HAUL | Spring Fling

Monday, 23 February 2015

Its been spring in my heart pretty much since January - you know the feeling, Christmas and New Year have past and you need something new to look forward to! So, I thought I would share with you all some of the lovely items I've been picking up in preparation for spring time.
I always love spring, its a great time for the beauty world as there is an endless amount of shiny, pretty new products released and fashion takes a new turn too!

First up; Nails.
Models own have released a new 'Chrome' Collection | £4.99 each, and I have desperately been hunting down the shade 'rose'. Its the perfect rose gold colour and, as with all the polishes in this collection, it applies so smoothly and is seriously shiny. The idea of these polishes is to have a molten metal effect and I just love it,. I think that 'Rose' is the perfect spring shade, its pink and girly with an edgy twist.
As always Barry M are right on trend - especially with the release of their new 'Speedy Quick Dry' nail paint collection | £3.99 each. This collection features 9 pastel polishes perfect for the spring which dry super fast and have an all new flat brush for quick and easy application. I picked up shades 'Lap of Honour' (dusty mauve) and 'Road Rage' (mint green).
Barry M have also extended their Gelly collection with the release of the new 'Plumpy top coat' | £2.99, designed to give their Gelly nail paints the ultimate gel look finish. I was a little put off by the name 'plumpy' as I thought it might make my nail polish look thick and clumpy,but it does no such thing, it just leaves them super shiny and strong.

I have always been a massive Maybelline fan, I'd go as far as to say that they're my favourite make up brand, but ever since I tried the 'better skin foundation' and hated it I have been a little reluctant to try their new releases.
However, being the sucker for packaging that I am, I just couldn't help but pick up their new items on a recent Superdrug trip.
The Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude foundation | £8.99, is just amazing, It is so light but gives amazing coverage - and can we just take a second to admire that amazing ombre bottle?! The lid has a cool dropper tool inside so that you dont waste any product and it just makes my skin look so flawless.
With all the hype over the Benefit Roller lash mascara I was feeling a little left out having not tried it, however, after using the new Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara | £7.99, I couldn't care less. This mascara is perfect. It was a little wet the first couple of times I used it but I could easily get past that for the results! The brush is curved and so easy to work with and it makes my lashes look gorgeous - long, fanned out and super dark, what more could you ask?!
I know I always rave about how much I love the Collection eye definition liquid liner, but I bought a new tube last month and was so upset at how the formula seems to have changed and become all flaky, so I thought I'd give the new Maybelline master precise | £5.99, felt liner a try. I rarely use felt liners as I find it tricky to get nice neat fine lines, however this one has a very fine tip so you can draw neat wings and cat eye flicks 'til your hearts content. I do find that you need to apply a couple of coats if your applying it over eyeshadow, but it gives a nice, long lasting result, so I can get past that!
Finally, I was so happy to see some new additions to the Maybelline 24 hour colour tattoo range. I know that the US have a wide shade selection and I was a bit miffed when I realised we had very little choice, but its nice to know that new shades are being added. I have picked up shade 'Eternal Pink' which I have been absolute loving to use to highlight the inner eye corner. It blends well and is so light. I find that these really do last hours on the skin and at £4.99 a piece they are a bargain!

The Maybelline Baby Skin range is something I have become addicted to (yes, MORE Maybelline!). I have just come to the end of my first tube of the Baby Skin Instant Fatigue Blur Pore Eraser | £7.99 in 'Cool Rose'. I have to say that I have enjoyed this much more than the original Baby skin primer as it is much less greasy and gives my skin a gorgeous, even matte look. On lazier days I even just wear this alone without foundation as it makes my skin feel lovely. I know its shallow, but I am also in love with the adorable pastel pink colour of the cream, too!
I'm sure all of us have tried the Baby Lips lip balms before, but I had been patiently waiting for what felt like forever for the Baby Skin Dr Rescue lip balms to hit UK shores. Well, they finally have and I have not been one bit disappointed. Just like the originals, these lip balms are designed to keep lips baby soft and moisturised, with the added power of alleviating chapping and damage. They come in a variety of shades and while I don't find that the tint is all that effective I really like the results and the tiny £3.49 price tag. I picked up shades 'Too Cool' and 'Coral Crave'

Fragrance wise, I haven't strayed too far from my signature scent 'Princess' by Vera Wang. While browsing Amazon recently I noticed that I could buy a big 100ml bottle of the Vera Wang 'Flower Princess' fragrance for under £20, and even though I had never tried it before I just couldn't help myself.
I love the floral packaging, and the scent, while remaining sweet and fresh, is floral too which makes this the perfect spring scent for girly girls.
The bottle is the same adorable heart shape but the crown on this edition is silver rather than gold, and the liquid is pink instead of the usual purple.
I am hooked!

