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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

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Let's face it, blogs are a dozen a dime nowadays and, although my little blog is by no means a favourite of many, I have learned a thing or two along the way.
It's important to be able to stand out - the amount of blogs I come across with a plain white background, some italic black font and a small logo is unbelievable. I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with this, of course, each to their own, I just think it is nice to keep to your own style rather than copying what every other blogger is doing because it seems trendy.
So, I have rounded up my 5 top tips for everyone who is thinking about starting a blog - or updating their current blog,to take a look at.

Be Passionate
There really is no point in starting a blog if you are not passionate about the subject you are writing about. If you are blogging for the sake of it then your posts will be half arsed and your readers will grow bored of them.You need to find a topic that excites you and is always fresh - for me, that's beauty. There is always something new to discover and I love it. The more you love your subject, the more it will show through your writing and the further you will go!
Another thing I want to mention is, that you shouldn't start a blog because you think you will get lots of free things sent to you. As a blogger, you do get things sent to you, but it takes time and work to gain trust and a relationship with brands and you have a responsibility to honestly review the things you have been sent - they aren't free gifts.

Good Photography is a Must
I have read lots of blogs since starting my own, and almost immediately I came to understand the importance of good photography - I'll be posting a separate piece on how to get good photography later - it is paramount; not only to draw in readers, but to help them understand your posts.
I've only come across a few blogs that had zero pictures of an item they were reviewing and I thought 'wait, what? You expect me to understand the shade of lipstick you are raving about without actually showing me?'. You just cant do that with a blog.
Pictures need to be clear, in focus and interesting - not only to make your blog look good, but to excite your readers too.

Publish during the week
Readers are more likely to visit your blog on Tuesdays and Wednesday studies show, with most hits between 9:30-11am. Early morning between 7am-9am is when people are checking their feeds (Instagram, facebook ect) and their emails, so aim to post just after that time slot.
You are also less likely to get readers on the weekends as people are busy doing their own thing rather than being sat at their PCs or on their phones so try not to publish your posts on these days.
Its a good idea to get your posts ready whenever you have the chance, of course, just try to publish them at the times when you know you will get the most readers and traffic to your blog!
Don't forget to promote those posts to your social media pages with direct links and hashtag keywords - which will make it easier for new readers or companies to find you, for example, when publishing a beauty related post, I always make sure to include the #bbloggers hashtag so that other beauty bloggers and beauty lovers can find me. If you are publishing a fashion piece try using the #fbloggers hashtag!

Don't compare yourself
There are plenty of other blogs out there that started around the same time or after mine did which have higher numbers of followers and readers, but I've learned to not let it bother me. There was a time when I would question what I was doing wrong with my blog or what it was missing, both of these questions have a simple answer; 'nothing'. Each blog will grow at its own pace. Of course some bloggers have much more time to put into their blogs than others so they will inevitably grow faster, and some bloggers have contacts in the right areas which can help spread the word, but fast paced growth doesn't always equal success.
It has taken me 2 years to achieve just over 300 Bloglovin' followers, 600 Twitter followers and 470 Instagram followers, but I am happy with that, I know that people are reading my blog and that makes it all worthwhile.
I have learned that reaching out and joining blogger programs is a really good thing to do, too. EtailPR and The Blogger Programme are a couple of my favourites. You can also find out which brands are looking to work with new bloggers by searching results for the hashtag #bloggerswanted on Twitter!

Give yourself a break
Don't blog if you don't feel like it, your work just wont be as good. Everyone needs a break once in a while and your readers will understand and be right there for you when you make your triumphant return. They'll appreciate the honestly and it lets them know that you are human too - not just a blogging machine!
When I was pregnant my blog really took a backseat and I didn't publish any new posts for about 6 weeks, but when I came back, I was super enthusiastic and bursting with ideas - I got a new layout designed for my blog by 'love from be' and I re-designed my header and posting style.
It's a good idea to keep a diary for your blog. I know some bloggers also keep a schedule of which posts they will publish on which day and although that works great for them, it just isn't for me, I prefer to keep it casual with a notebook which I scribble down ideas into and slowly work my way through. I also have a box at home which is my 'Blogging Box'. This way, if I buy or get sent something to review, I know it will be safe and I know where it is when it comes round to reviewing it!

I hope some of you have found this useful - but let me know what your top blogging tips are too!


  1. Great tips! I am the worst when it comes to comparing myself to other bloggers. You've done really well in just two years. I've been at it for 6 years and I have like half as many followers as you! But numbers shouldn't matter. I'm just grateful someone reads my blog, especially because when I started I thought nobody would.

  2. Thankyou Holly - Just checked out your blog and it is Gorgeous! What an exciting life you lead! I absolutely love your 'internet detox post', I MUST give that a go some time!!
    And you are right, numbers should not be the key focus for a blogger! Im glad someone agrees!