Fathers Day UK Gift Guide

Monday, 1 June 2015

Fathers Day is still a few weeks away - its on the 21st june FYI - but its not too early to start thinking of gifts for the special man who made you the person you are today.
This year is particularly exciting for me as not only do I get to spoil my own dad, but I will also be celebrating Dans first ever fathers day! I just cant wait! 
So, to help get you ready for Fathers Day '15, I have created this gift guide, featuring perfect presents for young & first time daddies as well as older fathers.

All through my pregnancy Dan was at my beck and call. He did everything for me and wouldn't let me lift a finger - sometimes much to my frustration - but I am so grateful for all his love and help. Even though Elias wasn't born yet on Mothers day, Dan surprised me with a card and a beautiful bracelet to say how proud he was of me. 
And, since Elias has been born, he's been every bit as amazing, and more. He helps me with night feeds even when he has been at work all day, he comes home and cooks dinner if I've had a particularity challenging day with Elias and he even sits and goes over wedding plans with me after a long day of work and nappy changing.
I am so excited to celebrate him on his first Fathers day and I love the idea of personalised, dated gifts, so I have included them in my guide above, along with other gifts which I think would be great for younger dads.
*Daddy star can be painted in your choice of colour

Fathers day gift shopping is not something to be rushed. 
Speaking about my own experience - and I'm sure this will go for many others -  my dad is the best. He was there whenever I needed him, from kissing my 'baddies' better when I was little, to chasing off spiders and listening to me say 'I swear dad, I'm not drunk' until I was blue (or green, rather) in the face, he has always been there with support and encouragement. My dad does and gives everything he can for me and my sister, even if it means he goes without, and I love spending this day - but not just this day - to show him how special and important he is to me.
I understand, though, that all dads are different. They like different things and have different interests. My dad loves fishing but I know some dads could think of nothing worse! So above are just a few ideas of a more general fathers day gift idea!
*Calvin Klein 'Obsession' currently half price at Superdrug & All Suits currently 20% off at River Island 

Whatever you do this Fathers day, make lots of memories!


  1. Omg I literally still owe my dad from last year, the gift was like "I will pay for us to both go to the cinema" and I haven't. I'm the worst! Great gift guide, I love those glasses!
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

    1. Hehe thats funny! You should take him to see 'The Avengers; age of Ultron' if you havent watched it yet :D Its awesome!
      Thanks you for reading, Doll!