Childrenswear with Handmade by Dani*

Monday, 3 August 2015

Once in a while you come across a boutique with such adorable clothes that you don't know how you did without them before! This very thing happened last week when I was oh-so kindly gifted the most adorable pair of shorts for Elias by Handmade by Dani.

Dani lovingly crafts beautiful babies and childrenswear with all kinds of designs and in all kinds of styles from dresses to ties - and everything in between, all from her own home in Hampshire.

When I received these uh-mazing comic strip themed shorts for Elias I was so, so pleased. They are absolutely perfect, right down to the last stitch. There is something about an item that is not mass produced which makes it so much more special and thoughtful - and I've already had a few 'Where did you get those shorts?' at a baby group Elias and I visit every week!

The shorts come in a range of sizes starting at just £8 and are truly beautiful. The elasticated waist makes them easy to pull up and down - which is much appreciated when you have a wriggly infant nappy to change every few hours  - and it also makes them super comfortable for little ones!
The 100% cotton fabric is soft and flexible which makes for ease of movement - essential for a little guy who is always on the go, and they are finished with a little 'Handmade by Dani' label - such a personal and thoughtful touch.

Something I was really impressed with on these shorts is that there is a tag displaying care and washing information. There is always a worry with something that has been handmade that you wont wash it properly and it'll shrink or tear, but Dani has eliminated this worry with another thoughtful touch to her pieces - a mothers dream!

Elias loves his shorts and his comic book mad daddy is always happy to see him in them, too! I cant wait to put Elias in some more of Dani's gorgeous pieces - I think I want to get him a darling little tie next!

You can see all of Dani's work and keep up to date with her work on her Facebook page!

*Thankyou so much for giving me the chance to dress Elias in one of your beautiful garments Dani*


  1. Elias looks adorable in these! I don't have children yet but if I did, I would definitely have to buy something like these for them. My fiance is comic book mad too, so he would definitely agree!
    Elias looks SO pleased with himself as well wearing them! :) xx

    Sian xx Cakey Dreamer

    1. Thanks so much Sian!
      Haha sounds like our fiances would get on really well!
      Thanks for reading

  2. Oh my goodness! Elias looks beyond adorable in those shorts! Xx