Colgate Secret Summer Smiles Event + Video

Thursday, 16 July 2015

I've been blogging a little over 2 years now and I've never been to a blogger event - I know, shame on me. I've just never been invited, I'm just now learning the importance of networking and Twitter, but, anyway, I was so excited to be invited to the Elle, Cosmopolitan and Colgate secret Summer Smiles party to celebrate the launch of the brand new Colgate Max White Expert white - the first toothpaste of its kind which includes 0.1% hydrogen peroxide to whiten teeth in just 5 days!

I traveled up to London alone as Dan had to stay and watch Elias, but I didn't mind. I took my iPod and enjoyed all the sights out of the train window, from country meadows to big city sky scrapers, it was a nice journey. I love the excitement of reaching London, you get a sense of adventure and freedom and the views of the gigantic buildings and the famous landmarks is just so exhilarating!

I continued on by tube to 'Embankment' and made my way to the gorgeous 'One Horse Guards' venue - having to stop and ask a police officer where the heck I was going *facepalm*!

I was a little early to the party which gave me the opportunity to walk around the beautifully kept area - little did I know the venue was right across the water from the London Eye, how amazing! Once it was time I made my way back to the party and was greeted by the wonderful Georgia of Cohn&Wolfe, she is such a friendly person which immediately made me feel more comfortable - I'm not a shy person by any means but it can be quite daunting entering a room full of people you don't know alone. Thankfully, Georgia made it  much easier for me and introduced me to beautiful Olivia and a few of the other bloggers that had been invited to the event.

It was so lovely to finally connect with the authors behind some of my favourite blogs including Lauren of PrettyPoshOhMyGosh (who is just as beautiful in real life, I might add!). We chatted and were invited to try some 'Oppo' ice cream - which, unbelievably, has less calories than an apple! I know what you're thinking - some more bland health food - but no way was this one of those! I tried the salted caramel variety and it was every bit as good as Ben&Jerry's and left me absolutely addicted. We also sipped Prosecco and nibbled some amazing canapes!

Inside the venue there were some areas set up in which you could have your hair and makeup done professionally - I took full advantage of this and chatted with Amanda Grossman, makeup artist to the stars, about how to get my brows on point. She was so friendly and beautiful and gave me some amazing tips, as well as recommending some must have products. I also got the chance to speak with Dr David Bloom - a Harley street dentist - about the best way to improve the stains on my teeth. He was so helpful and gave me some brilliant advice!

Lisa Snowdon was also attending the party and she gave us a lovely speech, as well as her top tips for a whiter smile - which included wearing a brighter lipstick!

The venue was decorated so beautifully with red uplights, copies of Elle and Cosmo dotted around, a DJ and some gorgeous signage and photo op points! I really liked the friendly atmosphere and the different backgrounds of the people in attendance - everyone had a story.

At around 7o'clock I was taken off to a separate room to film my very own video. The room had been set up as a beauty corner, with the most exquisite vanity table, professional lighting and a few cameras. I had a mic attached onto my dress (something fun which I had never experienced before), and a couple of cameras pointed onto me as I filmed my 'Top 5 Summer Essentials' video. You can see the video at the bottom of this post and on my Youtube channel.

After filming my video I chatted to some more bloggers and soaked up the beautiful sights off of the terrace as the sun set over the Thames. I, sadly, had to leave the party a little early to make sure I made my train home, but as I left I was handed the most amazing goody bag filled with beautiful treats and surprises. My personal favourites were the M.A.C lipstick in 'Relentlessly Red', the Nails Inc. Polish and the Colgate electric toothbrush - as well as the Max White Expert White toothpaste itself!

I had such an amazing time and made some wonderful new friends. The whole experience was so positive and has left me addicted and so excited for my next blogger event. Thank you so much to Georgia for inviting me along and to the lovely ladies I met for having me and introducing me to the wonderful world of blogger events! I hope you all enjoy my video!


  1. Love your nails so much in this post #nailenvy! Hopefully see you soon xx

    1. Thankyou - can you believe they're just £1 stick ons from primark?!!
      See you soon