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Friday, 20 February 2015

For my Birthday my beautiful cousins were so sweet and bought me an amazing Wild Rose scented hand care collection from The BodyShop.
I absolutely love The Bodyshop - the ingredients are clean, the fragrances are so fresh and the packaging is so well designed.
I had never tried anything from the Wild Rose Range before, but my cousin assured me that it smelled wonderful and now, I'm not really sure why I never tried it before!
I have to admit that I have only really used body and face care items from the The BodyShop up until now, so I knew this would be a nice change of pace!

The packaging was so sweet and right up my street - I almost couldn't bring myself to open it (almost!), but I was desperate to give the products a try!
I really love the wicker basket it was presented in - I have kept it to decorate my beauty table with - and the bow it was wrapped up with was the perfect finishing touch.

The collection includes; the Wild Rose Hand Cream SPF15 (100ml), the Wild Rose Caring Hand Wash (250ml), the Wild Rose Nourishing Hand Butter (100ml)  and the Wild Rose Targeted Hand Oil
I really love the packaging on this collection - it's so pretty and very distinguishable! Each product is a good size and I have really enjoyed using them, they have even helped moisturise my dry and irritated skin. I'll spare you the grossing out pictures but pregnancy has left my hands very dry and cracked so this collection really couldn't have come at a better time!

My favourite product has to be the Wild Rose Hand Cream SPF15. I have always heard good things about The BodyShop hand creams and my cousin loves the Hemp version, so I had high hopes for this and I have not been disappointed! It gets to work straight away and, as you can imagine, has the most addictive floral scent.
This product is designed for mature skin, but that really doesn't matter to me - I believe it is better to be keeping your hands moisturised and young with a good quality product no matter of the designed age range, rather than letting them get exposed to chemicals and weather conditions with no care at all! Plus this has all the benefits of SPF 15 - winner!

I have also been really loving the Wild Rose Targeted Hand Oil. I have never used something like this and I think is absolutely genius! Oils can be very messy, but the rollerball applicator on this allows complete control so you don't end up drowning yourself in oil and sliding around the house. I also love that it is a perfect size to take in your handbag, so you can make sure to keep using it throughout the day.
I cant seem to find this product on The BodyShop website so I am unable to provide a link. However, I'm sure it can easily be picked up in-store!

I am a big fan of this Wild Rose Nourishing Hand Butter. As I'm sure most of us are, I love the BodyShop's body butter range, and this is every bit as good. It has rose-hip oil for intense moisturising power, but it has a lovely non-greasy finish so your not all slippery for hours after using it! 
Th tub is so cute and you really only need a small amount for 24 hour moisturised hands, so I know this is going to last me quite some time!

The Wild Rose Caring Hand Wash is just lovely! Its so nice to have a hand wash that is rich and creamy rather than the standard gel form.  As well as containing rose hip oil and rosewater, this product is soap-free, so it is gentle on your skin while leaving it protected and moisturised.
The pump bottle is so handy (pardon the pun!) and the scent lingers on the hands for ages after use - I cant help but keep sniffing them, I must look like a crazy lady, but it is seriously addictive!

If you haven't tried any hand care by the BodyShop then I highly recommend that you do so - there are lots of fragrances available, so even if you're not a floral fan, there will be something else you will love!

Thankyou to my cousins for this great gift - I am officially hooked!

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