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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Yeyy! My Little blog has been nominated for another Liebster award and I couldn't be happier.
My blog started to go quiet a few months back - mainly due to pregnancy sickness, but now that I'm feeling more human again I have got back into the swing of things and its so nice to know that I still have readers around.
Thank you so much to the gorgeous Sarah from 'Diary of a beauty Padawan' for nominating me. If you guys haven't seen her blog then you should definitely check it out! She is so creative and really fun to talk to :)

So, if you haven't seen a Leibster award post before, the idea behind it (among various adaptations) is to nominate a few of your favourite blogs with under 300 followers. This is great as it gets smaller blogs new readers and in turn it shows readers some fantastic new blogs that they may just get addicted to.
Along with Sarah's nomination I also have to answer some questions so that y'all get to know me and my blog a little better and then I will nominate some of my favourite bloggers and ask them some questions, too!

My questions from Sarah;

1. Which do you think may come first; lying cars or teleportation?
What an awesome question! I'm not sure if my answer is swayed by the fact that I want this to come first but I'ma have to say ... teleportation. How cool would it be to just pop to some far off land for the day and still be home in time for tea?! Well, a girl can dream!
2.You get to be any Monarch of any nation from any point in time for a week. Who are you and why?
Ah, I'm sorry, I might sound really thick, but I actually have no idea about this sort of thing, so I have no idea!
3. What are your thoughts on the new Pantone Colour of the year?
Ooh, its gorgeous. If I was braver I think I'd give it a try myself as it's 'out there' but still wearable. Good choice in my opinion!
4. Are you an Apple or an Android person?
To be honest, I've never owned an apple product (except an iPod of course!), so I'd have to say Android. I am very jealous of all the gorgeous phone cases for the iPhones but I have to say that Android offer much better apps and the phone camera's are just so much better! I'm not saying I wouldn't want to own an apple laptop, though ;)
5.What's your favourite lip product?
Now that winter is here I am really into keeping my lips hydrated. So, I'd have to say that, right now, it's the Mayelline baby lips Dr Rescue!
6. Have you ever watched 'Power Rangers'?
Haha! Yes I watched it when I was a child, but never religiously - I always loved Nickelodeon and Disney channel more!
7. Favourite flavour of ice cream?
Call me boring but it has to be Strawberry. But not that normal soft scoop kind - I love it with pieces of strawberry inside and sprinkled with a ton of hundreds and thousand strands!
8. If you were a character from 'Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory', which do you think you'd be?
Right now I feel like Violet Beauregarde. You know that scene where she turns blue and rolls around the place? That's me with my ever expanding baby-belly. Although, thankfully, I haven't turned blue yet! Well, either that or Augustus Gloop, 'cause I literally feel like I could eat every Christmas chocolate going! Haha!
9. Are you a cat or dog person?
Owh, I love kitties, but I am gonna have to say dogs. They're so much more fun! They're more dependant and much more of a family member. I'd love to have a dog to take on long walks and get super muddy with!
10. Have you ever been overseas?
Yes! Mostly to Turkey but I've also been to Spain, Greece, oh, and New York! <3
11. If you could live in any country, where would you live any why?
If you've read my blog for a while you are already gonna know the answer to this. Give me a farm house in Georgia, USA anytime. With a big back yard, a pickup and a horse. A small, friendly community, blue jeans and all the country music you can listen to. That's my dream and I keep promising myself I'll get there someday!

So, now for my nominations. Instead of choosing 11, I have narrowed it down to a few less that I really love and that work really hard on their blogs. I didn't want to nominate people for the sake of it, I wanted to chose blogs I enjoy reading. They are all different in their own ways but each one is equally exciting and really deserves their own Leibster award!
1. Lauren | YourFashionPenpal
2. Meaghan | xoxomeaghan
3. Bess | bsarahoates
4. Celeste | Celestralite
5. Emma | LemonNailFiend
6. Kirsti | SilentSweetheart
7. Holly | HollyDolly88

And my questions to you all are;

1. Tell me your biggest inspiration! What inspires you daily and keeps you positive?
2. Recommend one dupe that you love! Makeup, beauty or haircare - just whatever you love most!
3. What is your favourite Winter 2014 trend? Fashion or Otherwise.
4. New year is coming up! What is something you would love to do or see in 2015?
5. Name something you want to achieve in your lifetime. Big or small, what is your dream?
6. Do you prefer to give a gift or receive it?! (Be honest!)
7. Would you rather live a year without your phone or your computer/laptop?
8. Are you dreaming of a summer holiday to a beach or a city?
9. What inspired you to chose your blog name? Do you still like it now?
10. What did you think of the 2014 Victoria Secret show?
11. If you could give one piece of advice to your younger self, what would you say?

To my nominees; I hope you enjoy answering these questions and nominating your favourite blogs - make sure you link back to me too!
To my readers; I hope you enjoy reading some of my favourite blogs and that you liked reading my answers to Sarah's questions!

Thank you, Sarah for my nomination, I had great fun answering your questions!

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  1. Woo hoo, I'm glad you liked my questions! Sorry about the one about the monarchs -- I was talking about ones like Elizabeth I of England or Catherine the Great, that kind of thing, but it seems I couldn't really come up with a good way of expressing myself! My bad. I swear that most of the beauty bloggers I've come across are cat people, so I've always been curious to know whether I was right or not! :D

    Your questions for the nominees are great, I think they provoke a lot of thought!

    Sarah xo