The Love/Hate Tag

Thursday, 23 July 2015

I was recently tagged by the gorgeous and oh-so sweet Bianca Of Ditsy Sprinkles to complete the Love/Hate challenge and I'm just now getting around to doing it!

The Rules

Simply list 10 things which you love and 10 things which you hate - and nominate 10 blogger friends to complete the tag next!

| Ten things I Love (in no particular order) |

1. My Son. He is so perfect. My dream come true. 
2. OSTs. There's something so amazing about listening to something composed for the big screen!
3. Superhero Movies. It's so exciting to get lost in a world where anything could happen!
4. Autumn. Beautiful colours. Cosy evenings and homely food.
5. Makeup. Creating a million-and-one looks and a worlds worth of products to try!
6. Tom Hanks. Well, because, the man's a legend.
7. Baths. They're so relaxing - especially with some music, candles and a bath bomb or two.
8. America. Land of the free and home of the brave. I love anything American and dream of travelling it someday!
9. Christmas. Family, Friends, decorations, movies, food, gifts - what's not to love?
10. Love. It's so beautiful to be in love and to see people in love. Every kind of love is precious - I learned this especially since having my son

| Ten things I Hate (in no particular order) |

1. Negativity. Yes, I realise the irony in hating negativity - but I just don't have time for it!
2. Bullies. If you don't like someone, don't be in their company. No need to be a nasty s**t.
3. Being forgotten/ Feeling invisible. Especially when you try so hard with some people.
4. having no signal. Ugh. The most frustrating thing - especially when you are trying to send an email!
5. Arguing. Its such a waste of time.
6. Saying Goodbye. When you know you wont see them for a while, it's hard to let go.
7. Animal cruelty. Is there really any need?
8. Football. Ugh, what a drag.
9. Fish. Bleugh.
10. Being hungry! I get that 'hangry' thing waay to easy :')

| Bloggers I Nominate |
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6. Felicity & Lauren | PrettyPoshOhMyGosh
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8. Natalie Ann | PetalPoppetBlogs
9. Holly | Empfire
10. Bethany | Simply Bethany

Have fun girls and let me know when you have completed your posts so I can read them! And for my non-blogger friends, what are some of the things you Love/Hate?