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Monday, 20 July 2015

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Good photography is essential when blogging - it helps your readers to understand what you are talking about and creates an excitement in their minds.
I don't have the best photography skills by any stretch of the imagination, but I have picked up some useful hints in my blogging journey, and the best bit is you don't need expensive equipment! Just a creative eye and some patience will make all the difference!

Lots of Light
Good lighting is the key to creating an excellent photo. Lots of light will mean a clear, bright image with good focus - the trick is to know which angles to use the lighting from. I always take my photos in front of a window to make sure I get natural lighting - the best kind. But to make sure I don't end up with dark spots in some corners of my pictures I also use a SAD sun light.
For those days when I don't get around to taking pictures using natural sunlight, I use my at home lightbox. Dan bought me this to help me out since I am mostly busy caring for Elias during the days now. It is fantastic as it comes with a range of backdrops and powerful lights to create a brilliant, professional finish to my images - without the price tag.
I love using photo editors such as picmonkey (online) and modliv (phone app) to make sure my photos are the best they can be - I can alter the lighting to make it the optimum and I can also add definition to my images to make them come together as a whole.

Interesting Angles
Angles are also very important when taking your images. You should consider which angles will best display your subject and try to be creative - rather than just taking all of your pics head on. I like to get low down by my subject (usually beauty products) and lay them out in different positions and take numerous photos. Some products will photograph better at different angles, so its best to just play around and see what you come up with. Its also good to try out different angles when trying to get a close up or 'macro' shot, I like to lay the subject on its side and put some other objects in the background (which I keep blurred) to build a more complete image.

Backgrounds are such fun and something I have recently only discovered the power of - they can really help to show off your subject and can make an image much more attractive to the eye. I have had fun using picture frames, fabrics, even magazine cuttings for my backgrounds, but you could use anything - try to think about something that could relate to your subject to make the picture more 'whole'. For example, if you are photographing festival accessories you could use grass as a backdrop, or if you are photographing shower gels you could use white tiling and carefully placed bubbles - the list is literally endless so get creative; you could even start a pinterest board to help you get inspired!

Crisp & Clear
Lots of bloggers use professional cameras to take their images but I am happy using my Sony Xperia Z1 compact phone - the camera is fantastic and it has so many functions and setting to help me get the lighting right, as well as selecting which parts of the image are in focus and which are not. The main point here is, whatever equipment you are using make sure your image is in focus. Lighting will play a key part in this but when you are taking that picture make sure everything is as you want it and select your main focus point - and keep it in focus. If you dont get it right the first time then snap, snap, snap away until you do.

Be Patient
Taking the perfect image is an art - it doesn't happen the first time. It can be frustrating to get all of your images just as you want it and then the sun dissapears and casts it all into darkness, or to have arranged your subject what feels like a million times over. But remember, Rome wasn't built in a day, and your picture will need to be taken more than once - but it will be worth it. Just be patient and note down what works - next time you can refer to your notes and you will be done much quicker!

Below is an example of a photo using all of all the points I have listed. I have angled the products differently - one upside down  and one correct way up. It has a fitting background to match the 50's vibe of the products and it is clear and in focus. You can see that the image is perfectly acceptable the way that it is, but I have used Picmonkey to crop and add more light to the image to make it more vibrant and eye catching.

Do you have any tips that help you take the perfect snap?

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  1. Some great tips, I am always trying to improve my photography.

    Zeynab x
    The Beauty Load