm focusing on our hotel and the surrounding area!

We flew from Gatwick airport and after a short 45 minute flight (and a few glasses of Prosecco) we landed in Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris - which was the hugest, most confusing airport I have ever had the displeasure to visit. Nonetheless, we found our way to the Disney magic shuttle stop and boarded for our last leg of the journey to Disneyland!

We stayed in the adorable Santa Fe Disney hotel which has a 'Cars' theme and is just a 10 minute walk from the Disney parks.
The hotel we stayed at wasn't really important to us when booking as we knew we would be spending all of our time in the parks and the Disney village, but when we arrived I couldn't have been more pleased with our selection, everything in the hotel was thought of and was just so fun; The breakfast was served out of an old pickup truck, the rooms were named after 'Cars' characters, the entrance was decorated with Mexican inspiration and the pathways were painted as if they were roads!
The hotel offered a 24 hour staffed reception, a free luggage hold room for your day of check out, a mini arcade, a gift shop, a bar, restaurant ('La Cantina') and payphones amongst other things so you really are covered for everything.

Our room

We opted for a standard room, which consisted of 2 double beds and a bathroom with shower and bath. The room was cosy but perfect and even had a TV for those rare downtime moments. I loved the way that the 'Cars' theme continued to the decor of the room. There were traffic cone lamps above the bed and on the dresser, 'Cars' artwork adorned the walls and even the shower curtain was decorated like a checkered flag. I absolutely fell in love with the bathroom mirror and wanted to bring it home! There were towels and adorable Mickey Mouse amenities in the bathroom and our room was cleaned each day of our stay which was just lovely. The beds were super comfy (especially after a long day theme-parking) and the hotel was super quiet too - I don't think I heard a sound on any of our nights there.
Something else I noticed was that there were rooms on ground floor terraces as well as the first floor ones, so I would say that this was an appropriate hotel for wheelchair users and for those who find stairs a little difficult.


Breakfast was included as part of our package and when we arrived for check in we were asked which breakfast slot we would like (7am,8am,9am). We chose 7am as we wanted to eat breakfast and head off to the parks so we could really make the most of our holiday. We planned to get up and dressed at 6am, head off for breakfast and then walk straight to the parks (all guests staying the Disney hotels are welcomed into the park at 8am rather than its usual 10am opening time), but as it turns out, we were soooo tired from our first day in the park that we slept through the alarm and didn't wake up until 6:45 - so we rushed off for breakfast and got ready after!
Breakfast was served as an all you can eat buffet style and although Dan was disappointed with the lack of hot breakfasts, I found the selection to be quite impressive and exactly what you needed before a busy day. Of course, it wouldn't be France without croissants and pain au chocolate a plenty, but there was also choices of cereals, fruits, cheeses and breads. Drinks were also difficult to choose from as there were coffees, teas, hot chocolates and juices. I practically lived on hot chocolates during our stay as not only was the weather so cold, but they were also so delicious.
I loved the way in which the breakfast room was presented and how it was so relaxed. On our first morning we were first in queue for breakfast even though we had woken up late and on our second morning we only had to queue for about 10 minutes to be let in and we still found a table with ease!
The dining room was kept in theme with the 'Cars' idea and foods were presented on the back of a pickup truck and there were gas pumps and other car pieces placed around. It was such fun!


There is a shuttle bus which takes you from the Sante Fe hotel reception right to the doors of Disneyland at no extra cost, but as the weather was so beautiful (yet cold!), we chose to walk there instead.
There was a back road which took you along a river filled with the biggest koi carp and surrounded by stunning views. There are plenty of signs around to point you in the right direction and we arrived at Disney in no more than 15 minutes! The feeling you get when you come up the steps and see the Disney balloon is just incredible - magical, even! You can stroll right through the Disney village and grab a Starbucks on the way and you can also shop a little, too!

Surrounding area

I really enjoyed the surrounding area to our hotel. Maybe its because the Autumn air had started to turn the leaves those fiery colours, or all of the well thought out and placed memorabilia, or the fact that everyone you pass is so happy and friendly, but it certainly made our stay that bit more special and memorable - just take a look at my pictures!
I also liked the fact that there was a garage right next door to this hotel as it meant we were able to pick up a few snacks and drinks to keep in our room for when we arrived back in the evening!

I wouldn't hesitate to choose Disneys Santa Fe hotel should we visit again, it catered for everyone and the staff couldn't have been nicer! I hope this has been a fun read for you guys - or maybe its convinced you to have a little trip to Disney? I am desperate to go again - I'm already saving up to take Elias for his 5th Birthday!

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  1. This post really makes me want to go again and see all the things I missed the first time! My boyfriend took me there for Valentine's last year as a surprise :) We stayed in New York, New York I think! I'll be doing a short post on my Disney adventure soon :) x

    Holly ∣ Closingwinter

  2. Ah you went for your Honeymoon?! That is so awesome!! My other half hates Disney so I've never gotten to share it with him but thats so cool that you two could.
    We had an awful time at the airport too and on the way back (despite our tickets being booked for 10 months) they had apparently over booked and kicked us off - it was awful! Eurostar only from now on for us haha.

    Danielle xo