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Thursday, 4 December 2014

As part of it's new products launch, Make Up Revolution have given us 'The One Fluid Blush'. I saw a lot about this little treat on the Make Up Revolution social media, so I knew I wanted to try it myself.
'The One Fluid Blush' liquids are a great follow up product to 'The One Blush Stick' which bloggers and make up lovers went crazy for. There are 5 shades in the collection costing just £3 each - Oh, Make Up Revolution, you do spoil us!

I  really love the packaging of these blushes. They come in an adorable cardboard box with a strip of colour around the top to reflect the shade within. The bottle itself is so sweet - made from flexible plastic with a nozzle dispenser the fluid is easy to control and the cap screws on tightly to ensure no leakages!
I decided to pick up a couple of shades to try out. 
'Pink Dew', a delicate, candy pick which gives a beautiful highlight to the cheeks and 'Pink Sea', a brighter pink which gives a beautiful rosy glow to the apple of the cheeks.

You can see here that, as you would expect, the product is very liquidy. This is not a bad thing, however, it means that the blusher is easy to blend and, even better, you can build it up to create the exact shade which compliments your skin tone. 
I have found that 'Pink dew' takes a fair bit of building up or it doesn't show up too much on my skin, but that's okay as it means it is great for days when you want just a touch of colour on the face.
And, don't panic - 'Pink Sea' doesn't come out such a shocking pink on the first application to the cheeks - the colour shown above is built up so you can get a god idea of its full potential.

The product sits beautifully on the skin, it is lightweight and delicate - giving a gorgeous sheen and illuminating effect to the cheeks. The formula is also water-resistant and budge-proof, so you can be confident that once you have applied it and let it set it wont go anywhere until removal time!

I have practised applying this blush in a number of ways. I have never used a liquid blush before so I wasn't sure which way would be best, but I have found that I like to give the bottle a good shake and dispense some of the liquid onto the back of my hand and then pick a little at a time up on my kabuki brush and apply it to the cheeks. I have found this the best way as it is easiest to get even coverage and it also means you can start off with a lighter amount which can be built up. 

You can buy 'The One Fluid Blush' On Make up Revolutions website here, or in Superdrug stores .

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