* Younique moodstruck Mascara - A Game Changer?

Monday, 18 May 2015

I was recently contacted by a presenter for the beauty brand 'Younique' called Lianne, who asked me if I had heard of the Moodstruck Fiber Lash Mascara. Of course I have, and, boy, does it look good!
Like most girls, I dream of super long lashes everyday, without the hassle of falsies or extensions, so I was more than eager to give this product a try, as Lianne kindly sent me one!

The Packaging
The Younique Moodstruck Fiber lashes is presented beautifully. Encased in a protective shell lie 2 tubes of magic. 1, a transplanting gel and 2, natural fibres. These are the only tools needed for super long lashes up to 3x their usual length, and best of all they are made from all natural ingredients and are cruelty free! I really love the design of the case, its so sleek and expensive looking and feels so luxurious!

The Product
Younique Moodstrck fiber lashes is nothing short of amazing. It's more than just a mascara, its a statement piece for the eyes.
Its super easy to apply (but each one comes with it's own set of instructions, just incase you're unsure.) To get emphasised lashes you simply apply a coat of the transplanting gel to naked lashes, followed immediately by a coat of the natural fibers ( did I mention that they're made from green tea - how freakin' cool?!), you then seal it all in place with another coat of the transplanting gel. You will see results already. However, if you want more volume, then simply repeat the steps again and again until you are pleased with your look.
I have to admit, I was a little concerned that the fibres would clump and give my lashes that 'spider leg' look, but they didn't. They are so easy to work with and the transplanting gel brush separates and fans out the lashes effortlessly and beautifully.
I was also surprised that the transplanting gel was black. It sounds silly, but when I hear the word gel, I just assume it would be a clear formula, but this works so much better being black. Alternatively, you can use your favourite mascara in place of the transplanting gel.
Each tube is designed to last 3+ months if used every day, but I like to save mine for special occasions and days out! And, because the ingredients are all natural, this product doesn't damage the lashes at all, unlike false lashes.

The result.
As expected, I was thrilled with the result. I do have quite long lashes naturally but this enhanced them beyond anything I have tried before, and I love it. As you can see in my images above, just one coat makes a dramatic difference and two is almost as though wearing falsies - only better!
The Younique Moodstruck Fiber Lashes enhanced my eyes so much that I even love to wear it alone without any eye liner for a doll like effect!

So, would I say that this product is a game changer? Absolutely. There is no better feeling than having a set of super long lashes to bat, and knowing that they are all my own makes that feeling even more special. Once you've used the Younique Moodstruck fiber lashes, it is so hard to go back to regular mascara, you'll be addicted!

You can find out more and shop the Moodstruck Fiber lashes and all the other gorgeous Younique products (hello, lipstains!) directly from Liannes store right now, and you can join her facebook page too where she is currently running a raffle to win a Younique Stiff Upper Lip Lipstain at just £2 a ticket!

*Thankyou for introducing me to the Younique World Lianne, I am looking forward to discovering more of the wonderful products!

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