I have been loving the 'bare skin' and 'nude' make up trends that are quickly becoming a spring staple, so I have picked up some key pieces.
The new MUA Luxe Whipped Velvet Blush is just a dream. I picked up shade 'Spry', but I really wish I had picked up all 5 shades on offer, especially as they are only £3 each. While the packaging is basic, there is nothing plain about the product itself. It is so soft and light (think mousse texture) and applies seamlessly. 'Spry' is the perfect colour for my fair skin as it gives my cheeks a spot of colour without leaving them looking flushed and OTT! P.S there are also matching lip colours avaialble in this new range ;)
The Collection Lasting Perfection concealer | £4.19, is a much talked about product in the beauty world and I have been really enjoying using mine these last few weeks. It applies with a doe foot brush and blends so well. I find that it doesn't crease and it easily covers up the dark circles and blemishes that tend to crop up!
90's nude lips are hot hot hot right now and I am trying out this look with the KIKO pencil lip glosses | £3.40. I picked up shades '60' and '80'. Both are very pale and nude but I definitely prefer shade '80' as it has that nude with brown hint which the look calls for. I really like these as they have all the shine of a lipgloss without being gloopy and sticky! Perfect.
I recently took part in a swap box with XOXOMeaghan (see full post here), and I received this awesome 'Walking on Eggshells' eyeshadow trio by Wet'n'Wild. I am addicted to this as all the colours are perfect for my skin tone and they are very buildable. I love using the pearl pink shadow all over my lid and filling in my crease with the brown shadow - it gives a lovely amount of depth and makes my eyes look all the larger!

We don't have a bath in our house so I always like to buy nice shower gels and when I spotted this Cafe De Bain shower creme in 'Coconut Macaroon' On offer in Superdrug for £1.99 I just had to buy it. The packaging is so cute and the smell is incredible - I have fallen in love with it!
They have everything in this range from 'Cherry & Almond' to 'Raspberry & Rose', so I cant wait to pick up another bottle!

Yeyy, shoes!
I rarely ever treat myself to heels as I don't seem to wear them that often but when shopping on Missguided recently I saw that they had an extra 20% off all sale items, so I had a look about and came across these 2 pairs of beauties for just £10 each! Plus the 20% discount! Who is going to say no to £8 for a gorgeous pair of heels?!
I really like this strappy, sandal style of heel as I think they will look classy with jeans as well as cute with dresses, so I opted for the Clara snake print white strappy sandals and the Clara Heeled sandals baby blue. Both pairs fit comfortably and look so pretty!
I thought the white heels would work great with so many outfits and have the edgynes of the snake print and the powder blue heels will be perfect for the spring time!
Both of these pairs of heels are still on sale on the Missguided website for just £10 each.

I'm sure I'll pick up many more spring treasures, but these are definitely my favourite to date! What trends and products are you loving this season? Have you picked up any bargins?


  1. the Missguided sale is incredible at the moment right?
    I posted a haul today of some things I picked up if you want to take a look?
    love this post though xx

    1. It so is!! :D I had to stop myself from buying more haha!
      Im on my way to your blog now!
      Thanks for reading

  2. Amazing haul! I love Lash Sensational and I really rate Wet n Wild palettes :) I love the look of all your nail colours, need the new Barry M ones and I'll have to get the Model's Own shade, it's stunning! xx

    Magpie Jasmine

    1. Thank you Jasmine!
      I am absolutely loving this mascara - dont know how i did without it hehe!
      Oh yes definitely pick up the polishes - they are so great for spring and so cheap!
      Thanks for reading!

  3. Those Barry M polishes look incredible! I adore pastels! Xx

  4. What a great, big and inspiring haul!
    I'm currently looking for tips how other bloggers shop, funny stories or anecdotes.
    If you have any, please, share :)

    You can find me here: www.fashiondisaster.be
    Or on Instagram: fashiondisastercc

    Thanks in advance! :)