February '15 Glossybox - A Little Dissapointment

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Ever since receiving my first two Glossyboxes last month and being absolutely delighted with them, I have been highly anticipating February's edition.

So, when the postman handed me my shiny new box earlier this week I just couldn't wait to peek inside!

I have to say I am not overwhelmed with the packaging of this box. Considering this is a valentines themed box I feel like the 'LOVE' text on the lid isn't all that romantic -  aside from being hot pink, of course. I think a simple pattern or a love heart doodle would have worked better. But it's what's inside that counts, right?
Well, not so great there either unfortunately. I like the pretty 'Glossybox' tissue paper with a matching hot pink ribbon, but the shredded paper inside is just so cheap looking (and feeling.) It reminds me of shredded office paper and is just so boring.

I read the little pamphlet to see what products were included and was happy to see 4 full size products and an adorable mini tube of 'Love Heart' candies.
I couldn't help but feel that these products aren't as exciting as the last I had been sent but none the less, I peeled back the pretty tissue paper to have a look at each one.

The first item I picked out was the most disappointing by far. The Wilkinson Sword Hydro Silk Razor | RRP £9.99.
Considering that Glossybox prides themselves on being 'The ultimate beauty experience', I cant say that this lived up to that at all.
I really hate to grumble, but - a razor? Really?
Granted it is a little nicer than your everyday BIC razor, but it is still just a razor. I don't know if my disappointment was heightened by the fact I am finding it hard to reach over my massively pregnant belly to shave my legs, but it just seems like a bit of a cop out item?
The good thing about this is that it retails at £9.99, so the cost of the Glossybox is covered by this item alone plus you get 4 other items, too.

On a more positive note, I was happy to receive a full size pot of  the Royal Apothic Tinties in 'coral' | RRP $14.
This L.A brand was inspired by an old apothecary manual (how cool?!) and has become a celebrity favourite.
This little lip balm is beautifully presented in a vintage style glass jar and contains shea butter, argan oil and almond oil amongst other lovely things, meaning your lips feel super hydrated and moisturised.
It smells wonderful and has just the right hint of colour to give your lips a gorgeous flush!
Its a shame that this brand is only sold in the US right now but they do have a website (here) where you can place an order - and they even have a range made just for men!

Another item which I am still unsure of is the MARSK Mineral eyeshadow in 'fifty Shades' | RRP £14.49.
There is nothing overly offensive about this product, I just find it a little 'blah' - for lack of better word.
The packaging doesn't leave me feeling inspired, it has a strange creamy colour that looks as though it has been sitting in the sun too long and personally, I'm not that into grey shadows.
Of course the name is inspired by the release of that movie and if you are a fan of grey eyeshadows, I'm sure you will like this. It is 100% natural - which is always a winner, but at £14.49 a piece, I don't think I'll be repurchasing.

I'm still having trouble deciding if I like this product or not. The So Susan Rose Quartlet lip & Cheek palette | RRP £8.
I think the packaging makes it look pretty cheapy (it almost reminds me of something you'd buy when you are young and just discovering make up), but the product itself has a lovely texture and gives a wonderful result.
There are 4 shades in this mini palette; hot pink, rose, crimson and terracotta - which means it will work well for any look and any skin tone.
I like the size as it means it is a nice travel item - but I do feel that it would benefit hugely from having a mirror in the lid.
The colours are very buildable and the texture is very creamy and soft so they blend well without being oily or shiny on the skin.
I'm going to keep using this product to see if it grows on me, but for now I'm going to say that, as nice as it is I probably wouldn't spend £8 repurchasing it.

The final item in the box was a variable one, as I have seen on other Glossybox reviews that some subscribers received something different from this.
That being said, I am happy with this item and I am looking forward to using it! This is the Got2Be All star 10 in 1 styling treatment | RRP £4.07.
I have used Got2Be items before and have always been very impressed with them. I find it hard to come by products that keep my long, heavy hair in any style that I attempt,  but the Got2Be hairspray really seems to work so I have high hopes for this, too.
I really like the vibrant packaging and, if it lives up to its word, this product will give my hair shine, fullness, strength, thickness, smoothness, suppleness, protection, anti-frizz, anti-humidity and shape all in 2-6 pumps.
As with all Got2Be products it has a wonderful smell and is so simple to use. It is recommended to use this product on damp hair, so I am hoping it will have good hold and a lasting effect.

As I mentioned, Glossybox also included a little tube of love hearts as a special valentines treat.

Overall, I wasn't too impressed with this box. There are 2 items that I know I will get use from but I think there was so much potential and so much to work with being that it was valentines themed. Glossybox seemed to have just stopped the theme at the box design.
It would have been nice to see a red lipstick or lip stain and some false lashes included or even a perfume sample, but nevermind!
I'm sure there are some subscribers who will love this box but it just wasn't a winner for me! Hopefully next months box will excite me as much as my first did!

Did you receive this Glossybox? What did you think?


  1. Shame you didn't like some of the contents; but the 'Love' box packaging is gorgeous! X
    Laura | A Life With Frills

    1. Yes it is, but Im feeling good about next months box!
      Thanks for reading!

  2. I adore the royal Apothic tinties! Such a lovely product. Fab review xx

    1. They are very very cute hehe!
      Thankyou for reading!