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Friday, 9 January 2015

Preparing for our babys arrival has been a very exciting time. We cant wait to meet our little boy in April and although we want everything to be the very best for him, we have to do things on a budget as our wedding is coming up in October too!

Our families have been so very generous and excited and we have been showered with gifts ever since we announced our big news, but when it came to decorating the nursery there were a few things that we picked up ourselves.

After spending hours on Pinterest looking for nursery inspiration (its a goldmine, by the way), we decided to settle on something that we both love.
Toy Story.
We both love the 'Toy Story' movies and there were a few nice ideas online but nothing that struck us so we went it alone and designed our own nursery style. 
Dan is a CG artist and visual animator so he has always appreciated the Toy Story movies, and, although it is a different kind of appreciation, I have always enjoyed them too. We thought this theme would be perfect for our little boy as it is not too 'baby' like but it is appropriate all the while.

We are lucky enough to live in a 2 bedroomed house so Elias will have his very own room, however, up until now, it has been very much used as a 'junk room'. 
It took us 2 days alone to clean it out and we are still finding alternative spaces for things now but once it was de-cluttered we started on the fun part. Painting!

We picked up some tubs of paint in the B&Q sale for £7 a piece and started work painting 3 of the walls an off-white colour and the 'feature wall' a sky blue shade. This took us the best part of the day but it was so fun!
The next day we set to work on the cloud detail for the feature wall. Anyone who has seen the Toy Story movies will be familiar with the cloud motif and, although it took us forever to paint on, it is spot on and we are so pleased with how perfect it looks!
Dan printed out a stencil of the clouds and we drew each one onto the wall individually, we then filled them in with paint, let it dry and gave them another coat.

As I mentioned, we are very much doing this on a budget, so after almost having a heart attack realising how much brand new baby furniture costs, we took to Gumtree.
I know some people disapprove of hand-me-downs, but, honestly, baby stores are ridiculously expensive and our son will not know the difference between a brand new item and a previously loved one.
We made sure each item we bought was safe and in good condition and we gave everything a thorough wash and clean before assembling it in the nursery.

We managed to find this beautiful pine cot on Gumtree for £60. It was brand new in the box, had never been assembled and even came with its original 'Mothercare' receipt! I have to say, I am amazed at what great things you can pick up second hand - you just need to know what you are looking for and be sensible.
We bought a brand new cotbed mattress on eBay for £24.99, it has springs and foam and is just so soft and gorgeous. The seller makes these exclusively, but because they don't feature a 'Mothercare' or 'Babies'R'Us' label, they are half the price of in-store.
I also got a brand new mattress protector for just £7.99 on eBay to make sure the mattress is kept clean and hygienic.

This gorgeous pine changing table cost us just £15 from Gumtree, too. It is stable and almost new as it was only used a few times before the family moved home. I love that it has 5 drawers too, as we don't have space to get a baby wardrobe in the room - so the extra storage will be so handy - now I just need to get a changing mat to sit on top!

Decoration wise, we have only just started but we have a few things!

Dan took me to see Disney on Ice at the London O2 last week and they were selling these cute Woody hats in the merchandise stall for £9. I thought it would be perfect to hang on the nursery door so we bought one - isn't it just adorable!
I bought Dan this woody doll a couple of years back and he bought me Bullseye. They are part of the 'Toy Story Collection' range so they are actually worth a lot of money but we realise that our son won't be old enough to play with (or destroy!) them for a while yet, so we are happy for them to accessorise the nursery until then. The little Lenny binoculars also came from the Disney on Ice merchandise Stall - it is so cute and adds to the collection perfectly.
I picked up this wooden star from the Range for £5.99. I thought it was really cute and ties in well as a sheriff badge! I think it will be hung above the window, but we are yet to get curtains or a blind so it will stay wrapped up until then!

I cant wait to see how the nursery progresses and what other bargains we can pick up. It is so lovely to have the chance to do this and I am not going to waste it. I want it to be a perfect, positive and peaceful environment for our son and it is good to know that you dont have to spend a fortune to get all you want and more. We are far from finishing but we have made good progress and have left ourselves plenty of time to finish organising it and picking up the final pieces of furniture.

Have you done any decorating recently?


  1. Aw wow as soon as a I saw the cloud wallpaper I thought Toy Story before I even read anything else! I can't wait to see what it looks like finished!
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

    1. Hehe it is cute, huh?!
      I'll definitely post some more updates as we go along - not long now :D
      Thanks for reading!