Valentines At Home Move Night

Thursday, 22 January 2015

I've never gone out to a valentine's dinner at a restaurant before and I'm adamant that I never will. To me, it seems so forced and impersonal - I'd much rather do something at home where I can set up some pretty decorations and cook up some home made treats and food - its much more thoughtful and you don't have to rush the evening away to make sure the next couple have a table for their dinner reservations.

Being at home means you can really enjoy the evening - and although I completely agree with those who say 'you should show your loved one that you love them everyday, not just on valentines', I still always look forward to Valentines day as it is another chance for me to do something nice for Dan and show him how much I appreciate all he does for me.

Since we are saving up for Our wedding in October and I am due to give birth in a matter of weeks, I have been looking for inspiration for a nice Valentines night in. It may sound boring to some people but I really enjoy nights in with Dan, its relaxing, peaceful and comfortable (not forgetting more affordable)!

I have (as usual) found an endless list of good ideas on Pinterest, but the one that really struck me was an 'at home move night'.  I am planning on doing the Valentines night on the 13th as it is a Friday so it will give me all day to set up a nice area, put up some decorations and make some treats for us without Dan knowing, then we will cook a proper Valentines breakfast and dinner on the actual day!

I am going to do a box of popcorn for each of us, I got some of these adorable card popcorn boxes on eBay - they were super cheap and are so cute! Ill get some 'make -at-home' popcorn so that it is warm and delicious when we eat it and sprinkle it with icing sugar so its perfectly sweet!
I also got these matching hotdog trays on eBay so we can each have a yummy hotdog!
I bought one of these amazing Kilner drinks dispensers for £12 at the Range! I love it so much! I'm going to fill it with Coca-Cola and I got some disposable cinema style drink cups from eBay to go along with it.
I'm also going to set up a mini pick&mix station for us. I'll use pretty pink sweets like 'love hearts', marshmallows and bonbons. Ill display them in mason jars and put some of these super cute striped candy bags and sweet tongs (which I found on eBay) nearby!

Decoration wise, Ill keep it simple and cosy with blankets, fairy lights, cushions and a few pretty balloons. I've picked up some cute valentines ribbons and bunting to decorate the food table with and I'll place some tea lights around the room too - I love the way they flicker.
I'll let Dan chose the movie - I'm not going to force him to watch a chick flick, and to be honest I'm not that into them anyway, so I expect we will end up watching an action film or something futuristic - Netflix has tons to choose from!

I'm really looking forward to our at home movie night, it's the little touches that will make it extra fun and special and I can't wait to show you pictures of how my set-up turns out! What are your plans for valentine's day?


  1. This sounds wicked! Look forward to seeing the finishing pictures :)
    I will be in Rome on Valentines Day, celebrating my one year anniversary.
    Hope you both enjoy your evening x

    1. Oh wow, Rome! How exciting! I am insanely jealous!
      Wishing you an amazing time :D
      Thanks for reading!

  2. Me and my partner love a good romcom! I'll be in Portland on Valentines Day this year!
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

    1. Sounds like a perfect time, RomComs are always fun! I hope you have so much fun together!