Last of the Summer Scents

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

I'm callin' it. Summer is over. Or at least, here in England it is.
Therefore, I'm using up the last of my tropical, more exotic scented products before I switch over to warmer, more spicy treats.
If you're looking for a last fling with summer, or are holding on to it as long as possible, I recommend these products.

I always have a candle burning in the house and you just cant beat Yankee wax tarts. The scents are long lasting and strong and they have a brilliant burn time too - plus you can get them in a million and one 'flavours'.
Close your eyes and whisk yourself off to a vacation dream spot, 'Pineapple Cilantro' is the perfect combination of tropical fruits and creamy coconut, which I just cant get enough of!
Lazing on the beach not for you? How about the scent of sweet summer baking with 'Strawberry Shortcake'? Its deliciously fruity and oh-so sweet.
How about a drink to go with your summer salad? 'Peach Smoothie' is a yummy blend of juicy peach and sweet undertones that makes the home smell like a summer afternoon!

I had my eye on this limited edition range for a while and when I had the chance to choose a free gift with my 'Love your Body' loyalty card, I just knew I had to pick it up before it sold out.
The light and refreshing scent is perfect for those summer showers. It's sweet, citrus-y and delicately minty and leaves my skin feeling super soft and hydrated.
I love the amazing green colour of the gel, too, it really brightens up my bathroom!

Are you noticing a cocktail theme here?!
Body sprays are perfect for the summer, they're light but give you a little something to be remembered by. You probably know by now that I am in love with the Victorias Secret body mists - but at £10 each they arent exactly cheap, a much more affordable alternative are the Dollys Mixtures body mists, retailing at just £2 each.
They come in a range of addictive scents from 'Peach Melba' to 'Candyfloss', but my personal favourite has to be 'Pina Colada'. It smells exactly like you'd hope and is just so refreshing.
These dont last all that long on the skin but the bottle size is handbag friendly so you can keep it handy for top ups throughout the day.

Sometimes there really is nothing better than taking some time to relax with a face mask. During the colder months I prefer to use self heating face packs but in the warm summer months I chose cooler, more refreshing ones.
The 7th Heaven (formerly 'Montagne Jeunesse') masks are my go-to for sure, my skincare draw is full-to-burst with them. They have a wide selection of 'flavours' and finishes (scrubs, muds, souffles) and are super cheap, plus they are cruelty free. They really work into the skin to leave it fresh and clean.
Creamy Coconut is one of my favourites for the summer as its super rich and moisturising and gives my skin the boost it often needs.

If, like me, you've tried and enjoyed other Palmers products in the past, you are going to love this.
Much to my surprise, it doesn't smell particularly like coconut but it does work wonders on the hair and has the added benefit of no sulfates or parabens. Of course, I am not saying that hair care is exclusively for the summer months, but products like this seem to have more of a charm in those months.
This little treasure includes ingredients like coconut milk and silk protein which work to replenish and revive your hair to its full, bouncy glory.

As much as I have enjoyed using up all of my summer-esque products, I just cant wait to switch to more indulgent winter treats, they seem to make the dark, cold days much more inviting ....

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  1. I've definitely seen those facemasks here in Australia, I'll have to give them a go!
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination