Does this work? Got2b Mind Blowing Xpress Dry Styling Spray

Friday, 29 May 2015

It's a fact that I hate to dry my hair. No wait, I loathe drying my hair. It sucks and its boring. It takes what feels like forever because its so long and thick and anything that could help me to get it done more quickly would be a dream come true. After all, I'd much rather be blogging ;)

So, enter the Got2b Mind Blowing Xpress Dry Styling Spray. I came across this on the Superdrug website (its also available in store), and as well as being completely drawn in by the statement turquoise and rose bottle, I was intrigued with the promise of speeding up blow dry time as well as detangling and conditioning the hair in a fraction of the usual styling time. This product claims to work by repelling water droplets away from the hair to reduce the drying time.
To use this you simply spritz it onto towel dried hair and blow dry as usual. It also provides heat defense, which is a fantastic bonus - especially for people with unruly and damaged hair like mine.

I usually run a brush through my hair as I blow dry it to reduce frizz and help it stay straight.
So, I spritzed this in and began to dry my hair. The first thing I noticed was the lovely scent - it's so light and refreshing! I also liked how this settled so evenly into my hair - not leaving parts of it crispy and hard looking.
However, after 10 minutes of drying I was starting to lose hope. And after another 10 minutes I had lost it completely. Maybe it's because my hair is so thick and long, but I really didn't find this product effective in the speed department at all. I like it for it's other properties - it certainly did detangle my hair and made it much less frizzy, but unfortunately it didn't do much for me in the way of reducing my drying time.

So, does this work? If you're looking for a pretty, affordable detangler and heat defense, then buy this. But if, like me, you are on a desperate hunt for a dry-time reducer, then this isn't the product for you. I have to add that I have used this 5 times to make sure that my results were accurate and I wasn't just having a bad hair day, but each time I found myself to be disappointed.
I love the Got2b range, and they have some wonderful products that I swear by, including the Oil-licious styling oil and the Sexy Big Volume Mousse so by no means will I be abandoning this brand, but this one was a definite miss for me!

Have you come across a good drying time reducer? I'd love to try some more!


  1. This is so interesting. I didn't even know they have started making products to reduce drying time. Will just have to keep a close eye on the chemicals they put in it then! Pity it didn't help you!


    1. Me too! This is the first one I've tried but im definitley keeping my eyes open for others :D
      Thanks for reading