My First GlossyBox | Better than BirchBox?

Monday, 12 January 2015

I have heard a lot about GlossyBox around blogs and from beauty YouTubers, so I was excited to receive my first one and see if all the hype was really true, and after my first BirchBox being such a success, I thought that Glossybox was going to have a hard time competing - but I was pleasantly surprised!

I actually found a voucher code online allowing me to receive a FREE backdated Glossybox with my first months box (which I will also post about later this week), so I was very happy about that! Unfortunately, the voucher code has expired now but there are plenty of offers about, so make sure you keep your eyes open.

I was immediately impressed when I opened up my first GlossyBox parcel. The soft pink box with its sleek black text and 'Glossybox' logo is just beautiful and when I took the lid off the beauty continued. There was a little pamphlet detailing each product and how to use it and wrapped in soft pink tissue and finished with a darling black bow & 'GlossyBox' sticker were my 5 new products. And, they are all full size!

First, I picked out the 'Naked Lips' Organic Lip Balm in Superfruits | RRP €5
This lovely lip balm has a 100% natural formula and smells amazingly like a fresh smoothie. It glides onto my lips smoothly, without dragging, and leaves them soft and with a delicate sheen .
It is infused with oils from anti-oxidant rich fruits and helps to nourish the lips - perfect for this time of year when the harsh weather conditions can really take their toll on delicate lip skin!

Next, I discovered the  'Nicka K New York'  Colourluxe powder blush | RRP €8.95
This little pot of loose powder blush is so cute and just the perfect size for popping into your handbag. It comes in this adorable faux metal pot with a rose gold lid (I'm totally a sucker for rose gold) which even has its very own little mirror! It has a little powder puff applicator too, which means you can really control the application of the blush and not end up looking like a clown.
The pigment is quite strong so you really only need a light application but the formula is so lightweight that you really wont know you are wearing it at all, plus, it is matte so it is almost like having a cream blusher finish in powder form!
I have never tried anything from 'Nicka K New York' before, but this little pot of blush has got me curious to try more.

In my box, I also found a 'MeMeMe' Eye line pencil in 'Clay' | RRP £4
I love eye liner pencils. They are so versatile and I love to smudge them a little to give a daytime smoky eye look. This one by MeMeMe is long-lasting but very soft so it doesn't have too much of a 'hardline' effect when you draw it on. It was nice to receive an eye liner pencil that isn't black, too - I find that so many people use black eye liner pencils to fill in the waterline and completely forget about the other rainbow of colours available and what you can do with them!
The packaging of this pencil is simple and elegant and I love the handy colour strip at the bottom too.

I was super happy to see the 'Jelly Pong Pong' All over glow in my box | RRP £10
I have heard of Jelly Pong Pong before but never tried them, and I have to say, this product impressed me so much that I have already been eyeing up what to buy next.
The 'All Over Glow' is an illuminizing gel which is oil free - so not only is it great for problem skin, but it applies so smoothly, too.
I have used Benefits High Beam before, so I thought that this would have to be very good to even slightly compare to that, but I was actually amazed at just how good it is! It features micronized pearlescent pigments which perfectly catch light in every angle and yet it isn't glittery, so it really is the ultimate highlighter. 'High Beam' doesn't have a patch on this!
That, plus the fact it has the cutest packaging makes it an all round winner for me and I am so glad that GlossyBox included it in the January edit!

Lastly, I pulled a bottle of 'Kueshi Natural & Pleasant Cosmetics' Revitalizing face toner out of my box | RRP €10.70
I was so surprised that something this size would be included in a beauty box, but, boy, am I pleased it was. It smells so sweet and refreshing and is packed with natural ingredients plus science-led formulations so it gets to work right away. I'm not sure that I like the colour so much, as it thought it was a nail polish remover at first glance, but, this aside, it leaves my skin feeling fresh and rehydrated and I just love it!

I really thought it was going to be hard to top my first BirchBox but GlossyBox have gone and done it with ease. I am so pleased with what was included in the box and having 5 full size products to try was amazing. While I don't think is the norm for Glossybox, I am still really looking forward to discovering new brands and products when my next box arrives.Your very own GlossyBox subscription will set you back £13.25 a month (Inc. Delivery) and you can find out more about it here.
I have decided to cancel my BirchBox subscription because, as great as it was, I just felt that it didn't compare to my Glossybox! As shallow as it is, I found the packaging of the Glossybox more aesthetically pleasing and I also liked the fact that the products included in the Glossybox were more affordable than those found in BirchBox - meaning I could actually afford to repurchase them.

Have you tried this monthly beauty box before? What did you think?


  1. The fact that the products are more affordable to repurchase is a great reason to switch! I'm currently using some cream samples that I love that I literally will never be able to afford ha..
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination